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Three random Portland eating challenges
3 lb. calzone Opa Challenge Opa Pizzeria Portland, OR
8 lb. sandwich Mad Greek Progressive Challenge Mad Greek Deli Portland, OR includes 1 lb. Greek fries and 32 oz. drink
2 1 lb. burgers Man vs. GoGo GoGo Burgers Beaverton, OR includes 2 lb. fries
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The Big Eaters Club has uploaded a video of their attempt at a 55 pound pizza at JC's Pizzeria in Keizer, Oregon.
The Big Eaters Club has a video of an interview with Takeru Kobayashi at Portland State last weekend with footage of his pizza eating exhibition.
Oregon Live has an article and video about Takeru Kobayashi's appearance at yesterday's Portland State game where he ate 16 slices of pizza in under 2 minutes. The appearance made #10 on ESPN's top 10 list for October 18. update A video of the top 10 list is available (via Robbie Parness)
Takeru Kobayshi appeared on KATU to promote his appearance at tomorrow's Portland State football game.
Kobayashi will attempt to eat 16 slices of pizza in 8 minutes at Saturday's Portland State football game. update Kobayashi will give a talk on Friday in Portland
Takeru Kobayashi will be returning to Portland State University for a pizza-eating night (date not listed).
The Portland Mercury has a report on Saturday's hot dog eating contest at Zach's Shack in Portland as part of its "Worst. Night. Ever." series. Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker won the contest with 22 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
Yo Place Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt in St. Helens, OR will hold a froyo eating contest on March 22 awarding $600 to the winner.
Pamplin Media has an article about a duo from the Big Eaters Club finishing the 12 pound Chuckwagon challenge at Bert's Chuckwagon in Dundee, OR on January 25.
Aaron Wakamatsu has a roster of the west coast eating challenges Molly Schuyler has completed.  
The Portland Tribune has an interview with Stephanie Collingsworth and Ryan Rodacker of the Big Eaters Club.
Omaha.com has an article about Molly Schuyler setting the record for the Diablo Burrito Challenge at Allan's Authentic Mexican Restaurant on her recent trip to Portland.
KATU has a video of "Max Carnage" attempting a 10 pound gluten-free burger challenge including a "Honey Badger" interview.

Videos of Molly Schuyler finishing Sayler’s 72 oz. steak

update Jan 9 The Telegraph, Gawker, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post and Yahoo have articles. Reddit has a comment thread

update Jan 8 Omaha.com has an article.

Molly Schuyler, Aaron Wakamatsu and the Big Eaters Club have videos of Molly Schuyler finishing the 72 ounce steak at Sayler’s in Portland last week. Her time was 2:44, the fastest announced time for finishing a 72+ ounce steak (she does not finish all the vegetables on her plate in the video)

Molly has also uploaded a video of her retry at the one handed 16 inch pizza eating record she attempted on Guinness Records Unleashed.

The updated list of fastest 72+ ounce steak times follows
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The Big Eaters Club reports that Molly Schuyler finished the 72 ounce steak challenge at Sayler's in Portland in 2:41, this is less than half of the previous best reported time of 6:48 by "Furious" Pete Czerwinski for a 72 ounce steak challenge.
Molly Schuyler finished the 11+ pound sandwich challenge at the Mad Greek Deli with 6 minutes left to claim a $600 jackpot. update Jan 4 Articles: KPTV | Daily Mail | The Blaze
The Big Eaters Club announce that Molly Schuyler will attempt the Mad Greek Challenge in Portland on January 2. She will receive $500 if she finishes the 10+ pound sandwich along with a pound Greek fries in under an hour.
OregonLive has an article about Takeru Kobayashi's appearance at Portland State's basketball tournament this weekend where he competed against all the cheerleaders in a hot dog eating contest.
GoViks.com has more information about Takeru Kobayashi's appearances at Portland (Oregon) State basketball games this weekend. He will compete against media members on Friday and against a student champion on Saturday.
Takeru Kobayashi will appear at Portland (OR) State's basketball tournament on November 22 and 23 and take on students in eating contests. This might be Kobayashi's first appearance in the Pacific Northwest.
Female distance runners on Nike's Oregon Project team dined at Salyer's Old Country Kitchen in Portland last night and took a picture with the restaurant's 72 ounce steaks. (No information is provided if anyone ordered the steak challenge.)
The Big Eaters Club has a video of Stephanie Torres attempting the Progressive Challenge at the Mad Greek Deli in Portland.
Stephanie Torres will attempt to become the first woman to finish the Mad Greek Challenge at the Mad Greek Deli in Portland tomorrow. The meal consists of a 10 pound sandwich, a pound of fries and a 32 ounce drink.
The Big Eaters Club held a group "Quadzilla" Burger Challenge event at Skyline Burgers in Portland. Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker finished his burger in 7:59. "Honey Badger" finished hers in 14 minutes.
"Honey Badger" of the Portland Big Eaters Club has started a facebook page about her eating contests and challenges.
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