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Three random San Antonio eating challenges
2 lb. burger Unleashed Burger Challenge Charlie Wants a Burger San Antonio, TX
66 oz. burger Super Big Lou's Burger Big Lou's Burgers & BBQ San Antonio, TX
10 lb pizza The Big One Fox's Pizza Den Cibolo, TX
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Las Palapas in San Antonio will hold an Okie Burrito eating contest on August 18 awarding $1,000 to the winner. Weekly qualifiers on Saturdays will award $150 and a spot in the finals to the winners.
The Hondo Grill in Hondo, TX will hold a "Beast" burrito eating contest on Saturday awarding $250 to the winner.
The Tamale Fest in San Antonio on April 29 will award $500 to both the male and female winners of its tamale eating contests.

Pat Bertoletti wins 2011 La Costena jalapeno Feel the Heat

update May 2 #2 AKA Media has produced a video.

update May 2 has a gallery

The top 4 according the the eatingcontest twitter, a KENS 5 slideshow and KXTN
1) Pat Bertoletti, 275 $3000, new record
2) Sonya Thomas 224 $2000
3) Erik Denmark 121 $750
4) Alex Ramirez 110 $500 from San Antonio

update 3:56 The MLE twitter reports that Pat Bertoletti won with a record 275 peppers. Sonya Thomas was the runner up with 224.

The contest is expected to start at 1:30 pm central time.

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The MLE facebook lists Pat Bertoletti, Sonya Thomas, Erik Denmark, Randy Harrison, Gary Klucken, Yasir Salem and Mark Hansen as expected entrants in tomorrow's La Costena Jalapeno Eating Championship in San Antonio.
Sonya Thomas and Pat Bertoletti are expected to compete in the La Costeña Feel the Heat Jalapeño Eating Championship Challenge on Sunday according to a mySanAntonio blog entry.
Okie Burrito in San Antonio will hold a burrito eating contest on July 2 awarding $1400 ($900 to the winner). Weekly qualifiers will be held on Saturdays starting April 23 and award $150 to the winner in addition to a slot in the finals.
The Tamalefest in San Antonio on April 17 will hold tamale eating contests awarding $500 to the top male and female tamale eaters. Registration for the La Costeña Feel the Heat Jalapeno Eating Championship in San Antonio on May 1 will open today at 3 pm eastern.
Buffalo Wings & Rings in New Braunfels, TX will hold a wing eating contest on March 12 awarding $250 to the winner.

Female competitive eaters on Outrageous Food

In a December episode of Outrageous Food Stephanie Torres faced off against four men in an Extreme Grizzly (7 pound) burrito eating contest at Marianito’s in San Antonio. A clip of her segment has been uploaded:

StephVsGrizzly.avi (6MB 2 min)

In last night’s episode, Jessica “Queen of Cuisine” was part of a group of women that attempted to eat a single Dog Pounder burger at Lumpy’s Diner in Antioch, CA (She has finished the burger without help) The results of the team challenge was not televised. Stephanie Wu’s name could also be read on the plaque listing the finishers of the “Initimidator” omelet.

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Outrageous Food Dec 10, 2010 (The Two-Foot Pancake) episode links

Food Network Episode Guide


  • Marianito’s Extreme Tex Mex Grill (San Antonio, TX) challenge – 7 pound “Extreme Grizzly” Burrito
    Home Page | Facebook
    Video from April of Stephanie Torres finishing the burrito in 18 minutes
  • Fred’s Texas Cafe (Fort Worth, TX) meal – non-standard cow parts
    Home Page | Facebook | Yelp
  • Shelby’s Kitchen (Deerfield Beach, FL) challenge – 2 foot “Terminator” pancake
    Facebook | Urbanspoon
    Panclayke’s challenge report contradicts the claim in a Sun-Sentinel blog entry that no one has finished the challenge


In a forum thread, PhillipH states he was a member of the first four person team to complete the 42 inch pizza at Big Lou's in San Antonio. Phillip ate 6 of the 16 slices of the 30 pound pizza, making his total amount eaten more than 11 pounds.
Patrick Michels has uploaded a gallery from last month's La Costena jalapeno eating contest held in San Antonio
AKA Media has a video and gallery of yesterday's jalapeno eating contest.

Pat Bertoletti regains jalapeno crown in double OT

update May 4 AOLNews has an article about the contest and Don Lerman says he could beat Bertoletti in jalapenos after six months training.

Article about Randy Harrison’s 5th place finish

update May 3 MySanAntonio has an article and gallery

update #4 KXTN has a gallery and video of the contest update Video #2 | Video #3

update #3 Bertoletti has the following comment: “B.o.b. was a no show at peppers. sonya paid tribute w the notorious 2 pepper stuff after the buzzer”

update #2 has the top 3:
1 Pat Bertoletti 225 peppers in regulation time, 275 total
2 Sonya Thomas 225 peppers in regulation time
3 Erik Denmark

update Pat Bertoletti’s twitter reports he won the contest in double overtime after eating a total of 275 peppers.

Today’s La Costena jalapeno contest in San Antonio should start at 2pm eastern.

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San Antonio La Costena jalapeno field

George and Rich Shea’s twitter announces that Pat Bertoletti, Sonya Thomas, Bob Shoudt & Levi Oliver will compete in the La Costena jalapeno eating contest in San Antonio on Sunday.

update An article reports that Erik Denmark, Badlands Booker and Nick Bauer will also compete. (via Newsflash comment)

update #2 The Seguin Gazette reports that Randy Harrison will return to IFOCE competition (via comment)

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Steph vs. Food youtube channel started

(via Man vs. Food facebook) A youtube channel has been started documenting Stephanie Torres eating challenges. Videos of her completion of a 7 pound “Extreme Grizzly” burrito in 18 minutes from Marianito’s in San Antonio and a spicy “Four Horsemen Burger” from Chunky’s Burgers (also in San Antonio) in 3 minutes are available.

This gives Stephanie Torres four successful eating challenges since December 2009. She also finished the 72 ounce steak from the Big Texan and the B3 Burrito from the NASCAR Cafe.

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The MLE La Costena jalapeno eating contest will take place on May 2 in San Antonio.
Linda of GirlEatsWorld has a blog entry about ordering the 42 inch, 30 pound pizza from Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio with 8 of her friends.
The LATimes reports that the winner of a jalapeno eating contest held during tonight's game between the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs had a reversal of fortune on the arena video screen.

MySanAntonio qualifier gallery

MySanAntonio has a gallery of Saturday’s Krystal qualifier. You would not be able to tell dunking was banned by Erik Denmark’s shirt.

update The Krystal Square Off blog has a video and MySanAntonio has a short interview with Sonya Thomas, who will compete in 2 contests at the Buffalo Wing Festival this weekend.

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San Antonio Krystal qualifier results thread

update #2 MySanAntonio has an article

update Full results are available on the KSO blog

From the KSO twitter:

1) Sonya Thomas, 64 points
2) Erik Denmark, 55
3) Homer Flores, 32

Here is a video of Kenny Hammontree on San Antonio Living

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The Krystal Square Off blog has a preview of Saturday's qualifier in San Antonio listing Yasir Salem and Nic Fry as expected entrants.
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