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Three random eating challenges
pounds 6 Foot Sandwich Rocco's Big City Deli Provo, UT relay, one person can eat at a time, 24 hours notice required
1 lb. burger The Destroying Angel Porter's Place Lehi, UT
10 patty burger Burly Burger South Weber, UT
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SLTrib.com has an article about Salt Lake City eating challenges.
A commenter on the Man vs. Food facebook reports that the program recorded at Crown Burger in Salt Lake City.
A Joey Chestnut impostor was at a recent Orem Owlz minor league baseball game.

Salt Lake City Weekly competes in sausage contest

The Salt Lake City weekly has a report from the goldenpalace.net Italian Sausage contest held at the Utah State Fair. The author competed in the event and finished last.

Much to my surprise, an IFOCE-sponsored eating competition is exciting. I’ll probably never again be introduced to the heavy beat of Eminem’s 8 Mile theme. The music swelled louder and louder until finally LeFevre, Bertoletti and Chestnut took their places center stage. On the way past, Bertoletti touched fists and wished me “good luck.” I’d need it.


Joey Chestnut wins SLC sausage contest

from IFOCE.com

GoldenPalace.net World Sausage Eating Championship, Utah State Fair, Salt Lake City
1. Joey Chestnut 29 sausages
2. Pat Bertoletti 25.5 sausages
3. Rich LeFevre 21.5 sausages
4. Levi Nelson – corrected 9:32 am – thanks “Yo Mama”

Updated 9/11 8:11 am KSL has an article w/video and the Salt Lake Tribune has an article about the contest

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Salt Lake City sausage preview

KSL TV has a preview of Sunday’s sausage eating contest at the Utah State Fair. Joey Chestnut and Rich LeFevre are expected entrants.


Salt Lake City grilled cheese contest article

The Salt Lake City Tribune has an article about the grilled cheese contest Sunday with some information about winner Ron Koch. None of the other competitors are named (2nd place finished with 11.5 sandwiches)


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