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"LA Beast" painted a picture of a bottle of Crystal Pepsi and placed it for auction on ebay. The current price is $40,300; bidding closes on April 26. All funds from the sale will reportedly be used to finance The Bring Back Crystal Pepsi Movement.(I think LA Beast's MLE contract expired in March, if it did Shea Communications can have no involvement in this transaction.)
Spook Magazine of Australia has an article titled "Sport or disorder? The weird world of extreme competitive eating focusing on the rise to prominence of videomakers like LA Beast & Furious Pete.
Fightland.Vice.com has an article about the post-match meal for Ronda Rousey which reportedly consists of 80 chicken wings. On her Instagram, the UFC champion posted a picture of her feast and the wing-themed sweater she wore.
PressReader reports that Frisk Small Bar in Northbridge, Australia had almost 1,000 participants for its Australia Day hot dog eating contest.
President Obama has selected GloZell Green to interview him after next week's State of the Union Address. The youtube star appeared on a 2013 episode of The Doctors about dangerous eating stunts with the LA Beast and Chuck from the Bronx. Her cinnamon challenge video has received over 41 million views, which might make it the most watched eating video of all time.
The Wing Bowl web site has a gallery of the "Unknown Eater" qualifying for Wing Bowl 23 by eating 23 eggs and 23 strips of bacon. He wore a bag over his head when not eating, but just a Santa hat while doing his stunt.

Joey Chestnut 1 year non Matt Stonie winning streak

Joey Chestnut currently has a one year winning streak against all competitive eaters other than Matt Stonie. His last defeat to someone else was a loss to Miki Sudo in the Buffalo Buffet Bowl on August 31, 2013. A head to head breakdown follows:
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WOWT reports that Molly Schuyler will move to California. Friday's contest for the Omaha Baconfest will be her last Nebraska event for a while.
The LA Beast appeared on last night's episode of Shark After Dark, a talk show promoting the Discovery Channel's Shark Week and ate a cactus after receiving votes from viewers.
The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival in Hampton Beach, NH will hold a lobster roll eating contest on September 6 awarding $1000 ($600 to the winner). A qualifier will take place on August 7 at McGuirk's Ocean View Restaurant and Lounge.
Kyle Hanner won the hot dog eating contest at the Salt Games in Myrtle Beach, SC today. Dale Boone also competed.
Marlene Wigginton appeared on Fox 2 this morning to talk about her victory in the women's division of Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in St. Louis.
The Guardian has an excerpt from Think Like a Freak, the new book by the authors of Freakonomics with a section about Takeru Kobayashi doubling the Nathan's hot dog record.  There is also a section about the requirement in Van Halen's contract for a bowl of M&Ms with no brown candies.  
Gus Beisel defended his Flancer's Pizza title Sunday.
Girlvssweets.blogspot.com/ is a blog by Jackie Voigt documenting her quest to complete every dessert eating challenge in the country. Her latest entry documents her conquest of the Earthquake sundate at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop in San Francisco. (facebook | twitter)
Jonathan "Junk Food Bodybuilder" Clarke was the first person to finish the 6 pound Harp Attack Challenge burger at The Harp Bar & Grill in Saul Sainte Marie, ON and win a trip to Las Vegas (video).
A two ton Ansom, a Khmer tradidional cake, was produced for a Khmer New Year celebration in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and then used for an eating competition. The winner, Kaem Tip, ate 2.85 kg of the cake.
Epic Meal Time has published a cookbook. The total calories for all the recipes exceeds 1 million.  
The LA Times has blog entry about Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle's video where he eats every burger available on the Burger King menu in on session.  update The Daily Mail claims that the "LA Beast" works as a chef at a Los Angeles McDonald's    
The Kung Fu Saloon in Dallas will hold a Dank sandwich eating contest on 4/20 (which is also Easter) awarding a vintage tabletop arcade game. Qualifiers will take place on April 5 and 12.  
CP Brand, sponsor of the "Biggest Eater" circuit in 2011-12, held a fried chicken eating contest in Myanmar.  
Headline News has a segment about "LA Beast" eating all the burgers on Burger King's menu in one session.  
Kyle "The Hammer" Hanner won the CompEat for a Cause "boot camp" held at Lucky's Sandwich Company in Chicago yesterday. Pat Bertoletti and Tim Brown served as MCs (gallery)  
MSN.com lists competitive eating as one of 7 "masculine" sports that should have more female participants.
A clip from today's episode (syndicated, check for stations & air times) of "The Doctors" where eating stunt performers Glozell, "Chuck from the Bronx" and "LA Beast" are interviewed can be viewed online.
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