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Kate Ovens, Yasir Salem and Takeru Kobayashi will appear on BBC's Food Chain program tonight. The program will also visit an eating contest in Singapore. update The podcast is now available online (mp3 file)
Pic Nik magazine has an interview with Kate Ovens.
The latest issue of Inapub magazine has an article about UK competitive eating (page 42-43) with quotes from Kate Ovens and a picture of "Beard Meats Food". (via BronyaWrites)
Loot Ink has an interview with Kate Ovens titled "Is it Actually Possible to Turn Your Hobby into a Career?"
ICanLiftThis has an interview with Kate Ovens in Bosnian. (tranlsated version)

Advice from female competitive eaters in broadly.vice.com

Broadly.vice.com has advice from Kate Ovens, Michelle Lesco, Nela Zisser and Miki Sudo on how to maximize consumption at Christmas dinners.

Dress for the occasion. Remember, it’s competitive eating, not competitive prettiness. Wear loose fitting pants and something with high elasticity. My midsection is always covered by something pretty baggy. (Miki Sudo)

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The full video of Tuesday's episode of Tosh.0 guest starring Kate Ovens can be viewed on youtube (starts around 5:15).
Kate Ovens appeared on yesterday's episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central (promo video).
Kate Ovens attended yesterday's NFL UK event to promote todays NY Giants vs. LA Rams game at Wembley Stadium in London. Man vs. Food host Adam Richman was another guest. The LAD Bible has a Facebook Live video of the challenge.
Kate Ovens announces that she is doing a food challenge with a celebrity tomorrow and will follow back a fan who guesses the identity correctly.
"Kate's Food Challenge" (Kate Ovens?) is listed as a segment on the upcoming season of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central.
In her latest video, Kate Ovens attempted to eat a 28 ounce "Glam Burger" covered in gold leaf and milkshake from Honky Tonk in London.
MuscleFood.com has an interview with Kate Ovens. She is currently in Los Angeles and might make an appearance on Comedy Central.
On Saturday, Nela Zisser did the "Man" vs. Burger contest at Goodtime Burgers in Sydney and appears to have won the $500 first prize. Nela also did a Domino Pizza contest vs. Kate Ovens via youtube (Nela video | Kate video).
Honestly Helen has an interview with Kate Ovens.
Chronicle Live has an article about Kate Ovens' new video where she attempts 50 wings at Shark Club Gastro Bar in Newcastle.
Kate Ovens attempted to eat 100 jaffa cakes on Captial Scotland radio in Glasgow this morning. She finished 57.
Daily Mail has an article about Kate Ovens' latest video where she ate a 28 ounce burger, fries and a milkshake at the Jam Jar in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 9:20.
Metro.co.uk has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran finishing the 20 pancake challenge weighing 7 pounds at My House Diner in Leeds in 18 minutes. Kate Ovens has uploaded a video of her eating 12 pancakes at the Breakfast Club in London.
Kate Ovens wrote a report for the Newcastle Tab about her completion of the fish and chips challenge at the Blue Bell Pub in Sandyford, England.
Kate Ovens wrote a report for the Newcastle Tab about her attempt at the 27 inch pizza at Toni's Pizzeria in Glasgow, Scotland (video).
The Sun has a profile of Kate Ovens titled "I am a size ten eating machine".
In Nela Zisser's latest video, she takes on Kate Ovens in a long distance McDonald's burger eating contest.
Kate Ovens has uploaded a video of her latest eating challenge: a 6 patty burger at the Fat Hippo in Newcastle, England.
Kate Ovens has posted a video of her attempt at the Dustbin Lid Food Challenge at Osbornes in Newcastle, England which weights 3.6kg and contains 10,000 calories.
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