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Girl vs Food TV announces that Leah Shutkever will take on the challenge at Crepes and Cones in Croydon (south London) in an upcoming video.
In Leah Shutkever's new video, she offers tips for competitive eating and then eats 12 Krispy Kreme donuts in under a minute.
Leah Shutkever announces she will appear on tomorrow's episode of You vs. Chris & Kem on the British channel ITV2 at 10pm. (Trailer video).
Mission Burrito announces that Leah Shutkever was the first person to finish its "El Criminal" burrito challenge with a time of 10 minutes in Birmingham, England. update Leah has uploaded a video
Leah Shutkever has started a facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/ShutkeverOfficial
Leah Shutkever attempts to eat 10 pounds of cereal in her latest video.
Leah Shutkever has produced a video of her attempting to eat 10,000 calories in an hour at the Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham.
In her latest video, Leah Shutkever attempted two challenges from the Flaming Grill in one session.
The Sun has an article about Leah Shuktever titled "The Perfect Woman?" focusing on her video of eating 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in 72 seconds.
Leah Shutkever posted a video of her finishing the Tombstone Challenge at Chimichanga in 5:54 which the UK chain announced was a national record. Her time was about a third of the the 17:30 needed for former Sutton United goalie Wayne Shaw to complete the meal.
Leah Shutkever has started a youtube channel. (via Beard Meats Food)

Battle of Big Eaters 4 videos

Oogui 2016 has videos of the entire broadcast of Battle of Big Eaters 4 on TV Tokyo today (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3). Molly Schuyler did not compete in the final match of the program; Bob Shoudt faced off against Moeno Azuki.

Excite.co.jp has a page (translated) about the competition.

update Jan 4 Whole broadcast in one video

update Jan 11 Previous video removed. Here is one that is still available

Program guide
0 Previous contest highlights & Japanese qualifiers
3 “Defeat Molly” title shown on screen
8 USA qualifier, Joe Menchetti & Wayne Algenio compete
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Leah Shutkever has been annouced as having the fastest time for the Parmazone Challenge (4:37) at Rub Smokehouse & Bar in Birmingham, England for the month of November, winning her the first prize of £1000 of vouchers.
Leah Shutkever announced that she has been named captain of the UK team for TV Tokyo's "Battle of the Big Eaters 4" and will face off against quartets from the USA, Japan, Australia and Canada next month.
Leah Shutkever won a £250 voucher from the Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham, England for having the fastest time to finish the cookie burger challenge in June.
Leah Shutkever finished the "Pancake Problem" challenge at Huckleberry's American Diner in Flaxton, Yorkshire on Saturday, the 3rd person out of 2000 attempts to complete the challenge. The attempt occured while "Beard Meats Food" and Marc Pitt were recording a television program at the restaurant.
Leah Shutkever finished the burger challenge in 7 minutes at Stacked Samui in Bophut, Thailand to set a house record.
The Birmingham Mail a article and gallery about Emma Dalton, whose eating challenge winning streak when she failed to finish two waffle challenges at Crust in Shirley, England in under 20 minutes. (Leah Shutkever did the double challenge in 12 minutes.)
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