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2017 Naperville, IL Ribfest Nathan’s qualifier

update The Chicago Daily Herald has a contest report that says two women competed.


Full men’s results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1st 30.5 Juan “more bite” Rodriguez
2nd 16 Eric Vernsten
3rd 15 Cody Malanowski
4th 11.25 Phillip Yang
5th 9.5 Derek Sanderson
6th 9 Dave Luthman
6th 9 Nick Needs
6th 9 Paul “The Douche” Zwiercan

1W) Marlene Wigginton 11

The contest has started according to the festival twitter.

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2017 St. Louis Nathan’s qualifier

Sophia DeVita has a travelog video

Results from facebook video
1) Erik Denmark 28
2) Brandon Clark 26.5

1W) Sophia DeVita 16
2W) Marlene Wigginton 9.75
3W) Allison 4
4W) Valerie

In the women’s contest Sophia DeVita will face Marlene Wigginton, who took a year off for pregnancy. This could leave the Naperville, IL women’s qualifier wide open if Sophia DeVita wins.

Erik Denmark is the only male entrant who has been mentioned. George Shea mentioned the controversy from his last qualifier in Washington, DC where he was accused of putting a hot dog in his pocket.

Joey Chestnut will be in attendance and serve as the judge.

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STLSportsPage has interviews with Juan Rodriguez and Marlene Wigginton about representing St.Louis in the Nathan's finals.

2015 St. Louis Nathan’s qualifier

update May 18 A press release announces that Guinness will claim the record for most selfies taken (4,296) was set at the game. It would be interesting to know how that total was obtained.

The Cardinals official website has a video (via Teryn Schaefer)


1) Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez 25
2) Kyle Hanner 16
3) Matt Raible 13

1W) Marlene Wigginton 10

Joey Chestnut appeared on KMOX yesterday

Personal bests for announced entrants

2014 Jul 4 6th 32 10 min Juan “more bite” Rodriguez Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – men Brooklyn, NY
2013 Jun 2 5th 12 10 min Matthew Raible Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men St. Paul, MN
2014 May 17 1st 9.5 10 min Marlene Wigginton Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women St. Louis, MO

Previous Winners

2014 May 17 1st 27.5 10 min Sean “Flash” Gordon Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men St. Louis, MO
2014 May 17 1st 9.5 10 min Marlene Wigginton Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women St. Louis, MO

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The field for Saturday's Nathan's qualifier is expected to include Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez, Matt Raible & 2014 St. Louis women's winner Marlene Wigginton.
Marlene Wigginton appeared on Fox 2 this morning to talk about her victory in the women's division of Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in St. Louis.

2014 Nathan’s St. Louis qualifier

update May 19 The Riverfront Times has a slideshow

update May 18 StlToday has an article giving the female winner’s last name was Wigginton has a video

update 1:13 Central George Shea has the top 3
1) Sean Gordon 27.5
2) Eric “Badlands” Booker 27
3) Kyle Hanner 20
Nic Zamora 16 former Missouri State hockey player

1W) Marlene Wiggenstein Wigginton 9.5
?) Rachel Steele 6
Advantage News has an article about Kyle Hanner competing in today’s qualifier at Busch Stadium. Rachel Steele is another local competing.

Fox2Now has an article

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