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Brandon Clark has the top 3 for today's pizza eating contet at SliceaPalooza in Chicago: 1) Molly Schuyler 8.5 jumbo slices ($3500) 2) Pat Bertoletti 7.5 ($1000) 3) Brandon Clark 6.5 ($500).
Molly Schuyler announces she ate 25 donuts in 1:23 to win the first prize of $2500 at today's contest at Polar Donuts in Oklahoma City. has posted some pictures from tonight's episode of The Gong Show (10pm on ABC). Molly Schuyler will appear in a segment titled "Gettin Cheesy". update A clip of the appearance is on youtube.

Molly Schuyler defends CA State Fair corn dogs with record 37

2017 Z Burger eating contest

Unofficial results
1) Molly Schuyler 21 burgers
2) Dave Brunelli 19
3) Pat Bertoletti 16
4) Bob Shoudt 15

WUSA 9 has a Facebook Live video of today’s Z Burger eating contest in Washington, DC.

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Molly Schuyler will attempt to eat 220 ounces of prime rib at Ward's House of Prime in Milwaukee tonight. The official final total was 360 oz (22.5 pounds) update #2 has a segment which says that Molly Schuyler will appear on an upcoming episode of the Gong Show on ABC.
Molly's Schuyler's victory in March at a corndog eating contest in Roseville, CA was one of the segments on a Japanese TV program that was televised yesterday.
Molly Schuyler ate 29 corn dogs with a damaged tooth to win the first prize of $500 at the Sacramento County Fair.
Molly Schuyler attempted the 32 inch "Big Don" challenge at Mamma Mia's in Rockford, IL yesterday without a partner. The result will be announced on an upcoming television show.
Fat Sal's Deli in Los Angeles announced that the "Fat Molly" sandwich designed by Molly Schuyler to reward her for finishing the restaurant's sandwich challenge will not be added to the permanent menu. To add insult to injury, the "Fat Molly" was changed from Molly Schuyler's original specifications.

Takeru Kobayashi defends Chronic Tacos title

update Erik Lamkin has a video

Takeru Kobayashi defended his Gringo Ba
ndito Chronic Taco title
with a record 159 tacos. Molly Schuyler was runner up with 139. I haven’t found any more results.

Finnish competitor Jesse Pynnönen did an interview with

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Fastest finishers of 70+ oz steak challenges

Bob Shoudt finished the Great Steak Challenge at Steak and Main in North East, MD in 12 minutes yesterday to set the men’s record. Here are the fastest times for finishing an official restaurant steak challenge with a precooked meat weight of 70 or more ounces that I have been able to find. Please let me know if I am missing any document challenges with a time of 12 minutes or less.

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Molly Schuyler finished the XL pizza challenge at Ballpark Pizza in Mission Viejo, CA yesterday (before | after).
Christi Williams has a video of Molly Schuyler's pinup photo shoot at Stella's Bar and Grill in Omaha, NE.
Yesterday, Molly Schuyler and Tony Mitchell were the first pair to finish the 32 inch "Big Don" Pizza at Mamma Mia's Pizza in Rockford, IL and win $500. (WREX post) (via DM) update article
Youtube has a video of Molly Schuyler's appearance on Omaha Morning Blend today. (link fixed)
Philadelphia Weekly has an interview with Molly Schuyler about how Philadelphia treats her.
Steak & Main announces that Molly Schuyler will receive $1000 if she breaks her record of 3:22 for the Steak & Main steak challenge during Wing Bowl 25.

Battle of Big Eaters 4 videos

Oogui 2016 has videos of the entire broadcast of Battle of Big Eaters 4 on TV Tokyo today (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3). Molly Schuyler did not compete in the final match of the program; Bob Shoudt faced off against Moeno Azuki. has a page (translated) about the competition.

update Jan 4 Whole broadcast in one video

update Jan 11 Previous video removed. Here is one that is still available

Program guide
0 Previous contest highlights & Japanese qualifiers
3 “Defeat Molly” title shown on screen
8 USA qualifier, Joe Menchetti & Wayne Algenio compete
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Molly Schuyler regains Music City Bowl hot chicken title

update Bob Shoudt has a contest video

The top 4 for Thursday’s Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl World Hot Chicken Eating Championships:

1) Molly Schuyler 4 lbs. in 8 minutes
2) Bob Shoudt 3 lbs
3) Dave Brunelli 2.75 lbs
4) Wayne Algenio 1.25

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Steak and Main announces that Molly Schuyler will attempt their steak challenge at Wing Bowl 25. She currently holds the record for that challenge at 3:22 and her overall best time for a 70+ oz steak is 2:44 at Sayler's in Portland.

Molly Schuyler vs. El Wingador in Wing Bowl 25

A one on one matchup between Molly Schuyler and Bill “El Wingador” Simmons was announced this morning for Wing Bowl 25 in Philadelphia on February 3. Ric Flair and Coolio will be the guests. Tickets go on sale at at 9am Eastern.

Bill Simmons and Molly Schuyler have accounted for 7 of the victories in the 24 Wing Bowls. Their winning totals:

2016 Feb 5 1st 429 Molly Schuyler Wing Bowl 24 – national
2014 Jan 31 1st 363 Molly Schuyler Wing Bowl 22 – national
2005 Feb 4 1st 162 Bill “El Wingador” Simmons Wing Bowl 13
2003 Jan 24 1st 154 Bill “El Wingador” Simmons Wing Bowl 11
2002 Jan 25 1st 143 Bill “El Wingador” Simmons Wing Bowl 10
2001 Jan 26 1st 137 Bill “El Wingador” Simmons Wing Bowl 9
1999 Jan 29 1st 113 Bill “El Wingador” Simmons Wing Bowl 7

Comments (23) has an article titled "Always hungry: Inside the crazy culture of competitive eating" with quotes from Molly Schuyler, Randy Santel and Takeru Kobayashi.
I do not have all the details at this point, but it appears that Wing Bowl 25 will have a format change that will lock out Molly Schuyler from defending her title.

Molly Schuyler defends Bierhaus bratwurst title

Molly Schuyler ate 46 bratwurst to defend her title at Bierhaus in Manhattan today.

Full results:

1 Molly Schuyler – 46.5
2 Bob Shoudt – 29.5
3 Dave Brunelli – 26.5
4 Wayne Algenio – 20.5
5 Jenn Cheng – 20
6 Joseph Colangelo – 8
7 Rich Korzelius – 6.33
8 Colton Weiss – 5.5

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