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Foster Our Future has a video interview with Nela Zisser, who is currently a second year medical student at the University of Auckland. She is about to open the second location of her restaurant, Tucks and Bao.
Nela Zisser announces she won the first prize of $300 in today's hot dog eating contest at Alexandra Park in Auckland, NZ.
Nela Zisser is expected to compete in a hot dog eating contest at Alexandra Park in Auckland, NZ on Friday, April 20. The professional division will award $500 to the winner; the top amateur will receive $300.
Nela Zisser ate 4 pies in 1:55 to win a pie eating contest yesterday held at Hollywood Bakery at the University of Auckland. (video)
Nela Zisser and Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman collaborated on a project where they produced videos of themselves eating KFC Family Feast buckets as fast as possible. Daily Mail has an article about Nela's video.
Nela Zisser announced that she was accepted by medical school.   
The Daily Mail has a writeup of Nela Zisser's appearance yesterday on the Australian Morning Show. has an article about Nela Zisser's latest video of her eating an entire jar of Nutella in under 3 minutes. reports that Nela Zisser and Max Key, son of John Key, the New Zealand prime minister from 2008 to 2016, attempted to eat 500 chicken nuggets. They finished about 150 before both reversing. update The video has been released.
The Daily Mail has an article about Nela Zisser's latest video where she eats a giant chocolate rabbit in 7:06. Earlier this month, Nela Zisser hit 100,000 youtube subscribers, probably the most for an English language channel by a female competitive eater.
Tucks & Bao, a new restaurant in Auckland, NZ owned by Nela Zisser, will hold a Seven Deadly Bao Eating Contest on January 22 awarding $500 to the winner.

Advice from female competitive eaters in has advice from Kate Ovens, Michelle Lesco, Nela Zisser and Miki Sudo on how to maximize consumption at Christmas dinners.

Dress for the occasion. Remember, it’s competitive eating, not competitive prettiness. Wear loose fitting pants and something with high elasticity. My midsection is always covered by something pretty baggy. (Miki Sudo)

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Nela Zisser uploaded a video of hot dog eating contest held in New Zealand on Saturday. Her winning total was 10.5 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
Nela Zisser created a burger challenge at Eat Burger in Hamilton, NZ which took her 3:03 to finish.
Nela Zisser has started a "Chairman Bao" challenge at her restaurant "Tucks & Bao" in Auckland, NZ. The sandwich will be free if her time of 23.29 is beaten.
The Southland Times has an interview with Nela Zisser containing her training advice.
The Guardian has an interview with Yasir Salem and Nela Zisser.
On Saturday, Nela Zisser did the "Man" vs. Burger contest at Goodtime Burgers in Sydney and appears to have won the $500 first prize. Nela also did a Domino Pizza contest vs. Kate Ovens via youtube (Nela video | Kate video).
Te Waha Nui has an interview with Nela Zisser, who hopes switching to a one hot dog at a time strategy will put her in the top five in the women's division of the Nathan's finals.

Adrian Morgan & Nela Zisser win Houston qualifier

update May 13 Nela Zisser has a contest video

update May 1 The Houston Chronicle has a contest report

Winners from today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Houston. update George Shea has the rest of the men’s top 3

1) Adrian Morgan 39
2) Peter Rottman 22
3) Steven Schuster 20.5

1W) Nela Zisser 17

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Adrian Morgan's facebook says he plans to attend the Saturday Nathan's qualifier at Memorial City Mall in Houston. Nela Zisser will headline the women's field.
Nela Zisser responds to questions from fans in her latest video. At the 11 minute mark, she answers whether she thinks competitive eaters intentionally reverse after contests / challenges.
Nela Zisser won today's hot dog eating contest at The Street Food Collective in Auckland, NZ.
Nela Zisser has started a store at selling T-shirts with her logo on it. She is soliciting questions for a Q & A video in the comments of her latest video documenting her victory in a college Thickburger contest.
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