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Independent.com has an interview with Raina Huang about competing in æbleskiver eating contests during the Danish Days Celebration in Solvang, CA this weekend.
Raina Huang ate 14 hot dogs in 3 minutes to win the first prize of $200 in Sunday's hot dog eating contest at Down and Out in Los Angeles.
Raina Huang won the first prize of $500 in tonight's vegan hot dog eating contest at the Vegan Playground in San Diego.
MiLB.com has an article about the Inland Empire 66ers renaming themselves the "California Burritos" for their May 25 game which included a five pound burrito eating contest won by Raina Huang.
Tasty has a video about the construction of giant chicken nuggets and fries for Raina Huang to attempt to eat.
Raina Huang attempts the Orochon Ramen challenge on the latest episode of the Asian food show "Family Style".
Raina Huang attempted a 7 pound dumpling in a video for Food Insider.
Voyage LA Magazine has an interview with Raina Huang.
Raina Huang attempted the burger challenge at Oh My Burger in Gardena, CA in a video produced by ABC Localish.
Raina Huang's attempt at the burrito challenge at Tirsa's in Los Angeles made ABC's "Bite Size" series.
Raina Huang has surpassed 100,000 youtube subscribers, making her the first American female competitive eater to attain that benchmark.
Raina Huang ate 80 wings in 10 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in last night's wing eating contest at Wing Nuts in Costa Mesa, CA. Kevin Ross was the runner up with 74 wings.
Foodbeast has a post about Raina Huang eating 13 plates (10.5 pounds) of Olive Garden pasta, which is believed to be a house record.
KSBY did a segment about Raina Huang's tour of central California, which will conclude today. (video)
Raina Huang ate 36 aebleskivers in 5 minutes to win yesterday's contest at Danish Days in Solvang, CA, doubling the previous record of 18.
Santa Maria Times has an article about Raina Huang's tour of the Central California Coast this weekend which will include an attempt to break aebleskiver record in Solvang, CA on Saturday.
Raina Huang announces that Papillon Bakery in Los Angeles will award $500 to a diner that can finish 30 Armenian pizzas in under 50 minutes.
The French series L’EFFET PAPILLON (Butterfly Effect) televised an episode about American competitive eating. The program appears to focus on Wing Bowl 26. Raina Huang also appears.
A team consisting of Naader Reda, Raina Huang, Kevin Ross, Aubrey Koehn, Jimmy Lin, Eric Lu, Taran Eckel and Great American Eat Off host Gail Kasper finished the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's in Northridge, CA yesterday. The $1000 prize was donated to the animal rescue charity Pawtographs. (Raina Huang video)
In a new video, Raina Huang says she declined to sign the MLE contract before the Nathan's Qualifier at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA, which was a prerequisite for competing. A printed copy of that document was not availabe for her; the only copy was on a phone screen.

2018 Magic Mountain Nathan’s qualifier

Official results
1) Rich LeFevre 31
2) Jon Bello 21
3) Doug Ecks 15

1W) Steffi Valkov 8

Raina Huang did a training session at the FoodBeast headquarters. She will attempt to be the 7th female to break 20 hot dogs in her Nathan’s debut. Rich LeFevre, Crazy Legs Conti and Jon Bello are also expected to attend.

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FoodBeast.com has a blog entry about Raina Huang eating the entire Panda Express Menu in one session. (short video | long video)
Raina Huang just passed 50,000 subscribers for her youtube channel, making her the first American female competitive eater to hit that benchmark. (Miki Sudo is at 25K, Molly Schuyler has 17K). For non-USA English language channels by female competitive eaters, I think Peggie Neo leads with 307K subscribers. Nela Zisser has 162K and Kate Ovens has 38K
Raina Huang is currently billed as a "Creator on the Rise" on YouTube's Trending page.
The team consisting of Raina Huang, Naader Reda, Jimmy Lin, Nadia White, Doug Sakmann and Matt Slayer and two others came close to finishing the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's in Northridge, CA, but had about 9 slices left.
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