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The top 3 at Saturday's pizza eating contest in Albuquerque: 1) Stephanie Torres $1000 2) Craig Reed $500 3) Jon Boddy $250
The 18 pound burger challenge at Super Heroes Sandwich Shop & Deli in North Plainfield, NJ was finished by a team of Johnnie Excel, Dave "US Male" Goldstein and Stephanie Torres.
Last year's cupcake eating contest held at Coney Island will be televised on the July 1 episode of DC Cupcakes on TLC at 7pm ET/PT. Stephanie Torres ate 71 cupcakes to win the contest.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein has uploaded a video of Stephanie Torres finishing a 32 inch pizza challenge weighing 9 pounds at Johnny G's in Toms River, NJ. The prize for finishing is $250. update Johnnie Excel reports that he, Stephanie and Dave "US Male" Goldstein finished an 18 pound burger at the North Plainfield Street Fair in 28:17.
The Sun Sentinel reports that Miami Marlins pitcher A. J. Ramos attempted the Iron Man omelet challenge at the Broken Yolk Cafe after on the team's recent day off in San Diego. He was inspired to try the 6 pound meal after seeing an unnamed woman on the wall of fame (as far as I know, Stephanie Torres is the only female finisher) and had the following comments: "She wasn't big or anything. She was pretty good looking, too. I'd hate to take her on a date. She might eat more than me". update Jessica also finished the omelet challenge.
Stephanie Torres was the fifth finisher of the Sumo Bowl challenge at Anime Ramen in Las Vegas and received a jackpot of $180. (via Miki Sudo).
Teddy won first place and a prize of $250 in a Dagwood eating contest held Saturday at Lucky Dill in St. Petersburg, FL. Stephanie Torres was runner up and Craig Reed was 3rd.
Jamie McDonald announces that he won today's Mucho Burrito ghost pepper burrito eating contest in Toronto. Stephanie Torres was the runner up and "Furious" Pete withdrew after the first round due to an injury.
Stephanie Torres' appearance on Friday's episode of The Doctors can be viewed online: Introduction | X-ray examination | watermelon eating contest
Stephanie Torres appeared on today's episode of The Doctors, titled "The Health Secrets of Guinness World Record Holders". Recapo has a summary of her appearance. Her appearance closed with a 30 second watermelon eating contest.
Stephanie Torres appears to have won (or at least received a large trophy) at the Okie Burrito eating contest at Las Palapas in San Antonio today. The first prize was $1000. update Aug 23 Valmar0322 and ReneeLvsAlex have videos
Samantha Torres won the final qualifier for Las Palapas burrito eating contest by eating an Okie burrito in 43.9 seconds in San Antonio.
Stephanie Torres attempted to break Jamie McDonald's time of 38 minutes for the 10 pound meatball sub at Bartolini's in Midlothian, IL yesterday. (She did not succeeed.)
A woman won yesterday's pierogi eating contest at the American Polish Festival in Sterling Heights, MI yesterday by eating 60 pierogis in 10 minutes. The victor appears to be Stephanie Torres in this video of the end of the contest.

Crif Dog Classic coverage

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Las Cruces Sun-News has an article about Stephanie Torres competing in the Crif Dog Classic. She says that she wanted to appear in the Bones competitive eating episode, but was denied by Major League Eating.
The Brooklyn Daily has a report on Saturday's cupcake eating contest held at Deno's Wonder Wheel in Coney Island listing the top 3: 1) Stephanie "Xanada" Torres 71 2) Eric "Silo" Dahl 60 3) "Gentleman" Joe Menchetti 42
Jen Balisi reports that a woman (probably Stephanie Torres) won a cupcake eating contest held today at the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island with a total of 71 cupcakes in 8 minutes. update July 1 The Wonder Wheel facebook has a gallery confirming that Stephanie Torres was the winner. Other competitors were Eric Dahl, Ian Hickman, Joe Menchetti and Will Millender.
The top 3 for the Legends Bar & Grill National Chicken Tamale Eating Championship held in Niagara Falls, NY: 1) Stephanie Torres 47 tamales 2) Eric Dahl 45 tamales 3) Craig Reed update May 6 Old Falls Street has a gallery

Kobayashi to compete in Crif Dog Classic in NYC July 4

(via Darren Rovell) has a press release announcing that Takeru Kobayashi will compete in a hot dog eating contest at Roberta’s in Brooklyn on July 4. Other listed competitors are Stephanie Torres, Tom Gilbert, Johnnie Excel, Dave “US Male” Goldstein and Brad Sciullo. No prizes or qualifiers are listed; two entrants will be selected using The competition will be streamed on

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The facebook for Carmie's Grill in Tiffin, Ohio announces that Stephanie Torres is the first person to finish its five pound burger challenge an receive and award of $300. (via email) update Apr 29 The Advertiser Tribune mentions Stephanie Torres finishing the challenge
Stephanie Torres is expected to compete in the Wakefield Sandwich Company World Chicken Salad Sandwich Eating Championship in Michigan City, Indiana on April 27. The field already included Eric Dahl, Will Millender and Chris Abatsas.
The facebook for Panhandler Pizza in San Marcos, TX announces that Stephanie Torres was the first person to finish the 7 pound pizza challenge in under one hour and win $250. Videos: Part 1 | Part 2
Naader Reda finishes his souther California series with an account of attempting the 36 inch pizza two person challenge with Stephanie Torres at Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Burbank.
Eric "Silo" Dahl and Stephanie "Xanadu" Torres are expected to compete in the The Legends Bar & Grill National Chicken Tamale Eating Championship in Niagara Falls, NY on May 5.
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