Ghassan Al-Hadhrami wins Krispy Kreme Challenge

Ghassan Al-Hadhrami ran 2.5 miles, ate 12 donuts, then ran back 2.5 miles in 28:50 to win the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC today. 2 time winner Tim Ryan, who has competed in several MLE contests, finished sixth. Meredith Boxberger finished the challenge in 57 minutes.

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  1. anonymous said

    February 14, 2015 @ 6:35 pm

    Are MLE’ers allowed to participate in such contests? I’m just asking.

  2. Anonymous said

    February 14, 2015 @ 10:58 pm

    I believe Nick Oltman received first place at the awards ceremony. There was a “Casual” contest as well, which does not require competitors to eat a certain amount of donuts (just to run the course and eat donuts if you want). Al-Hadhrami appears to have been entered in the “Challenger” contest, which requires the entrant to eat all 12 donuts and complete the full race course, but was originally not included in the race placement. Sort of unclear on what happened there. Could have been a timing chip error, or he opted for the casual competition last second.

  3. anonymous said

    February 15, 2015 @ 8:28 am

    who cares?

  4. Uuuuh said

    February 15, 2015 @ 4:04 pm

    You I guess

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