Joan of Arc as competitive eater

If you have ever wondered what Joan of Arc would be like if her field of expertise was competitive eating instead of medieval warfare, a post on the Westside Eclectic Blog has envisioned that scenario:

Joan was born to a night watchman and landowner named Jacques d’Arc. From a young age, Joan of Arc was a formidable eater. Her parents owned roughly 50 acres of arable land but could not keep animals or grow crops without little Joan devouring the entire supply. The land was located in a small region of France which was still loyal to the French crown despite being surrounded by Burgundian lands. This, of course, was during the 100 Years War, and Burgundy had sided with the invading Brits to topple the French monarchy. Occasionally Joan’s hometown would be raided. During one such invasion the town was burned to cinders, leaving Joan with nothing but a few sooty chimneys to eat rapidly.


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