Denny: Lori Weiss finished 96er in 2:54

I emailed the address found at about the result of the attempt by Lori Weiss at the 11 pound Ye Olde 96er burger witnessed by baxojayz and received the following response:

Hello from the Pub I’m happy to report that Lori Weis completed the
Ye Ole 96er in 2 hours 54 minutes to tie Kate Stelnick for the
record…Thanks for asking Denny

It is hard to believe that the two people to finish the 96er in under three hours have a combined weight of about 200 pounds. Since Lori Weiss weighs only about 90 pounds she is probably the champion in percentage of bodyweight consumed except for possibly Kobayashi. Maybe Lori tying Kate will inspire Kate to return to Denny’s to regain sole possession of the record.

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  1. Skinnyboy said

    September 29, 2005 @ 10:25 am

    And it also seems odd that both girls had the exact same time. Or so Denny claims. I think the Lori claim cannot be verified so Kate should be regarded as the sole champion in this case.

  2. Mr Negativity said

    September 29, 2005 @ 11:23 am

    Who is Lori weiss and who the hell cares . She doesnt compete in contests like Kate Stelnick so both of them are useless and boring

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