Registration is now open for the MLE croqueta contest to be held at Carnaval Miami March 15. There will also be an amateur contest.
Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard attended a New Hampshire family's Super Bowl party last night and officiated their cake eating contest
The Kenyan Digest has a report on a bread eating contest awarding a new smartphone in which a teacher almost passed away after choking.
Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is probably the first Super Bowl winning head coach to complete a restaurant challenge (40 ounce steak in Green Bay in 1992).
Hint Water has sponsored an ad to be broadcast during today's Super Bowl set in the aftermath of a pie eating contest. update The commercial had the highest percent of negative emotion expressed by viewers of the broadcast (18.1% negative) according to a study done by RealEyes, beating out ads by Amazon Prime and Donald Trump
The Hustle has a post about the economics of all you can eat buffets claiming that the number of all you can eat restaurants have declined by 26% since 1998.
Xtadium in Seattle will hold a hot dog eating contest at halftime of the Super Bowl awarding $300 to the winner.
Corbucci from Brazil has posted a video (with English subtitles) of his Nathan's Famous hot dog training session. He hopes to compete in the 2020 Miami Marlins qualifier if it is held.
Slacker's in San Antonio will hold a hot wing eating contest tomorrow awarding $300 to the winner, $100 to the runner up.
The May 15 Cincinnati Reds game will be presented by Nathan's Famous, so that is the probable date for the 2020 Ohio qualifier. Nathan's will present the August 16 St. Louis Cardinals game, which would be on the 2020-21 circuit if a qualifier is held then.
Nexx Burger in Downey, CA will award $300 if its Louie the XIII burger challenge is finished in under 13 minutes.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein won the first prize of $3000 in today's "Wing Pole" (See stories. The registration rules explicitly barred former MLE members from competing, but apparently he was granted a waiver. update US Male has an instagram post about his victory.
Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, Adrian Morgan and Gideon Oji are expected to compete in the Blue Runner Foods World Red Beans and Rice Eating Championship at the Louisiana Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots in New Orleans February 8.
Leah Shutkever will make the first attempt at the Not So Holy Challenge at Holy Moly in Birmingham England on February 3. The challenge consists of four burgers and fries. has an article about George Chiger eating 5 pounds of kielbasa in under 20 minutes.
Mark Gdd has completed 100 successful food challenges. He has ranked his favorite and hardest challenges.
Monsters and Critics has a post about the steak eating challenge incident in last night's episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star. A woman drank so much water trying to finish a 96 ounce steak she suffered water intoxication and needed emergency assistance. (video)
Bar Louie announced today that it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after closing 38 of its 110 locations. The gastropub chain was the site of a "Rock the Tot" tater tot eating contest from 2009 to 2017.

Woman passes away after competing in Australia Day lamington eating contest

update Jan 29 Daily Mail has an article about the deceased giving her name as Megan Moon and her age as 51.

update Jan 27 Yahoo, CNN and the BBC have articles. The hotel has posted a statement on its facebook page. reports that a 60 year old woman passed away after choking and suffering a seizure while competing in an Australia Day lamington (sponge cake) eating contest held at the Beach House Hotel in Hervey Bay, QLD. (Newsweek | Daily Mail | SMH video)

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Joey Chestnut and Geoff Esper are expected to compete at the Blue Runner Foods World Red Beans and Rice Eating Championship to be held at the Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots in New Orleans on February 8. has a profile of Nela Zisser. She will be traveling to Singapore in April to compete against Zermatt Neo.
The website for All Pro Eating, was not renewed and currently brings up a GoDaddy landing page. The organization's facebook and twitter remain up, but have not been updated in over a year.
5Dimes is currently accepting bets on the 2020 Original Nathan's finals. Betting against Miki Sudo defending her title at +600 (gambling $1 wins $6) might be a savvy wager if Molly Schuyler is joining MLE as rumored. Joey Chestnut is a -900 favorite (bet $9 to win $1) in the men's contest.
Hopcat locations (mainly in the Midwest, but also Port St. Lucie, FL) will hold Cosmik Fries eating contests tomorrow awarding $500/$100/$25 gift cards. The item was originally called "Crack Fries", but the name was considered insensitive to drug addicts. In previous years, the winners competed in a finals contest in the summer awarding $2000 to the overall champion. That competition appears to have been dropped.
Round Table Pizza announces the Reign of Fire Challenge. Entrants (California residents only) will record video of themselves attempting a spicy pizza or wings challenge. The fastest times will make the finals in Florin, CA and compete for a $5,000 prize. (contest Instagram)
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