Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, notorious for its "octuple bypass" burger challenge and its practice of spanking customers, announces it will not comply with a voluntary shutdown request and will continue serving customers in-house.
ESPN2 announced it will rerun the 2006 Krystal Square Off finals at noon Eastern Sunday followed at 1pm by the 2006 Johnsonville Brat Eating World Championship held at Sheboygan, WI's Brat Days festival. The programs are part of ESPN8: The Ocho, an entire day devoted to non-traditional fields of competition.
In 2016, Ramsey Hilton interviewed Dr. Robert Ziff about his epidemiology models as part of a video in which he also attempted the Dare to be Great sundae challenge at the Parlour in Jackson, MI.
Steak and Main in North East, MD, famed for its Great Steak challenge, received tips of $500 and $200 today.
Major League Baseball announced that it deferring opening day until at least mid-May, so there will be no Nathan's qualifers at baseball games until that time.
Logan Paul, who has over 20 million subscribers to his youtube channel, posted a request for competitive eaters on his twitter which has received over 2,000 responses.
If you are looking for competitive eating content, "Swallow Your Pride", a documentary about Wing Bowl 13 (2005), can be viewed on youtube for free. The focus is Bill "El Wingador" Simmon's quest to retake the title from Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas. Bob Shoudt (then known as Humble Bob), Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman, Dave "Coondog" O'Karma, Hank "The Tank" Goldey and Augie "Yao Wing" Chung are also featured. Conflict between IFOCE (MLE) and AICE is a secondary theme of the film. At 30:45, AICE co-founders Chapman and O'Karma discuss their grievances.
A Nathan's qualifier that was to have taken place April 4 has been removed from the MLE calendar page, so it has probably been postponed or cancelled. The site of the competition, the New York New York Hotel & Casino, announced yesterday that it would suspend operations due to the coronavirus crisis.
MGM Resorts announced that it will suspend operations for its Las Vegas properties starting Tuesday. The sites include the New York New York Hotel Casino, which has a Nathan's qualifier scheduled for April 4. update The venue's twitter confirmed the shutdown.

CDC recommends no events with 50+ people for next two months

The Center for Disease Control posted the following guidance on its website today:

Therefore, CDC, in accordance with its guidance for large events and mass gatherings, recommends that for the next 8 weeks, organizers (whether groups or individuals) cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 people or more throughout the United States.

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ESPN has an article about Baltimore Ravens lineman Bradley Bozeman's cross-country trip in an RV to promote anti-bullying initiatives which mentions him completing the 72 Big Texan steak challenge in 48:08.
Atlantic City government officials are seeking a court order to force the demolition of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, site of Nathan's qualifiers from 2009 to 2012.
Mimi "The Mini Monster" Zhang, Australia's top ranked female competitive eater, has started a youtube channel. update Mimi has posted her first food challenge video, the St. Patrick Day's Schnitzelmeister Challenge. Nela Zisser did the challenge at another location.
Takeru Kobayashi announced (in Japanese) that there will be no Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Chronic Taco eating contest in 2020.
Bill "El Wingador" Simmons posted a tribute to the winner of Wing Bowl 2 and 3, Kevin "Heavy Keavy" O'Donnell, who recently passed away following a struggle with cancer. He is one of five multiple Wing Bowl Winners: Simmons (5), Joey Chestnut (3), Molly Schuyler (3), Jonathan Squibb (3), O'Donnell (2). update Crossing Broad and the Gloucester City News have obituaries.
Teesside Live has an article about Craig Harker, owner of the George Pub and founder of the British Eating League, receiving a complaint for posting "To all you fat birds, chin up! It's Pancake Day soon!" on his advertising sign. He says that a video of the League's Jaffa Cake eating contest video received 53K comments on LadBible's facebook page.
Darron Breeden wants to perform the national anthem at the Nathan's finals on his electric guitar.
Max Stanford is the first person to complete the breakfeast challenge consisting of 50 items at Cabin Dairy Cafe in Burnham, England.
Legendary comedian / director Carl Reiner requested pictures of the original Nathan's Famous location on his twitter feed.
Round Table Pizza announced that Kevin Ross, Jon Rivera, Jon Davis, Raina Huang and edwardc3523 (probably Edward Chin) are the Reign of Fire finalists and will compete for a $5000 prize on March 28. It appears that Raina Huang received the wild card spot.
Ronnie Hartman announced that he is retiring from competitive eating.
Reclaim the Net reports that Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle's video in which he drinks a 20 year old bottle of Crystal Pepsi was age-restricted by youtube. Screen captures of the video recently appeared in a video titled "Images That Precede Unfortunate Events" produced by pewdiepie, the youtube channel with the most subscribers.

Preliminary 2020 Nathan’s qualifier circuit

Here is how the 2019-2020 Nathan’s qualifier circuit is shaping up:

Apr 4 Las Vegas, NV
Jun 13 Ocean City, MD
? Washington, DC (probably Jun 27 at @BBQinDC)
? Hershey, PA
? Pleasanton, CA

May 15 Cincinnati, OH
Jun 21 Queens, NY

Apr 7/ May 12/ Jun 9 Denver, CO

Already held
Jul 23 Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 10 Des Moines, IA

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In the first half of the lastest FBTS podcast, a George Chiger video is used to spur discussion of what makes a good restaurant challenge video. The "radio silence" of All Pro Eating is the topic of the second half.
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