has a preview about Saturday's Burritozilla eating contest at Iguana's Taqueria. Dax Swanson, Jake Larry and Edward Chin are the finalists.

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  1. Preview said

    July 16, 2015 @ 4:51 pm

    Do we really need a preview? Doesn’t the fact that great Dax Swanson, Jake Larry, and Edward Chin say enough about where this mega event of the century is going. I hear Molly Schyler is going to fly down from the sky and lasso Swanson, Larry and Chin. Their feeble responses in unison will be “Nertz!” Swanson, Larry and Chin will then shake their fists at Molly saying, “Our evil plans have been foiled! How could we dare think we could eat like Molly, the greatest eater in the world?” Molly will then eat everyone’s plate and fly back to her hideout in the Midwest. Molly told me so on her Facebook site.

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