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10 spicy wings Ghost Wing Challenge Library Bar and Grille Laramie, WY cannot drink 5 minutes after challenge
1.5 lb. burger Rulon Burger Rulon's Burger Barn Afton, WY owned by wrestling gold medal winner Rulon Gardner
16 patty burger Ring of Fire Challenge JC Burger & Catering Casper, WY topped w/green chili
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The Maverik chain of convenience stores will hold a hot dog eating contest awarding a cruise to the Bahamas. Qualifiers will be held in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Arizona; the first will take place tomorrow in Gillete, WY.
The Star Tribune has an article about the challenge burger offered at the restaurant owned by former Olympic gold medalist Rulon Gardner in Afton, Wyoming. Rulon Gardner is appearing on the current season of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" in a quest to reduce his weight from 474 pounds.