Furious Pete to do the “Time Warp” tomorrow

“Furious” Pete Czerwinski announces that his appearance on Time Warp will be televised tomorrow on the Discovery Channel. A slow motion video clip of Pete competing in a hands-free hot dog eating contest against a dog is available on the program’s website.

Furious Pete will also appear in the Canada vs. USA Philthy McNasty burger contest on the Canadian channel TV Tropolis on Friday. His next television program will be a tour of German restaurants.

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  1. North Pole said (Registered April 28, 2008)

    May 19, 2009 @ 3:20 pm

    Pete is a busy guy on the TV these days.

  2. Anonymous said

    May 19, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

    How can I get a copy of the canadian tv program?

  3. Anonymous said

    May 19, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

    Hay Pete. You can slo-mo my hot dog anyday.

  4. Anonymous said

    May 19, 2009 @ 5:58 pm

    Pete, you say that you are undefeated but didnt your team lose to the Americans in Canada?

  5. Anonymous said

    May 19, 2009 @ 9:32 pm

    What a nice way to eat some dogs.
    Did you really lose in Canada Pete?

  6. anonymous said

    May 20, 2009 @ 8:39 am

    From the video it seems that Pete still has a good portion of his hair left. A signifigant reeceding hairline wont appear until he hits his mid 30′s. By age 40 there is a chance he will be semi bald. He should try to take care of that as soon as possible

  7. Anonymous said

    May 20, 2009 @ 9:47 am

    Why do we keep hearing about Fruious Pete, does he pay you guys to keep mentioning his insignificant achievements?

  8. Not Anonymous said

    May 20, 2009 @ 11:26 am

    That’s cool Pete! Go Canada!

  9. haters said

    May 20, 2009 @ 2:02 pm

    Insignificant acheivements…anon 9:47 please list several of your significant acheivements.

  10. Anonymous said

    May 20, 2009 @ 2:03 pm

    Furious Pete is cooler than the other side of the pillow.
    Have you ever seen the “training” video? The jaw, the jaw.

  11. Rhonda Evans said (Registered March 6, 2008)

    May 20, 2009 @ 3:37 pm

    I think one of Pete’s greatest achievements is in keeping his cool / sense of humor after reading some of the ridiculous comments about him.

  12. Roger said

    May 20, 2009 @ 3:49 pm

    Pete against Joey

  13. anonymous said

    May 20, 2009 @ 6:03 pm

    Didn’t Pete lose in Canada in a sliders team comp.

  14. "Toronto" Jake said

    May 20, 2009 @ 7:07 pm

    Great job Pete! That’s awesome!!!!

  15. Lisa Locke said

    May 20, 2009 @ 7:13 pm

    This video is so cool!

  16. North Pole said (Registered April 28, 2008)

    May 20, 2009 @ 7:55 pm

    The sliders team that Pete was on did lose. He is undefeated in individual competition. Some folks may want to nitpick this one, but there really is no need.

  17. Anonymous said

    May 21, 2009 @ 1:50 pm

    Wrong Air Date was announced. It is Next Wednesday, May 27th at 8PM EST.

  18. Anonymous said

    May 21, 2009 @ 3:21 pm

    A loss is a loss.
    Cant be undefeated if you lose.

  19. Anonymous said

    May 21, 2009 @ 3:53 pm

    Canada vs USA was not an AICE/ALL PRO event. It was set up for a TV show and not a sanctioned event.

  20. ANONYMOUS said

    May 22, 2009 @ 12:10 am


  21. Anonymous said

    May 22, 2009 @ 2:20 pm

    A loss is a loss a loss a loss.
    His team lost. He was the captain of the team. He ate on the team.
    He aint undefeated. He aint crap now.

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