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Geoff Esper wins TV Tokyo’s “King of Gluttony”

Results from the final round of today’s “King of Gluttony” program televised on TV Tokyo: (Full program video)
1) Geoff Esper 26 bowls
2) Molly Schuyler 24
3) Kawaxile 23
4) Angela Sato 19

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Linda Cohn has uploaded an excerpt from Friday night's ESPN Sportcenter of her interview with Joey Chestnut and Los Angeles Chargers defender Joey Bosa about competing in Monday's pistachio eating contest in Santa Monica. Bosa says that his new head coach Jim Harbaugh hoped he would win the contest.
A Japanese television program has posted a casting call for 6 bodybuilders to face off against a competitive eater in an eating contest in Los Angeles County on March 15. The selected competitors will receive $300/day

Brady Bunch ice cream eating contest

The Brady Bunch youtube channel has posted a clip from a 1971 episode in which Bobby Brady competes in an ice cream eating contest. Hal Smith, “Otis the Drunk” on the Andy Griffith Show, played the MC of the televised competition.

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Awful Announcing has posted a segment from a recent podcast in which Adam Amin discusses calling Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on ESPN.
Matt Stonie appeared on tonight's episode of "Hell's Kitchen" on Fox. Other celebrity guests included Paula Abdul and Dolph Lundgren.
The youtube channel for Hell's Kitchen has uploaded a clip from a 2012 episode in which Joey Chestnut faced off against chefs in a wing eating contest.
The broadcast of Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on ESPN2 was the most viewed program on July 4 despite being delayed for 2 hours by rain and lightning.
ESPN has a press release about the 2023 edition of Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest. The women's contest will be streamed on ESPN3 starting at 10:45 am Eastern. The men's competition will be broadcast live on ESPN2 starting at noon. John Anderson and Rich Shea will be the commentators.

2023 ESPN Nathan’s schedule

The ESPN July 4 schedule is now out. The men’s Nathan’s finals will be televised live on ESPN2 at noon Eastern and then rerun five times. The women’s contest is not listed, but it appears it will be relegated to streaming again. At 10am, ESPN will show Wimbledon and ESPN2 will air First Take. The documentary “The Good, The Bad, The Hungry” will also be shown twice on ESPN2.

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An episode of DangerTV in which host Andrew Younghusband competes in the 2015 Smoke's Poutinerie eating contest in Toronto with minimal training has been uploaded to youtube. Eric "Badlands" Booker, Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie offer him advice. (The first half is about demolition derbies; the competitive eating segment begins around 11:00).
Ed "Cookie" Jarvis has posted several videos of his television appearances to his youtube channel.
The death of a competitive eater will be one of the incidents examined in the upcoming episode of CSI: Vegas, which will be televised February 16 on CBS at 10 pm eastern. (preview #1 | preview #2)
Joey Chestnut's appearance on a 2009 episode of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" can be viewed on youtube.
Unilad has a post about the Netflix episode of "We Are the Champions" recorded at the 2019 PuckerButt pepper eating contest held in Fort Mill, SC focusing on the final round between Dustin "Atomik Menace" Johnson and Bella "Heat 101".
A press release announces that ESPN has extended its contract with MLE to show Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on July 4 until 2029. During that time period, the live contest will probably be web streamed only since ESPN will be broadcasting Wimbledon in early July until 2035.
The Food Network Obsessed podcast has an interview with Casey Webb, the current host of Man v Food. MSN has an article about the podcast.
Metacritic reports that the subculture of competitive eating will be explored in an episode of the new season of "CSI:Vegas". has a post about "The Glutton Bowl", a competitive eating tournament that aired on Fox in 2002, with commentary about the appearances of Don Lerman, Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, Oleg Zhornitskiy and Takeru Kobayashi.
ESPN has a press release about its telecast of the 2022 Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest. The men's contest will be live on ESPNews while the women's contest will be streamed on ESPN3 while ESPNews shows Sportscenter. (The two main ESPN channels will be showing Wimbledon.) John Anderson will replace Mike Golic Jr. as Rich Shea's broadcast partner.
The women's Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest has yet to be listed on the ESPN July 4 schedule. The MLE page about the contest says it will be on ESPNews, but that channel is showing Sportscenter all morning.
Joel Hansen auditioned for "America's Got Talent". He thinks his appearance will be televised next week.
The July 4 schedule for the ESPN family of networks is now out. ESPN News at noon has a showing of "Great American Events", which is what the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest has been listed as previously. ESPN and ESPN2 will be televising Wimbledon tennis at that time. ESPN will show a rerun at 4pm.
The whole two hour telecast of the Glutton Bowl from 2002, including commercials, has been uploaded to youtube.
Leah Shutkever appeared on ITV This Morning Thursday and attempted to break her Guinness record of 19 chicken nuggets in an hour minute. The segment received criticism for being insensitive to global issues of food inflation and shortages. update Daily Star has an article.
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