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Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran discusses his feud with Adam Richman of Man V Food in a clip from the Breaking Bread podcast.
In the latest episode of the Breaking Bread podcast, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran discusses the Major League Eating Contract. He says that he has been approached with proposals for two American television projects that were tabled when the producers learned that MLE approval would be required.
News.com.au has a profile of Australian competitive eater Mimi "the Mini Monster" Zhang, who appeared on the latest episode of the "I Swear I Never" podcast.
Beard Meats Food has started a podcast called Breaking Bread co-hosted with Josh Gudgeon. The podcast is currently #25 on the British comedy podcasts spotify.com rankings.
Joey Chestnut is the guest on the latest edition of the Mindset Moment podcast.
Joey Chestnut is the guest on the latest episode of the In The Crowd podcast.
KTIC Radio has an interview with Randy Santel about his upcoming food challenge tour of the midwest which will start April 25 in Nebraska.
Eric "Badlands" Booker is the guest on the latest DiehardKnicks podcast.
Derek "The Adventures of Heavy D" Hendrickson is the guest on the latest episode of Jake Gallen's podcast.
Ronnie Hartman is the guest on the latest episode of the All Real Wrestling Podcast.
Joey Chestnut is the guest on the latest Jacob and Jacob podcast.
Michelle "Cardboard Shell" Lesco is the guest in the latest episode of Awfully Irish Podcast.
Last month's Draft Kings Big Game Snackdown is the topic of episode 116 of Fink Beats the Stomach. Episode 115, in which the hosts talked about their malaise with the current state of competitive eating, has been deleted.
Randy Santel and Katina DeJarnett did an interview for WKMG's Florida Foodie podcast.
The brother of Mike E Sizzle of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast produced a custom Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest themed Funko POP. update Steve Castro has posted how he made the POP, which was created from three store-bought POPs: Ted Mosby ("How I Met Your Mother"), the 1989 Joker (Jack Nicholson) and Ein from Cowboy Bebob.
Joey Chestnut appeared on the Drinkin Bros Sports podcast.
The first MLE rankings update in over a year, the British Eating League's affiliated organizations, and the new Draft Kings contest trilogy are the topics of the 111th episode of Fink Beats the Stomach.
Saturday's Slopper eating contest at the Colorado State Fair and the new British Eating League are the topics of the latest Fink Beats the Stomach podcast.
In their latest podcast, Fink Beats the Stomach interviews Mike Golic Jr. about covering the 2020 Nathan's hot dog eating contest.
Tim Janus appeared on the latest episode of the Run Along podcast to discuss his retirement and the reasons for the termination of his competitive eating career. At the peak of his training, he says he was drinking 3.5 gallons of water multiple times a day, which he immediate threw up.
At the 17:30 mark of an interview with Zach Krantz, George Shea says that the July 4 Nathan's contest will be the final MLE event of 2020. There are currently 4 events after July 4 on the MLE calendar: 2 Buffalo Wingfest contests, Smoke's Poutinerie in Toronto and Lewisville, TX tamales. He also says that the July 4 contests will be 10 minutes long and that 5 or 6 entrants will compete in the men's division of Nathan's.
Nick Wehry was interviewed by the Awfully Irish podcast and said that the fate of the 2020 Nathan's finals has yet to be decided. George Chiger appeared the C & L Podcast and described how Larell Marie Mele helped start his competitive eating career.
Joey Chestnut did an interview on KROQ yesterday. He says that Nathan's hopes to have some type of July 4 competition, but plans have yet to be fixed. They are looking at a Brooklyn site for the event away from the traditional Coney Island venue.
Adrian Morgan did an interview for the LaFource Gazette podcast. He says he does not know what the plans are for holding Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest.
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