2024 Alameda County Fair Nathan’s qualifier

update June 18 Results with full names are on the MLE contest page. Dan Downey has a contest video

Full results have been posted without full names:

1st 27.75 Derek Hendrickson
2nd 24.5 Steve “The Rabbit” Hammond
3rd 22 Erik “The Red” Denmark first contest since 2022
3rd 22 Yasir Salem first Nathan’s contest since 2017
5th 16 Naader “Freak8r” Reda
6th 9.5 Nick Esarco
DQ ? Andrew Imhoff
1st 12 Tandra Childress competitive eating debut
2nd 10 Jocelyn Walker
3rd 7 Crystal Ocampo
4th 6 Elizabeth Salgado

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Nevada Public Radio has an article about Derek Hendrickson and Raina Huang completing The Feast burger challenge at Area 15 in Las Vegas.
In the latest "Between the Buns" podcast, Derek Hendrickson and Darron Breeden preview Monday's pistachio eating contest in Santa Monica.
Derek Hendrickson discusses Las Vegas restaurant challenges on the latest episode of the Visit Vegas Places podcast.
Derek Hendrickson and Darron Breeden rank the three worst food challenges they have ever done in the latest episode of the "Between the Buns" podcast.
The fourth episode of the "Behind the Buns" podcast co-hosted by Derek Hendrickson and Darron Breeden is a recap of Saturday's bagelmania eating contest in Las Vegas.
In the second episode of the new "Behind the Buns" podcast, Darron Breeden interviews Derek Hendrickson about his competitive eating career.
Derek Hendrickson and Darron Breeden have started a new competitive eating podcast: "Behind the Buns". The inaugural episode is a retrospective of Darron Breeden's competitive eating career. has an article about Derek Hendrickson completing the pancake challenge at Grizzly Manor in Big Bear Lake, CA.
Derek Hendrickson discussed food challenges at Las Vegas restaurants in a recent City Cast Las Vegas podcast.

2023 Alameda County Fair Nathan’s qualfier

update Contest video by Misty Family Vlogs

Official results update Men’s results have been fixed

1st 32.5 Derek Hendrickson
2nd 18 Abraham Reynaga-Withrow
3rd 13 Kirk Taylor
4th 10 Jon Davis
1st 14 Katie Prettyman
2nd 8.75 Elizabeth Salgado
3rd 5 Abby Horowitz

Comments (8) has a report on Derek "Heavy D" Hendrickson and Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker facing off against a team of 4 amateurs in a five pound burger eating contest held at Aaron and Jack's Snack Shack in Monmouth, OR.

Derek Hendrickson wins Lewisville tamales

Derek "The Adventures of Heavy D" Hendrickson is the guest on the latest episode of Jake Gallen's podcast.
Raina Huang, Derek Hendrickson and Blaine Koenig will compete in a hot eating contest at Dirt Dog in Las Vegas on August 29.

CrossFAT Krispy Kreme final results

The top 5 from the CrossFAT Krispy Kreme donut eating contest
12 donuts
1 Wayne Algenio 1:10
2 Your Man Cody 1:15
3 Sad Things Tim Says 1:34
4 Raina Huang 1:50
5 Track the Bear 2:00
Derek Hendrickson submitted the fastest video for 12 donuts with a time of 1:06, but could not officially compete due to his MLE contract.

6 donuts
1 El Toro Jiminez 0:52
2 Zachary Linton 1:20
3 Olivia Gregory 1:35
4 GSloth30 1:47
5T _swaaan 2:07
5T JNacht16 2:07D

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