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The Denver Post has an article about Raina Huang's recent trip to Colorado. On one day of her visit, she completed a 7 pound breakfast burrito in the morning and finished a 7 pound pho challenge in the evening.
Raina Huang ate 92 dumplings to win the first prize of $1,000 at today's Topanga Social eating contest in Canoga Park, CA.
Topanga Social will hold a dumpling eating contest in Canoga Park, CA on November 18 awarding $1000 to the winner. Raina Huang will host.
Raina Huang ate 15 hot dogs in 10 minutes on Saturday to win in Topanga Social's eating contest in Canoga Park, CA. Despite being larger than normal frankfurters, that total would have placed her 4th in the latest Nathans's Famous women's finals. Raina gave $250 from her $1000 prize to both of the second place finishers.
Raina Huang uploaded a video of a dumpling contest in which she faced off against James Webb and Bandana Eats.
Santa Maria Times reports that Raina Huang ate 26 aebleskiver in 5 minutes at Danish Days in Solvang, CA on Sunday. Victor Angel ate 12 to win the official contest. She later ate 11 sausages in 29 minutes to complete the challenge ate Copenhagen Sausage Garden
Raina Huang ate 29 slices in 5 minutes to win tonight's pizza eating contest at Taste of New Haven in Connecticut.
PMQ has an article about the 28 inch pizza challenge offered by PIE.ZAA in Asheville, NC that was attempted by Raina Huang in June.
Raina Huang will compete in a taco eating contest at The Great Las Vegas Taco Festival on October 29. The first prize is $1000.
WLOS has an article and video about Raina Huang attempting a 7 pound barbecue challenge at Carolina Ace BBQ in Hendersonville, NC.
Raina Huang ate 21 lumpias in one minute to win the first prize of $1000 in Saturday's eating contest at Island Pacific Market in Lake Forest, CA. Kevin Ross tied for third. (video)
AsiaOne has a report on Zermatt Neo and Raina Huang attempting 100 egg tarts in Singapore. (video)
Kevin Ross reports that Juan Water Bottle finished his burrito in about 4:30 to win the first prize of $1,000 in Friday's Blue Burro eating contest in Long Beach. Raina Huang was runner-up.
The New York Post has an article about Raina Huang creating a "Land, Air and Sea" burger consisting of patties from a Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish and McChicken.
Narcity has a about Raina Huang's recent trip to Vancouver. She says that she has completed over 600 restaurant challenges.
Raina Huang won the first prize of $1000 at the taco eating contest at the Great Las Vegas Taco Festival on November 6
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Westword has an interview with Raina Huang about her recent food challenge trip to Colorado.
Raina Huang has joined the Las Vegas Inferno, an e-sports team.
Raina Huang will be competing in a shrimp eating contest at San Pedro Fish Market's ShrimpFest in Long Beach on October 22.
Retro 102.5 has a post about Raina Huang's food challenge tour of Colorado this week.
BlogTO.com has a post about Raina Huang's trip to Toronto.
Raina Huang appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.
The top 3 from Saturdays's British Eating League Sharer Dozen Challenge: 1) Raina Huang 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in 1:17 2) Max Stanford 1:46 3) Josh Kready 3:07
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