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Three random taco eating challenges
tacos Taco Record T|Aco Boulder Boulder, CO current record is 28 tacos
15 tacos Taco Challenge Aruba Steve's Providence, RI
big taco Indian Taco Challenge The Miller Grill Yukon, OK
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Molly Schuyler and Dan Kennedy attempted to eat 8 total challenges at Rey Azteca in State College, PA (Dan Kennedy video) The total weight was estimated to be over 30 pounds.
CrossFAT is holding a Taco Bell Party Pack eating challenge. The deadline for entry is 11:59pm tonight. update "El Toro" Jiminez submitted an entry at 11:58 pm Pacific time to win the contest.
LA Beast has resumed eating challenges with a video of his attempt at the Reaper Taco Challenge at Gringo's Tacos in Jersey City, NJ.
Molly Schuyler has uploaded a video of her breaking the record for the "Don Juan" breakfast tacos at Juan in Million in Austin, TX. The caption mentions an upcoming documentary series.
On March 2, Molly Schuyler ate 13 Don Juan Tacos to set the record at Juan in a Million in Austin.
Nadia White announces that she ate 20 tacos in 2:20 to break the house record of 2:26 held by John "Oink Oink" Bradley at Loco Pez Tacos in Philadelphia.
UProxx.com has the rules for the Doritos Locos Throwdown, a competition where people will try to eat as many Doritos Locos tacos as possible in an hour on October 7. Entrants will be expect to provide proof of the number of tacos consumed.
The Wall Street Journal has an article about Jack in the Box tacos mentioning Naader Reda's attempt to eat 50 of them. (paywall bypass)
Steven Schuster attempted the Don Juan Taco at Juan in a Million in Austin on NBC's First Look last night.
UProxx.com has details about the Doritos Locos Taco Throwdown taking place tomorrow. Competitors will attempt to see how many Doritos Locos Tacos they can eat in an hour.

Kobayashi wins Taco Trough Takedown

update Kobayashi won the contest with a time of 1:45

Taco in a Bag will announce today the time Takeru Kobayashi needed to finish the Taco Trough challenge. This attempt will but two of his streaks on the line: a post-MLE streak now extending 5 years and a career undefeated streak vs. women. Molly Schuyler is the current leader at 2:24 with Bob Shoudt the current runner up with a time of 3:14.

Comments (17)

Taco in a Bag's Taco Trough Takedown closed yesterday. Molly Schuyler took the lead on Monday with a time of 2:24. Bob Shoudt's and Takeru Kobayashi's time (if he did the challenge) have yet to be announced.
Marco Owens announces (in comments) he has taken the lead in the Taco Trough challenge at Taco in a Bag with a time of 3:15, beating Pat Bertoletti's time by almost a minute. He thought that would result in an immediate payment of $5,000, but the contest will continue and pay the prize to the fastest finisher as of September 23. (No mention of that date is made in the original challenge announcement). (via email) update Stephanie Torres just finished the challenge in 4:30, which puts her in the lead for the $2000 prize.
Taco in a Bag announces the Kickapoo Joy Juice Taco Trough $10,000 Challenge. Pat Bertoletti and Tim "Gravy" Brown will set the official record for a 6 pound "Big Jim Reeves" taco and a half liter of Kickapoo Joy Juice on WCIU on August 28. $5000 will be awarded to the first person to surpass that mark.
DNAinfo has an article on the opening of Taco in a Bag in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. The restaurant owned by Pat Bertoletti and Tim Brown plans a five pound "Taco in a Trough" challenge. update April 24 DNAInfo reports that Taco in a Bag sold out of food on its day and had to shut temporarily today to prepare more food.
The Corpus Christi Caller Times has a article about the giant taco challenge offered at Recio’s Smokehouse and Catering that has only been finished twice in the past 16 years.
The first two finishers of the 32 taco challenge at Mercadito at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas appear to be Tom Gilbert and "El Toro".
Tim "Gravy" Brown was the first person to finish the 35 taco challenge at Mercadito in Chicago.
Jamie McDonald has produced a video of him eating 18 Waffle Tacos on Taco Bell's new breakfast menu in 6 minutes.  
Jamie McDonald ate 60 tacos in under 30 minutes to set the house record at Fric N Frac in Kansas City.
In the new episode of STUFFED, Pat Bertoletti, Tim Brown, Jimmy Lin, Naader Reda, Dax Swanson and Miki Sudo attempt the 10 taco challenge at Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach, CA.
Molly Schuyler ate 38 tacos in 15 minutes to set the house record at Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Lincoln, NE.
Alexander's Tavern in Fells Point, MD announces that it will no longer maintain a house taco record after Julia Woods ate 44 tacos yesterday.
Alexander's Tavern in Fells Point, MD announces that Caihlin Durkin ate 35 tacos in 29 minutes yesterday to break Julia Woods record of 30 tacos yesterday. After receiving news that her mark had been overtaken, Julia came to the tavern later yesterday night to eat 40 tacos and regain her record.
Tucson Weekly has a video of Michelle "Cardboard Shell" attempting the 17 taco challenge at Boca.
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