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"That Girl Died", the first track on the new album by The Sheckies, is a tribute to Stephanie Torres, who passed away in 2015.
Stephanie Torres' sudden passing in September make Las Crcuces Sun-News 2015 timeline of local news stories.
Mountain Mud Arts has a gallery of the memorial urn it created for Stephanie Torres (via Stephanie Wu).
The All Pro Eating calendar has been updated with the Bierhaus bratwurst eating contest in New York City on November 14 and the Music City Bowl hot chicken eating contest on December 29. The website also moved Stephanie Torres from the top 15 to its All Stars page. (via Stephanie Wu)
The Las Cruces Sun has an article about the passing of Stephanie Torres with quotes from Joe LaRue, Dave Brunelli, Marcos Owens and Stephanie Wu. According to the Las Cruces Police Department, her death is still under investigation. (via Stephanie Wu). update Oct 11 Stephanie Wu has a picture of the obituary and a link to a guestbook page.
A memorial for Stephanie Torres will be held tomorrow in Las Cruces, NM. The cause of her passing was fainting from low potassium levels. (via Stephanie Wu) update Stephanie Wu reports stories are being collected for a memorial urn. update Oct 4 Link for video streaming will start at 3 Pacific / 4 Mountain / 6 eastern (via Stephanie Wu).

RIP Stephanie Torres

Stephanie Torres’ mother, Carmen has posted the following tweet:

“will miss you so but not forgotten my sweet beautiful Stephanie Xanadu lov ya always”

update Oct 6 Aaron Ybarra has a tribute

update Oct 2 More links
Rake and Herald tribute to Stephanie
Big Eaters Club video of Mad Greek Deli challenge
Appearance on The Doctors syndicated TV show
Youtube channel

update The last interview Stephanie Torres did with Rake & Herald earlier this year

The 2011 Nathan’s female finalists (Stephanie is on the left)

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Marco Owens announces (in comments) he has taken the lead in the Taco Trough challenge at Taco in a Bag with a time of 3:15, beating Pat Bertoletti's time by almost a minute. He thought that would result in an immediate payment of $5,000, but the contest will continue and pay the prize to the fastest finisher as of September 23. (No mention of that date is made in the original challenge announcement). (via email) update Stephanie Torres just finished the challenge in 4:30, which puts her in the lead for the $2000 prize.
KRQE's video shows Molly Schuyler competing in yesterday's eating contest at Pizza Nine in Albuquerque, so presumably she won the $1000 first prize. update Sep 8 The top 3 1) Molly Schuyler 2) Stephanie Torres 3) Jon Boddy
Stephanie Wu reports that Stephanie Torres ate a five pound "totcho" platter in 2:35 at Three Blind Mice Pub in Mt. Clemens, MI to win a prize of $500.
Juan Hondo reports that Stephanie Torres won today's contest at Enchiladas in Dallas with a total of 80 enchiladas in 10 minutes.
The Rake and Herald has an interview with Stephanie "Xanadu" Torres, who says she experienced an incident in the summer of 2012 which resulted in a drop in her stomach capacity.

Dave Brunelli wins NYC Dumplings, Molly Schuyler repeats as top woman

update Oct 19 The Ukraine Train has most of the prizewinners

1) Dave Brunelli 75
2) “Ukraine Train” 50
3) Wayne Algenio 47
Pat Bertoletti and Joe Menchetti were penalized for smashing

1) Molly Schuyler 89
2) Stephanie Torres 46

According to a video by Team Subject to Change, Dave Brunelli was the top male at the New York City Dumpling Festival eating contest with 75. Wayne Algenio announced he was 3rd. The women’s totals are not included in the video. In a picture of the prize winners at the 5:13 mark, Molly Schuyler is holding a trophy and Stephanie Torres also appears to be a prize winner. (video of Molly Schuyler’s contest).

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Stephanie Torres was the first person to finish the Big Wave Burrito challenge at Big Wave Burritos in Cape May, NJ.
TV Tokyo's "Battle of the Big Eaters" program from last month where a US team of Molly Schuyler, Dave Brunelli, Stephanie Torres and Tom Gilbert faced a Japanese quartet consisting of Angela Sato, Hitomi Sato, Tomoko Miyake and Takuya Yamamoto along with teams from Germany is available on youtube. (playlist | video list) (Via Will Millender)
Stephanie Torres ate 23 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win a hot dog eating contest at 2nd Base Bar and Grill in El Paso.
The Sheckies have a track titled Eating Competition Girl on their new album. The song was reportedly inspired by Stephanie Torres.    

Miscellaneous spicy challenge links

  • The New Yorker has a long article about the quest to grow the spiciest pepper in the world and have it certified with that status. (The conflict between marketing hype and factual accuracy might be familiar to followers of competitive eating.)
  • Nightline segment from yesterday where Darren Rovell samples the Carolina Reaper pepper mentioned in the New Yorker article.
  • Quartz article about the owner of Sriracha Hot Sauce
  • New Yorker blog entry about Irwindale, CA’s claim that the odors from Sriracha’s factory are a violation of the municipal code.
  • Atomic Fireball Extract Chubby Bunny Duel between Aaron Wakamatsu and Stephanie Torres


The Big Eaters Club has a video of Stephanie Torres attempting the Progressive Challenge at the Mad Greek Deli in Portland.
Stephanie Torres and Craig Reed finished the Pigzilla BBQ sandwich challenge at Papa Buck's BBQ in Metter, GA at the end of August. Dale Boone was the only previous finisher.
Aaron's Food Adventures has uploaded a video of Stephanie Torres attempting to eat what is billed as the world's spiciest candy.
News Lincoln County reports that Stephanie Torres ate a 7 pound Super Ultimate Monster Burger in 14 minutes to win an eating contest held at the Newport Cafe in Newport, OR (video)
Stephanie Torres will attempt to become the first woman to finish the Mad Greek Challenge at the Mad Greek Deli in Portland tomorrow. The meal consists of a 10 pound sandwich, a pound of fries and a 32 ounce drink.
The Newport (Oregon) Cafe will hold a Super Ultimate Monster Burger eating contest on October 5 awarding $1375 ($1000 to the winner). Stephanie Torres and Max "Carnage" Rodacker are expected to compete.
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