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TV Tokyo's "Battle of the Big Eaters" program from last month where a US team of Molly Schuyler, Dave Brunelli, Stephanie Torres and Tom Gilbert faced a Japanese quartet consisting of Angela Sato, Hitomi Sato, Tomoko Miyake and Takuya Yamamoto along with teams from Germany is available on youtube. (playlist | video list) (Via Will Millender)
The South China Morning Post announces that Tomoko Miyake won a ramen contest in Hong Kong to claim a first prize of HK$50,000 (US $6448). She was the only woman in the finals; Johnny Wu tied for second. Tomoko will compete in a ramen challenge in Singapore on November 14. (video) update Nov 14 Tomoko also won the contest in Singapore (video) reports that Tomoko Miyake has released another gravure DVD (may not be safe for all workplaces)
A 2007 video with English subtitles of Tomoko Miyake competing against the Korean boy band Super Junior is available. Tomoko's segment starts around the 4 minute mark.
Videos from a program in which Tomoko Miyake and Takuya Yamamoto take on three restaurants' eating challenges are available on youtube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Tomoko Miyake has set up a website with videos of her eating challenges at

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  • Sonya Thomas listed as an expected entrant in the Jacksonville Krystal qualifier
  • English article about faked Tomoko Miyake program.

    “We were vague about how we counted the plates and dishes, for instance, counting one plate with four pieces of the same dish as four dishes.”

  • Denver CE meetup group resumes August 28 with a chicken nugget contest
  • Buzz Bishop blog entries about Vancouver Nathan’s contest: preview, results
  • Video of woman attempting Michael Phelps’ typical breakfast
  • Live “Jimmy Buffett-style Music” will play during the Jacksonville Krystal qualifier according to The Hangman

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Trickery alleged in Tomoko Miyake program

Nikkan Sports reports that the magazine “Modern Weekly” is alleging that Tomoko Miyake did not actually consume all the food she appeared to eat in a Nippon Television program.

Tomoko will appear (briefly) along with the other competitors in the giant burger contest held earlier this year at the Clinton Station Diner on the History Channel’s “Evolve:Guts” at 11 pm and 3 am eastern tonight

update The Mainichi Shimbun reports that Nippon Television has apologized for the deception and attributes the inaccuracies to miscounting.

Tomoko Miyake addresses the magazine article’s claims in a blog entry which begins (according to Google Translation)

The weekly magazine article about the concern that everybody did deeply apologize for any inconvenience.

A look at the article, friends and fans worried about people from a lot of mail and messages encouraging words.

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Tomoko Miyake DVD promo video

A video clip of Tomoko Miyake’s DVD is available on youtube. The DVD was released on July 25 and is categorized as a gravure idol video so the clip may not be safe for all workplaces.

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Tomoko harvests cabbages in Hokkaido

If you are sick of the summer heat, you might want to watch a video from last winter in which Tomoko Miyake went to live with a family in Hokkaido that owned a cabbage farm. Tomoko helped with the harvest by digging the cabbages out from the snow.

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Japanese competitive eating book news

Gal Sone had a book signing in Tokyo for her autobiography today and she has a blog entry about the appearance. Tomorrow, she will sign autographs in Osaka. The autobiography is currently #131 on the rankings (The Japanese translation of the final Harry Potter book, which will be released next month, is #1)

Tomoko Miyake’s book of photographs is now available for preorder on Amazon of Japan. The release date is June 28.

update June 9 Gal Sone’s book is currently ranked #97 on Amazon of Japan, which place it on the bestseller list. A screen capture has been uploaded (click the thumbnail below).

Gal Sone’s blog has a report about today’s Osaka book signing

Yama3 went to the Tokyo autograph session.


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Gal Sone autobiography to be released May 27 reports
that Natsuko “Gal” Sone’s autobiography will appear in bookstores on May 27. The book will contain Gal Sone’s secret to avoiding weight gain

Tomoko Miyake appears on the cover of this month’s Maruhan Press magazine. Tomoko did an event today to promote the Magazine’s release

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Japan vs. AICE burger contest televised March 20

Tomoko Miyake reports that the team burger eating contest held at the Clinton Station Diner on Super Bowl weekend will be televised on March 20. The contest will be televised by NNN news, which usually posts its competitive eating videos online.

In other Japanese contest news, R Suzuki reports that Hatsuyo Sugawara won a televised sushi eating contest. The top 5 in that contest:

1. Hatsuyo Sugawara, 107 plates
2. Takuya Yamamoto, 104 plates
3. Nobuyuki Shirota, 102 plates
4. Tomoko Miyake, 81 plates
5. Taku “Artist” Izumi, 74 plates


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Tim Brown answers 10 questions on IFOCE com
Indian traveler will spend a week in Chennai to see if Dale Boone can help him get started in “Kollywood” film industry, Dale Boone advises him to watch out for poisonous frogs
Don Lerman hires 25 people to handle his fan mail
Article about March 7 Lake Tahoe sushi / extreme food contest
Video footage from 2006 NYC grilled cheese eating contest
More on Canada’s tallest man 18 pound burger attempt
Request for videos of diners eating 4 HDB in less than 2 minutes
Kana Kanisawa & friend purchase a lot of food from Seibu Department store then eat it (Part 1, Part 2)
Pictures of Tomoko Miyake’s convenience store meals from yama3 (See above)
Japanese pancake eating contest for women only – first prize is a million yen and a trip to Hawaii

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Tomoko Miyake endorses convenience store meals


Tomoko Miyake is endorsing three meals sold by SaveOn, a convenience store chain. Convenience stores are called “konbini” in Japan.


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