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Joel Hansen has uploaded a video of the "Zeus" burger challenge he attempted with Eric "Badlands" Booker and Scott Eats at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ. The menu item has an official weight of 15 pounds, but their meal originally weighed 27 pounds. (They managed to reduce it to 17 pounds).
Bob Shoudt produced a video of his team consisting of himself, Dan "Killer" Kennedy and Andrew Puhl eating a 14.5 burger at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ in 7:17 to win $1000.
Dan "Killer" Kennedy announced the trio consisting of himeself, Bob Shoudt and Andrew Puhl ate a 14 pound "Zeus" Burger in 7:45 to win the first prize of $1000 in last night's eating contest held at Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ.
Brandon Clark, Darron Breeden and Bob Shoudt have posted videos from the successful completion of the 105+ pound "8th Wonder" burger challenge at Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ on Saturday. Other team members were Molly Schuyler, Miki Sudo, Geoff Esper, Nick Wehry, Dan Kennedy, George Chiger and Andrew Puhl.

Clinton Station Diner 105 lb burger conquered

Miki Sudo announced that the 10 person team consisting of herself, Molly Schuyler, Bob Shoudt, Dan Kennedy, Darrron Breeden, Geoff Esper, Brandon Clark, George Chiger, Nick Wehry and Andrew Puhl completed the 105 pound burger challenge at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ and claimed a $5,000 prize. Flux Happens has videos of the start and end of the challenge. Molly Schuyler was the last member eating.

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Brandon "Da Garbage Dispoal" Clark announces that a 10 person team consisting of himself, Miki Sudo, Dan Kennedy, Bob Shoudt, Nick Wehry, Darron Breeden, Andrew Puhl, Geoff Esper, George Chiger and a mystery competitor will attempt the 105 pound burger challenge at Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ Saturday, November 17 in pursuit of a $5000 prize. The tenth member is probably female given the ponytail silhouette used.
The Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ will hold a 15 pound Zeus burger eating contest for three person teams on December 15 awarding $1000/$500/$300
Dan Kennedy announces that he was part of the first trio along with Bob Shoudt and Brandon "Da Disposal" Clark to finish the 22.5 pound Zeus burger challenge and win $500 at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ.
LehighValleyLive reports that the "Outrageous Foods" episode featuring Clinton Station Diner will be televised on the Food Network on October 31.
Burger Conquest has a report on recording Outrageous Foods for the Food Network at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ. For the upcoming episode, a team assembled by Burger Conquest attempted to eat all of the diner's specialty burgers from the "Nano Bite" mini-burger to the 50 pound Mount Olympus.
Mike Longo reports that he, Jon Squibb, and Joel "the Cannon" Podelsky ate the 12+ pound Zeus burger at the Clinton Station Diner in 41 minutes, breaking the record previously held by Greg "the Great Moomsi" Maloomian's 3 person team. update A video has been posted.
Will Millender will attempt the three person Zeus burger challenge today at the Clinton Station Diner with Joel "the Cannon" Podelsky and "Munchin" Mike Longo.

The Great Moomsi & partners finish Zeus burger has a video of Greg Maloomian and two teammates completing the Zeus Burger at the Clinton Station Diner in New Jersey. The listed weight of the burger is 12.5 pounds but the actual burger weight was over 14 pounds. A picture of the list of the diner’s challenges shows an award of $500 for a three person team finishing the Zeus in less than an hour.

The restaurant staff claimed that no team had previously completed the Zeus challenge, but a three person team in a 2005 AICE contest did finish the burger.

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The Morning Call has an article about Nacho Mountain which will premier this weekend at the Grand Theater in East Greenville, Pennsylvania. The 50 pound Mount Olympus burger at the Clinton Station Diner will be featured in one of the scenes.
The Newark Food Examiner has an article about the Clinton Station Diner's giant burgers, which mentions the contest last year in which a Japanese team participated.

$5,000 “8th Wonder” challenge at Clinton Station Diner

A picture of a list of burger challenges offered by the Clinton Station Diner can be viewed on flickr. $5,000 will be awarded to a team of 10 diners that can finish the “8th Wonder” burger (listed at 105 pounds) in an hour or less.

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ABC News on eating challenges

(From the Consumerist) The website for ABC News has an article about restaurants’ eating challenges. The reporter, Scott Mayerowitz, attempted the 50 pound Mount Olympus burger from the Clinton Station Diner in New Jersey with “King” George Van Laar. According the the article, $1000 will be awarded to a five person team that can finish the Mount Olympus in under three hours.

Other eating challenges mentioned:

  • The Pancake Challenge from the Seiad Valley Café in California
  • Dare to be Great Sundae from The Parlour in Jackson, Michigan
  • 76 Ounce Steak, J & R Steakhouse in Long Island, NY


“Evolve: Guts” screen captures

Some captures from the Clinton Station Diner giant burger contest footage at the start of the History Channel’s Evolve: Guts have been attached.

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Furious Pete attempts Zeus burger challenge

Pictures and videos of Furious Pete’s attempt at the Clinton Station Diner’s Zeus burger challenge have been posted to It is estimated he finished about 60% of the burger. The current prize for finishing the burger is $500. Forks are apparently allowed at the Clinton Station Diner (they are prohibited in Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub’s challenges)

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Link Buffet: June 30, 2008

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Link Buffet: March 28, 2008

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AICE vs. Japan burger contest video

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A video of the giant burger eating contest for three person teams recorded at the Clinton (NJ) Station Diner on February 2 televised on NTV March 20 can be seen at The video focuses on the Japanese team consisting of Takuya Yamamoto, Tomoko Miyake and Taku Izumi and the team of Ian Hickman, Elizabeth Canady and Pete Maurizio, but Jill Stoler’s team also makes an appearance. The video also contains footage from a contest for Japanese team members at a Windmill Hot dogs.

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Japan vs. AICE burger contest televised March 20

Tomoko Miyake reports that the team burger eating contest held at the Clinton Station Diner on Super Bowl weekend will be televised on March 20. The contest will be televised by NNN news, which usually posts its competitive eating videos online.

In other Japanese contest news, R Suzuki reports that Hatsuyo Sugawara won a televised sushi eating contest. The top 5 in that contest:

1. Hatsuyo Sugawara, 107 plates
2. Takuya Yamamoto, 104 plates
3. Nobuyuki Shirota, 102 plates
4. Tomoko Miyake, 81 plates
5. Taku “Artist” Izumi, 74 plates


286 lb burger served at Clinton Station Diner has a blog entry with a picture of the 286 pound burger produced by the Clinton Station Diner that was consumed at the World’s Largest Menu Burger Eating Championship today. Contest results are not provided; they will be listed in an article on Sunday.

update has an article with results:

1) Tomoko Miyake, Takuya Yamamoto, Taku Izumi – 26.4 lb in 45 minutes
2) Ian Hickman, Elizabeth Canady, Pete Maurizio – 18.1 lb in 45 minutes
? McGowan brothers 6 lb

updated AICE news has full results and a galleries of the burger’s creation and the contest

update #2 Jill Stoler has pictures in her myspace page and a blog entry about the contest

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Bob’s BBQ disputes “8th Wonder” record status

(from The owner of Bob’s BBQ in Thailand, which created a cheeseburger weighing approximately 80 pounds, left a comment in disputing the Guinness record status of the 105 pound “8th Wonder” burger made by the Clinton Station Diner due to its meat being undercooked and having too many condiments. (Lavish use of condiments did not deny Denny’s 96er burger from having the official Guinness record for a time)


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