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Islip beans results: 1) Goose 2) Invader 3) Floria

The top 4 of today’s Goya National Black Bean Eating Championship held at the Central Islip Islandia Festival have been posted:

1. Tom “Goose” Gilbert 11LBs 1 oz. $1,000
2. Ian “The Invader” Hickman 9 LBS 1oz. $500
3. “Fabulous” Floria Lee 6 Lbs 6 oz $250, sanctioned contest debut
4. “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti 6 Lbs 3 oz

update Jill Stoler has a blog entry about her absence from the contest and the controversy over the third place results.

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AICE vs. Japan burger contest video

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A video of the giant burger eating contest for three person teams recorded at the Clinton (NJ) Station Diner on February 2 televised on NTV March 20 can be seen at The video focuses on the Japanese team consisting of Takuya Yamamoto, Tomoko Miyake and Taku Izumi and the team of Ian Hickman, Elizabeth Canady and Pete Maurizio, but Jill Stoler’s team also makes an appearance. The video also contains footage from a contest for Japanese team members at a Windmill Hot dogs.

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CSTV / AICE Collegiate Eating Championship announced

AICE News announces that the finals of the Collegiate Eating Championship will take place at the Wave House in San Diego on April 19. Three collegiate eaters with impressive eating resumes will receive byes, others can enter the finals by competing in a qualifier on April 18. “Furious” Pete of will probably be one of the three eaters to receive a bye. Entrants must be currently enrolled in at least three college credits. Foods have yet to be determined, but will be items popular with college students. Jack in the Box is the primary sponsor, so the contest might feature food from that chain.

The contest will be held as part of the Collegiate Nationals sponsored by CSTV. The Collegiate Nationals will consist of four multi-sport events for college students to be held this spring. The other San Diego events will be beach volleyball, flowboarding and a battle of the bands.

CSTV has been acquired by CBS and will be rebranded as the CBS College Sports Network in March during the NCAA basketball tournament. It was not announced if the eating contest will be televised on CSTV. I believe this is AICE’s first deal with a television network.
CSTV has its headquarters in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, like IFOCE / Shea Communications.

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Ian Hickman sets AICE chili record

AICE News reports that Ian Hickman set the AICE chili record today by eating 10 pounds and 2 ounces of chili in five minutes at the Chili Open in Canton, Ohio. The top 3:

1. Ian “the Invader” Hickman – 10 lbs, 2 oz (1.27 Gal)
2. Mark Lyle-The Human Vacuum- 8 lbs, 10 oz
3. Bob “Killer” Kuhns- 8 lbs, 9 oz

Hickman’s 5 minute mark is .23 gallons off Rich Lefevre’s IFOCE chili record of 1.5 gallons in 10 minutes.

update has an article and gallery about the contest

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286 lb burger served at Clinton Station Diner has a blog entry with a picture of the 286 pound burger produced by the Clinton Station Diner that was consumed at the World’s Largest Menu Burger Eating Championship today. Contest results are not provided; they will be listed in an article on Sunday.

update has an article with results:

1) Tomoko Miyake, Takuya Yamamoto, Taku Izumi – 26.4 lb in 45 minutes
2) Ian Hickman, Elizabeth Canady, Pete Maurizio – 18.1 lb in 45 minutes
? McGowan brothers 6 lb

updated AICE news has full results and a galleries of the burger’s creation and the contest

update #2 Jill Stoler has pictures in her myspace page and a blog entry about the contest

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Bronx black & white cookie slideshow

(From Jill Stoler) A slideshow of the black and white cookie eating contest held at the Bronx can be viewed at The eating contest pictures start about 4 minutes in.

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Article on B/W cookie controversy

(From NYMag) The Norwood News has an article about Saturday’s black and white cookie eating contest in the Bronx.

“Everyone out there knows I dominated that competition,” the Mouth shouted in a surprisingly high, nasal southern twang, his lips red and chapped. “They wanted their own people to win.”

“They” are the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters (AICE), which organized the cookie battle. To promote their regular eaters (guys like Hickman) Boone claims the organizers rigged the count. The Mouth said he ate at least 15 cookies.

Boone is notorious for claiming victory and making a scene, Hickman said. It’s just what he does, like a pro wrestler’s trademark leg lock.

In the end, the Invader happily put his $500 check, plus a half dozen extra cookies, into his backpack and headed home. As for the Mouth, he eventually settled down, gave his half to his mama, and walked off to the thumping of Latin hip hop.

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Ties in B/W cookies & corny dogs

From AICE news Black & White Cookie Eating Championship

1. Ian “The Invader” Hickman 11.0 cookies
1. Dale Boone 11.0 banned from AICE contest following event
3. Chris “the American” Schlesinger 9.66
4. Mike “The Real Skinny” Hoffman 7.50
5. Joel “The Cannon” Podelsky 7.00
6. “Sweet” Jill Stoler 3.00

Joe Menchetti was present, but was prevented from competing by Boone’s objections.

There was also a tie in the Texas State Fair corny dog eating contest with Brent Ricord and Mike Wilkes with 12 corny dogs in 10 minutes. DallasNews has an article about the contest. Both first place finishers received the original prize amount.

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Virginian wins MS Backyard burger qualifier

The Clarion Ledger reports that Alex Thomas of Roanoke, VA won today’s Backyard burger qualifier in Flowood, MS, completing the field for the finals. Thomas drove all the way from Roanoke to the contest.


Clarion Ledger previews MS Backyard burgers

ClarionLedger has a preview of tomorrow’s Backyard burger qualifier in Flowood, MS. Morris Mermelstein, 5th place finisher in a Krystal Square Off qualifier, will cross over to compete in the contest.


AICE Frog legs video

A video of Monday’s AICE frog leg eating contest can be viewed at Full results from that event are available on the Madison Mallards web site.

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GJoe: Ian Hickman wins Windmill hot dogs

Top 3 of the Windmill hot dog eating contest:

Ian Hickman 14.75
Gentleman Joe 11.5
Brian “Eatin” Keaton 9

update results above have been corrected to results listed on AICE news Neither Dale Boone nor any other IFOCE member appears in those results

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Rookie professor wins AICE frog legs

Top 4 of Monday’s frog leg eating contest in Madison, Wisconsin from AICE news:

1. Matt “The Mad City Masticator” Detroit MI 1 LB 10.8 OZ $500, Chemistry Professor at Wayne State University in Detroit
2. Mark Lyle “The Human Vacuum” Columbus OH 1 LB 8.6 OZ $250
3. Aaron “Hot Legs” Mitchell Chicago IL 1 LB 8.4 OZ $100
4. Ian “The Invader” Hickman Sterling VA 1 LB 7.2 OZ

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Tulsa Backyard burgers article has a report from yesterday’s Backyard Burgers qualifier. Stephen “Cue Ball” Cue won set a qualifier record of 5.5 burgers to win.


Wisconsin Frog Legs preview has a preview of the frog legs contest to be held before the Madison Mallards minor league baseball game Monday. The game will be against the Green Bay Bullfrogs. Three out of state eaters are expected:

* Ian “The Invader” Hickman of Virginia, who has eaten 4.78 pounds of fried zucchini in eight minutes.
* “Gentleman Joe” Menchetti of Connecticut, whose world records include pumpkin pie (5.89 pounds in five minutes) and Cajun-fried cicadas (89 in one minute).
* Mark “The Human Vacuum” Lyle of Ohio, who has eaten 8.3 pounds of chili in five minutes, also a world record.

Comments (7) previews July 28 BY Burger qualifier has a preview of the first AICE event in the Carolinas:

The event — for amateurs only — is sponsored by the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters. Register at, or on the day of the event from 10:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Other activities will include face painting for kids, giveaways and a burger trivia contest.

Back Yard Burgers is at 13736 Conlan Circle off Johnston Road just south of I-485. Details: 704-752-3805.


July 21 AICE contest results

(from AICE news) Pastrami Joes’ Reuben sandwich contest, 8 minutes

1 Gentleman Joe Menchetti 5 sandwiches
2. Jake “The Butcher” Casey (last year’s amateur winner) 4.6 sandwiches
3. Chris “The American” Schlesinger with 4.5
4 Mark Lyle “the Human Vacuum”
5 Chuck “The Chomper” Davidson

update The Battle Creek Enquirer has an article about the contest

East Boston Italian Festival sausage results from Derek “Wing Tut” Payne
1st – Tom “Goose” Gillbert – 4.84 New World Record!
2nd – Ian “The Invader” Hickman – 4.38
3rd – Nate “The Nibbler” Gayman – 2.78
4th – Jared Kaiser “Roll” – 2.39
5th – Tim “Chomps-A-Lot” Brien – 2.00
6th – Bruce “Captian RU” Sinclair – 1.83lbs
7th – Tim “Im Not Tom” Crews – 1.47lbs
8th – “princess” Diana Boro – 1.39lbs
9th – Mikey Canoli Saffie – 1.26lbs
10th – “big” David gore – 1.17lbs
11th – Jim “the Heater” Fallon – .87lbs
12th – Pat capagreco (pres I.U.) – .86lbs
13th – Jeff “big show” freeman – .83lbs

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Bostonist previews AICE Italian sausage

Bostonist has a blog entry about the Italian Festival in East Boston today:

The site for Italia Unita is taking great pride in the sausage-eating contest, and the site showcases several of the competitors who will be tackling the sausage on Saturday. Massachusetts local Tom “Goose” Gilbert is looking to defeat Menchetti today. We hope Gilbert brings a box of Tums with him.

The contest will be followed by a concert by Frank Stallone (“Far From Over”)

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BostonNow – pro-am AICE sausage contest Friday reports that there will be another sausage contest at the Boston Italian Festival in addition to the main sausage contest on Saturday:

On Friday there will be a World Sausage Eating Contest that pairs professional eaters with local celebrities fighting it out for the title of champion. More than 150 pounds of sausage will be devoured, with each contestant responsible for one to four pounds or up to 16 12-inch links.

“We receive a lot of exposure from it, and it has become a highlight of the festival,” says Capogreco. “We’re drawing a lot of competitive eaters, too, such as Tom “The Goose” Gilbert, Ian “The Invader” Hickman and Joshua “The Lumberjack” Hearne.”

Some profiles of the expected competitors are listed on the festival website.

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AICE Reuben sandwich preview

The Battle Creek Enquirer has a preview of Saturday’s Reuben sandwich eating contest. Some of the expected entrants are:

Among those who will be competing are “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti of Wallingford, Connecticut, Pat “Dr. Delicious” Bruss of Cincinnati, Ohio and Chris “The American” Schlesinger from Bohemia, New York. “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti is considered by some to be the best money eater in the country.

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Arkansas Backyard Burger qualifier video & article

(from Carey Poehlmann) Fox 16 has a news video and article about yesterday’s Backyard Burger qualifier in Arkansas. Brent Hurst won with 5 burgers in 7 minutes.

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Ian Hickman wins Pittsburgh pierogies has an article about the pierogie contest containing the following results:

1. Ian Hickman, 51 pierogies
2. “Tiny” Tim Rauscheder, 49 (almost DQed)
4. Bob “Killer” Kuhns, 46

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Pittsburgh pierogie preview

AICE KC ribs results, video & gallery

From AICE news:

1. Gentleman Joe (“AKA Eatmeiser”) 3.87 lbs
2. Mark Lyle “The Human Vacuum” 2.67 lbs
3. Veto “The Machine” Porter 1.96 lbs
4. Shawn “Taz” Wiggins 1.85

MyFoxKC has a video clip and gallery of the contest

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Strawberry results from Wing Tut

Delaplane Strawberry Festival results from a Wing Tut (contest MC) text message:

Tom “Goose” Gilbert 9 lbs
“Gentleman” Joe Menchetti 6.88 lbs
Ian “the Invader” Hickman 6.2 lbs
Carey Poehlman 5 lbs
Chris “The American” schlessinger 4.9 lbs
Cain 2.5 lbs

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