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James Webb ate 50 tacos and drank a 56 ounce margarita to win a taco eating contest held at Rio 150 in Lake Norman Sunday.
James Webb will compete in a taco eating contest at Rio 150 in Lake Norman, NC on May 19.
Unilad has a post about the Netflix episode of "We Are the Champions" recorded at the 2019 PuckerButt pepper eating contest held in Fort Mill, SC focusing on the final round between Dustin "Atomik Menace" Johnson and Bella "Heat 101". has a segment about the Puckerbutt Pepper Company, producer of the Carolina Reaper, the record holder for the world's spiciest pepper. The business will be featured on an upcoming episode of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.
The final two rounds of a pepper eating contest held in 2019 in Fort Mill, SC featured in an episode of Netflix' "We Are the Champions" can be viewed on youtube. The competitors are Dustin "Atomik Menace" Jonhson, Bella 'Heat 101" and Sid "Chilli Sid" Barber. has an article about Sid Barber, known as "Chilli Sid", competing in the 2019 pepper eating contest held in Fort Mill, SC that was the focus of an episode of Netflix' "We are the Champions" series. She has uploaded a full video of that competition.
"We are the Champions", a series about unconventional competitions produced by Rainn Wilson, can now be viewed on Netflix. One of the episodes is about a pepper eating contest held in Fort Mill, SC in August 2019.
One of the episodes of Netflix' new series "We Are the Champions" will feature a Carolina Reaper pepper eating contest held at For Mill, SC in August 2019.
GastonGazette has an article about Randy Santel attempting the new challenge burger at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar in Gastonia, NC Friday. The crowd for the challenge was the restaurant's largest since February. has a report on Randy Santel completing the burrito challenge at Go Burrito in Salisbury, NC.
The Carolina Panthers held a bunless hot dog eating contest for team members at Bank of America stadium today. The rookie defensive linemen were victorious.
Joey Chestnut will do a meet and greet at the Hooters in Orlando on International Drive on August 22. update The full schedule has been posted: Charlotte Aug 14, Atlanta Aug 15, Baltimore Aug 21, Orlando Aug 22, Newport, KY Aug 29, Arlington, TX Sept 8.
Dustin Johnson won the first prize of $1000 in yesterday's pepper eating contest held in Fort Mill, SC. (video) update Rock Hill Herald has a contest report. Bella Peters was runner up and received a $1000 consolation prize from the sponsor.
A Carolina Reaper pepper eating contest awarding $1000 will be held in Fort Mill, SC Saturday. The competition is expected to draw competitors from around the globe.
Tin Roof in Charlotte, NC will hold a hot dog eating contest on October 27 awarding $200 to the winner.
Eric "Badlands" Booker appeared on Fox 46 Charlotte to promote tomorrow's Nathan's qualifier at the 600 Festival, so presumably he is the favorite for that competition. Ronnie Hartman will also compete.
Charlene Sunny Williams has started a food challenge youtube channel. Her first video is the 28 inch pizza at Big Guy's in Charlotte.

2016 American Burger Co Roadstar Challenge

Full Results Part 1 | Part 2

1 Joey Chestnut, 4 in 4:24
2 Caremen Cincotti, 4 in 4:48
3 Gideon Oji 4 in 7:42
4 Josh Miller 3.125 in 12 minutes
5 Ronnie Hartman 2.5 in 12
6 Matt Raible 2 in 12
7 Bill Myers 1.75 in 12
8 Henry Roach 1.25 in 12

Joey Chestnut did a podcast about the challenge.

A list of the amateur competitors has been posted.

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American Burger Company has a page about its Roadstar burger Challenge at Amateurs can qualify for a contest awarding $500 on July 23 by having the fastest time at a location (mainly in Charlotte, NC area) as of July 15.
American Burger Co will hold an eating contest for amateurs on July 23 in Charlotte awarding $500. Entrants will need to qualify to compete. The contest will precede a MLE contest that will be headlined by Joey Chestnut.
Registration is now open for the American Burger Company Roadstar Challenge in Charlotte, NC on July 23. This will be the first MLE non-qualifier in the Carolinas, Georgia or Virginia since a funnel cake eating contest at Kings Dominion in Virginia in 2009. Registration is also open for the Nugget World Rib-Eating Championship in Sparks, NV on August 31.

2016 Nathan’s Charlotte qualifier

update May 31 Charlotte Agenda has a contest report with a full roster

update May 29 The Sporting News has a contest report. The men’s top 3
1) David Schuster 21.5
2) Ronnie Hartman 18.5
3) Damien Boykin 16

Native New Yorker Elizabeth Petra was the sole woman, perhaps the female Carolinians boycotted due to the HB2 transgender bathroom law 😉

WCCB has a gallery

Steve Shuster won the men’s division with 21 and Elizabeth Petra took the women’s with 6

Ronnie Hartman ad Corey Fanguy are the expected ranked eaters. Rich Shea says a female will make her debut.

Mitchell Johnson and Anthony V. Taddeo did a podcast about the contest

SpeedStreetAutograph is claiming Michael Alvarez is a “semifinalist” who “rocked” last year’s qualifier despite a total of 11 hot dogs.

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The new poll asks what action, if any, Nathan's / MLE should take regarding HB2, North Carolina's controversial transgender bathroom law. Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam have cancelled concerts in the state to protest it and the NBA says it could move the 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte if the law is not repealed. The next Nathan's qualifier will be on May 28 at the Speed Street Festival in Charlotte.
Teddy Delacruz was the first person to finish the 28 inch pizza challenge at Benny Pennello's in Charlotte, NC today and claimed a $500 prize.
Benny Pennello's in Charlotte, NC awards $500 if its 28 inch pizza is finished in an hour without help.
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