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CommercialAppeal.com has an article about Randy Santel attempting the New Wing Order Mouth Melter Challenge in Memphis, a challenge consisting of three large menu items.
Tulsa World has an article about Randy Santel's tour of Oklahoma this week, which started yesterday at The Hamlet.
NewsMiner has a report on Randy Santel and Katina "Eats Kilos" DeJarnett finishing the 40 by 26 inch "Garbage Pizza Challenge" at Riverside Pizza i Nenana, Alaska in 44:40. They were the first pair to beat the 45 minute limit.
NewsMiner.com has an article about Randy Santel and Katina Eats Kilos attempting the undefeated Garbage Pizza Challenge at Riverside Pizza in Nenana, Alaska Saturday.
Randy Santel has a video about four times he believes he was cheated by restaurants where he was attempting food challenges.
Unilad has a video about Randy Santel billing him as the "greatest competitive eater in the world"
Randy Santel is now 3/4 of the way to 1000 wins after completing his 750th restaurant challenge at Oh My Burger in Gardena, CA.
Randy Santel announced that he completed a burger challenge at Boss Hoggz in Homer, AK to become the 3rd person (after Ramsey Hilton and Ivan Mendoza) to complete restaurant challenges in all 50 states.
Will Moritz produced an animation of Randy Santel.
Oklahoma Gazette has an article about Oklahoma City restaurant challenges with quotes from Robert McKinney and Randy Santel. Former MLE eater Jason McCormack also makes an appearance as a restaurant owner.
In Kansas City has an interview with Randy Santel.
MEL magazine has an article titled "Competitive Eating is Basically Getting Paid to Have an Eating Disorder" with quotes from Erik Lamkin, Randy Santel and Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, who says that MLE asked him to sit out competitions due to health concerns.
WBBJ has an article about Randy Santel becoming the first finisher of the Big A** Burger Challenge at KC Finn's in Jackson, TN,
KSNT has an article and video about Randy Santel winning $500 for completing the sheet pizza challenge at Topeka Pizza.f
Randy Santel announced his youtube channel just hit 500,000 subscribers.
Fox 47 has an article about Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowski finishing the Chopping Block challenge at Crossroads BBQ in Grand Ledge, MI last night. Prior to yesterday, the challenge had not been completed.
Randy Santel will attempt the OOMG Mission Impossible Burger Challenge at Safehouse in Chicago in an attempt to claim his 600th restaurant challenge victory. update He finished the challenge in 26:55
Watching Randy Santel videos is apparently a class assignment for a course at Southern Arkansas University.
Randy Santel announces that he finished the 28 inch pizza challenge at Carmine's in Kerrville, TX and won $150. The restaurant opened solely for him to do the challenge. He did not win the announced $500 prize because Juan Neave claimed it on December 30.
Randy Santel announces that he just succeeded at a restaurant eating challenge for the 500th time: the burger challenge at Bare Grill on Bourke in Surry Hills, NSW, Australia.
Food and Wine has a blog entry about restaurant eating challenges with quotes from Randy Santel and Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker of the Big Eaters Club. Randy Santel predicts he will have 600 successes by 2020 which he claims will be an unbreakable record.
Vice.com has an article about Randy Santel titled "Randy Santel is the Last True American Hero". (1n 1965, Tom Wolfe wrote a classic magazine article for Esquire about NASCAR racer/ moonshiner Junior Johnson calling him "The Last American Hero".)
News.sfr.fr has an article in French on how Takeru Kobayashi and Randy Santel prepare their stomach for large Christmas meals.
Expats.cz has an article about the Czech stage of Randy Santel's European tour earlier this year.
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