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Three random eating challenges
29 in pizza 29 Inch Pizza Arthur's Pizza and Mexican Foods Ellis, KS name on wall of fame if finished, record is 11:29 by 3 person team
1 lb. burger Cowboy Burger Big D's Burger Shack Manhattan, KS
5 lb. burger Five Pound Burger Challenge - defunct Fat Tony's Wichita, KS restaurant closed, includes 1 lb. fries
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KansasCity.com has a report on Randy Santel and Katina DeJarnett attempting the pizza challenge at 1889 Pizza Napoletana in Kansas City, KS. They are planning a four month food challenge tour of Europe this summer.
KSNT has an article about Joel Hansen's trip to The Pennant in Topeka, KS where he attempted two "El Gigante" burger challenges which was previously undefeated. (video)
WIBW reports that Randy Santel finished the Doughboyz Pizza challenge in Topeka, KS tonight, his 993rd restaurant challenge success.
Kansas.com has a preview of Randy Santel's trip to Wichita later this week.
KSNT has an article and video about Randy Santel winning $500 for completing the sheet pizza challenge at Topeka Pizza.f
Fiesta Mexicana of Topeka will hold a jalapeno eating contest tomorrow awarding $500.
The National Baseball Congress World Series will hold a hot dog eating contest in Wichita, KS tonight awarding $300 ($150 to the winner).
Fiesta Mexicana will hold a jalapeno eating contest tonight in Topeka, KS that will reportedly award $5000 and a trip to San Antonio for the winner. update The purses are $500/$300/$200/$100 (via comment) update #2 Teddy Delacruz won the contest.
The Wichita State Office of Diversity held a watermelon eating contest as part of an Asian Market held today. (If the Wichita State mascot is made of wheat and he is eating wheat, doesn't that make him a a cannibal?)
KWCH has a video where Steve Larson, winner of the Andover (KS) Days hot dog eating contest for three years in a row, displays his competitive eating techniques.
Fiesta Mexicana in Topeka will hold a jalapeno eating contest tomorrow awarding $1,000 ($500 to the winner).
Nadia Imafidon has an article for LJWorld.com about her attempt at the Everest Challenge at 23rd Street Brewery in Lawrence, KS.  
The Kansas State newspaper has a listing of the best wing eaters on the University of Michigan football team in advance of the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl tomorrow. (It does not appear that an actual wing eating contest will be held in conjunction with that event.)
Columbia College in Chicago has a blog entry about the Sin Eaters, described as a competitive eating performance team. The group will be doing a residency in Lawrence, KS next month and an IndieGogo page has been set up to fund the trip.
Emporia, Kansas held a festival yesterday to celebrate the reopening of its Twinkie factory. Heidi Cooper ate 10 Twinkies to win an eating contest at that event.
Randy Santel set the record (32:59) for the Ultimate Destory challenge at Papa Bob's in Bonner Springs, Kansas yesterday, the first success for Randy in 5 attempts at the challenge.
FOX4KC and PrimeMagKC has previews of tomorrows qualifier for the Burnt Ends Battle to be held at Zarda BBQ in Lexena, KS
CJOnline reports that Randy Santel failed to advance out of the first round in the jalapeno eating contest held at Fiesta Mexicana in Topeka after he did not receive credit for several peppers because he did not eat enough of the stem. Pat Barrett was the winner.
CJOnline has an article about Randy Santel defending his jalapeno title at Fiesta Mexicana in Topeka tomorrow. The contest will award $1000 ($500 to the winner). Earlier this month, Randy completed a road trip where he did eight challenges in four states, which cost him only $96.43 due to free food from successful challenges.
Cupcake Construction Company in Lawrence, KS will hold 3 cupcake eating contests on February 4. One contest will award a pair of Sterling Silver and Diamond Earrings valued at $200.
The Topeka Capital Journal has an article about Randy Santel's victory in a jalapeno eating contest.
C. J. Moore has a blog entry about competing in a sushi eating contest at Eddoko in Lenexa, KS won by Randy Santel. (contest video).
The Morning Sun has an article about Randy Santel finishing the 24 inch Gorilla Pizza at Wheat State Pizza in Pittsburg, Kansas. The challenge is normally barred to competitive eaters, but Santel worked out a deal that $500 would be donated to local charities if he completed the pizza.
The MHK has a picture of Will Ferrell and a three pound burger from Kite's Grille and Bar in Manhattan, KS which he reportedly finished.
KMBC has a video about Randy Santel being the first person to finish the burger challenge at Double Nickel Bar & Grill in Olathe, Kansas. Randy also won $500 at a king cake eating contest Saturday. (via Atlas & Zeus facebook)
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