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Ricardo Corbucci has uploaded a video of a recent training session for Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest he did with Nick Wehry.
The Washington Post has an article about the training techniques used by competitive eaters.
In his latest video, Bob Shoudt discusses the training routine that enabled him to rise to the #2 spot in Major League Eating rankings, which sometimes included three daily training sessions before a major contest. He says that his regimen was dangerous and does not feel it is worth it. has a slideshow offering 5 tips for improving your competitive eating ability.
Men's Health has a joint interview with Derek Jacobs, Geoffrey Esper, Matt Hazzard, Michelle Lesco, Nick Wehry, Ronnie Hartman and Sophia DeVita about their training regimen for Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest.
Joey Chestnut appeared on SI Now to talk about his training techniques. Full video.
Michelle "Cardboard Shell" Lesco has posted a video of a training session where she hopes to eat 38 hot dogs in 10 minutes. She will post a training video for every $110 she raises for Charity Water. has interviews with Joey Chestnut, Matt Stonie and Miki Sudo about their preparation for an eating contest.
Tasting Table has an article on Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez' training regimen which claims that he has already qualified for the Nathan's finals.

Advice from female competitive eaters in has advice from Kate Ovens, Michelle Lesco, Nela Zisser and Miki Sudo on how to maximize consumption at Christmas dinners.

Dress for the occasion. Remember, it’s competitive eating, not competitive prettiness. Wear loose fitting pants and something with high elasticity. My midsection is always covered by something pretty baggy. (Miki Sudo)

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Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran has produced a video about post contest/challenge recovery. This is the first in a series before he travels to New York in two weeks to represent the UK in Battle of the Big Eaters 4. Munchies interviews Joey Chestnut has an interview with Joey Chestnut about his eating techniques for various foods. In the steak section, he says the following about Molly Schuyler:

A lot of women can really eat—[competitive eater] Molly [Schuyler]’s nuts. She goes straight animal. I’ve never eaten a steak like that. She broke my record at the Big Texan. I just use a fork and knife. I didn’t even know you could eat a steak like that, but she went straight wolf. She tore through it like butter. It was insane. I don’t steal techniques from people, but we all borrow and try to enhance techniques from each other.”

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The New York Post has an article and gallery about Miki Sudo's exercise regimen.
Quick and Dirty Tips has a list of 9 tips to win an eating contest.
Red Bulletin has five competitive eating tips from Matt Stonie.
Reader's Digest has a list titled "15 Gross-Out Facts About Being a Competitive Eater" has an article about competitive eating training titled How Wing Bowl contestants eat 20 pounds of chicken in 30 minutes containing quotes from Dave "US Male" Goldstein. has an interview with Dave Brunelli where he describes his wing eating techniques. He says his favorite Wing Bowl moment was finishing last year's competition without reversing.
LA Beast has uploaded a video of a training session for Wing Bowl 24 that questions the safety of water training.

GQ on Matt Stonie contest preparation

GQ has an article and video about Matt Stonie’s contest preparation techniques. update The inspiration for the picture in the article?

Comments (36) has an article about Lewis Kent, winner of the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships who drank 48 ounces of beer while running a mile in 4:47. He used competitive eating training techniques to expand his stomach capacity.
The Debrief has a list of tips from Nela Zisser on how to maximize consumption over the holiday period. In her latest video, she finishes a 10 patty chicken sandwich in under 4 minutes. produced a video where women try competitive eating for the first time while Miki Sudo offers advice. (youtube link)
GQ has an article on Matt Stonie's everyday diet and training regimen. has a report on an attempt at the Chilli Challenge at Meat Liquor in London which includes five tips for competitive eaters.
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