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Ronnie Hartman faced off against Brian Cage in All Elite Wrestling Dark Tuesday (video) Articles WBKW | Figure Four Online | Cageside Seats | Wrestling Rumors
Ronnie Hartman will face off against Brian Cage in All Elite Wrestling After Dark on September 15.
PWInsider has a report on yesterday's Reel Rumble at the Mahoning Drive In in Lehighton, PA in which "Megabyte" Ronnie Hartman made his pro wrestling debut. Ronnie and his teammate Faye Jackson defeated Rex Lawless and Dominic Garrini.
Ronnie "Megabyte" Hartman has started selling T-shirts at
Ronnie Hartman did an Ask Me Anything interview session on He billed himself as a pro competitive eater currently signed with MLE despite recently announcing his retirement.
Ronnie Hartman appeared on "Hot Ones: The Game Show", a program on TruTV in which competitors eat hot wings and answer trivia questions.
Ronnie Hartman announced that he is retiring from competitive eating.
Ronnie Hartman will appear on tonight's episode of Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory that will be streamed tonight starting at 7:30 eastern. Beyond Wrestling bills him as: "Another promising newcomer to the wrestling scene you gotta keep an eye on. Nationally-ranker competitive eater Ronnie Hartman has size & charisma."
Spectrum News has an article and video about Ronnie "Megabyte" Hartman's training for the wing eating contest at the Buffalo Wing Festival.
Men's Health has a joint interview with Derek Jacobs, Geoffrey Esper, Matt Hazzard, Michelle Lesco, Nick Wehry, Ronnie Hartman and Sophia DeVita about their training regimen for Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest.
Marty Smith of ESPN did a podcast with Ronnie "Megabyte" Hartman.
WKBW has an article about Ronnie Hartman competing in the Nathan's finals.

2019 Cincinnati Reds Nathan’s qualifier

Results men
1 Ronnie Harman 29.5
2 Derkek Jacobs 29

Results women
1T Katie Prettyman 14
1T Sophia Devita 14

An eat-off could not be held due to lack of time. Apparently finals spots will be awarded to both women.

Ronnie Hartman appeared on WKRC (video) today to promote tonight’s Nathan’s qualifier that will take place after the Cincinnati Reds game concludes (around 10 pm eastern if the game does not go into extra innings). Derek Jacobs, Sophia Devita and Katie Prettyman are also expected to compete.

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The Closed Fist has an interview with Ronnie "Megabyte" Hartman about his move to Buffalo to train to be a professional wrestler. His goal is to compete in the Nathan's Finals and Wrestlemania in the same year.
Post Journal reports that Ronnie Hartman (billed as the Nathan's finals 4th place finisher) will compete in the Bergman Brawl 2 pro wrestling card in Jamestown, NY on Sunday afternoon before he competes in the Buffalo Wing Festival wing eating championship.
WKBW has an interview with Ronnie "Megabyte" Hartman, who moved to Buffalo to train as a professional wrestler at a school in Lackawanna, NY.
The Fink Beats the Stomach has an interview with the winners of the Nathan's qualifier in Nashville in October 2017, Brynn Szeles and Ronnie Hartman, who has moved to Buffalo to pursue a professional wrestling career. Brynn has been a competitive eating fan for over a decade, but could not compete in a qualifier due to living in Hungary.

2017 Nashville Nathan’s qualifier

Official results men | women

1 Ronnie Hartman 28.75
2 Michael “Big Eater Mike” whities 23
3 Brian Dudzinski 19

1W Bryn Szeles 8.75
2W Rene Rovtar 8.5

Facebook Live video from NewsChannel 5

Fox Nashville has a live stream of the contest.

Brian Dudzinski, Ronnie Hartman, Michael “Big Eater Mike” Whities and Rene Rovtar are expected to compete.

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Ronnie Hartman announces that he competed in an East Coast Wings eating contest on WFMY this morning vs. Eric Chilton. has has an article on Ronnie Hartman's training session at Hooters, where he plans to eat 100 wings tonight. update WFMY reports "Megabyte" ate 77 wings in 10 minutes

2015 Cleveland Nathan’s qualifier

update Jul 1 Joseph Cerulli has a contest video

1) Jeff Butler 22
2) Ronnie Hartman 20

1W) Liz McLurg 8.5

Ronnie Hartman and Scott Thomas appeared on Fox 8 this morning. Jeff Butler also is expected to compete.

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Ronnie Hartman has posted a request on reddit for someone to transport natural casing Nathan's hot dogs ordered by a Publix grocery store in Charlotte to Greensboro, NC.

Ronnie Hartman wins 2014 Nathans’ Charlotte qualifer

update May 30 The Rushville Republican has a contest report

update May 28 Crazy Legs Conti has a contest report for the Huffington Post

update May 26 has an article

Brian Seiken interview Brian Subich about the qualifier in his latest podcast

Rake and Herald has a contest report

Ronnie Hartman (contest | results) and NGuyenCHanh1911 have videos

update Results from George Shea
1) Ronnie Hartman 21
2) Crazy Legs Conti 20.5
3) Brian Subich 20
? Corey Fanguy 15
? Jeremy Sims
? Damien Boykin

1W) Meredith Boxberger 18, highest so far in 2013-14
?) Katie Boykin wife of Damien Boykin

Joey Chestnut’s appearance on WBTV and Ronnie Hartman’s interview on WCCM can be viewed online.

Meredith Boxberger is the only announced female competitor.

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WCCB has an interview with Ronnie Hartman about competitng in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Charlotte. Crazy Legs Conti and Damien Boykin are also expected. The article incorrectly says this will be the first Charlotte Nathan's qualifier; Concord Mills was a previous site.