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Awful Announcing has posted a segment from a recent podcast in which Adam Amin discusses calling Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on ESPN.
Coney Island USA is holding a charity auction for 4 Friends and Family passes to the 2024 Nathan's finals. Bidding closes in 8 days.
Teesside Live has an article about John "Food and the Beast" Dawes finishing third in last month's Nathan's qualifier at Seal Bay Resort in Selsey, West Sussex, England. has a report on last Saturday's Nathan's qualifier held at Seal Bay Resort in Selsey, England.

2023 Selsey, England Nathan’s qualifier

update Official results
1 Max Stanford 34
2 Radim Dvoracek 21.5
3T Ronnie Hartman 14.5
3T John Dawes 14.5

1 Rhea Jarvis 4

If accurate, Max Stanford’s total of 34 would break the UK record of 32 set by Beard Meats Food in 2019, but there might have been a miscount.

update Ronnie Hartman announced he was third with 14.5 hot dogs, Max Stanford was the male winner, and Radim Dvoracek was the runner up.

MLE is billing today’s contest in Selsey, England at Seal Bay Resort as the first British Nathan’s qualifier, but there was an qualifier in Birmingham, England in 2005 using pork pies instead of hot dogs.

The competition won by Rob Burns was the subject of a documentary, “The Big Eat”, which can be viewed on youtube.

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Radim Dvoracek from the Czech Republic, Max Stanford, John "Food and the Beast" Dawes along with Ronnie Hartman are expected to compete in the Nathan's qualifier at Seal Bay Resort in Selsey, England on August 26.
Ronnie Hartman announces that he will be competing in the Nathan's qualifier to be held in Selsey, England on August 26.
George Shea announced on twitter that "Hungry" Charles Hardy, also known as the Godfather of Competitive Eating, passed away. He was runner in the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest in 1998 and 1999 and also had top 5 finishes in 2000 and 2001. Hardy's loss to winner Steve Keiner by a quarter of a hot dog in the 1999 Nathan's contest was controversial since Keiner began eating before the official start signal had been given.
The broadcast of Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on ESPN2 was the most viewed program on July 4 despite being delayed for 2 hours by rain and lightning.
MLE announced that the first qualifier of the 2023-24 circuit will take place in August in a seaside English town where Nathan's is available. Nathan's Famous UK has two restaurants in Southampton and Bournemouth. Beard Meats Food and Leah Shutkever (if she competes) will probably be the favorites. Kate Ovens will also have the opportunity for a qualifier near her Hampshire hometown.

Joey Chestnut wins 16th Nathan’s Famous title

The 2023 Nathan’s men’s contest has been cancelled due to lightning and rain. I am not sure why the 2020 contest setup could not be recreated in the second floor of Nathan’s Famous’ building and the competition held later today.

update Ronnie Hartman says the contest will start around 2pm eastern

Official results:

1st 62 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut 16th title
2nd 49 Geoffrey Esper
3rd 47 James Webb UK Commonwealth record
4th 45 Nick Wehry
4th 41 Bartley Weaver, IV
6th 36 Gideon Oji
7th 29.75 Zozan Paku Paku
8th 29.5 Max Suzuki
9th 27.5 Darrien “Cheesecurd” Thomas
10th 27 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
11th 26 Adam “Beard Meats Food” Moran
12th 25.75 Derek Hendrickson
13th 22 Joey Przybylowicz
14th 16 Ronnie “MegaByte” Hartman
15th 15 Crazy Legs Conti

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2023 Nathan’s Famous women’s contest

2023 Nathan’s Famous finals qualifiers

It was announced earlier today that Prudence DiBenedetto has received a wild card spot in the Nathan’s finals, which implies four wild cards will be granted. Here are the current fields with the currently announced international byes assuming four wild cards. It is not clear if all the female wild cards will compete, since they will have to pay for their own travel.
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WNEP has an article about Larell Marie Mele, who will be competing in her 13th straight Nathan's Finals Tuesday, a streak only exceeded by Joey Chestnut (19). has an interview with Geoff Esper about competing in the Nathan's finals. He does not expect to beat Joey Chestnut.
Cherish Brown wrote a post for Food Challenge News about qualifying for the Nathan's Famous finals at a Dayton Dragons game earlier this month.

2023 BBQ in DC Nathan’s qualifier

updateWUSA9 has a news video

Official results from today’s Nathan’s Famous qualifier at the Giant National Capital BBQ Battle in Washington, DC.

1st 35 Gideon Oji
2nd 23 Ronnie “MegaByte” Hartman gets wild card
3rd 21 Crazy Legs Conti gets wild card
4th 18 Josh “The Goat” Krady
5th 8.5 Trevor Kisler
6th 8 David Magat
1st 9.5 Julie Goldberg
2nd 4.5 Barbara LaBarge

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ESPN has a press release about the 2023 edition of Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest. The women's contest will be streamed on ESPN3 starting at 10:45 am Eastern. The men's competition will be broadcast live on ESPN2 starting at noon. John Anderson and Rich Shea will be the commentators.

Current 2023 Nathan’s Famous field

Here is the current Nathan’s field based on the byes posted on the MLE twitter

Champions bye: Joey Chestnut
International byes: Ricardo Corbucci, Adam “Beard Meats Food” Moran, Max Suzuki, James Webb
Qualifier winners:

2023 May 13 44 Nick Wehry Kissimmee, FL
2023 May 27 50 Geoffrey Esper Berea, OH
2023 Jun 9 40 Bartley Weaver, IV Dayton, OH
2023 Jun 17 34.5 Darrien “Cheesecurd” Thomas Cincinnati, OH
2023 Jun 17 32.5 Derek Hendrickson Pleasanton, CA

Champions byes: Miki Sudo, Michelle Lesco
International bye: Mary Bowers
Qualifier winners:

2023 May 13 10 Jocelyn Young Kissimmee, FL
2023 May 27 15.5 Larell Marie “The Real Deal” Mele Berea, OH
2023 Jun 9 10 Kelly Wong Dayton, OH
2023 Jun 9 10 Cherish “Five Pounds” Brown Dayton, OH
2023 Jun 17 7.5 Rene Rovtar Cincinnati, OH
2023 Jun 17 14 Katie Prettyman Pleasanton, CA

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2023 Nathan’s wild card standings

Here are the top 2023 non-winning Nathan’s results for competitors who have yet to qualify. The number of wild card recipients have yet to be officially announced.

2023 Jun 17 2nd 33.5 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan Cincinnati, OH
2023 May 13 3rd 20 Joey Przybylowicz Kissimmee, FL
2023 May 27 3rd 18 Andrew Krawczyk Berea, OH
2023 Jun 17 2nd 18 Abraham Reynaga-Withrow Pleasanton, CA
2023 May 27 4th 16.75 Mike Landrich Berea, OH
2023 Jun 17 2nd 8.75 Elizabeth Salgado Pleasanton, CA
2023 May 27 3rd 6.5 Brynn Szeles Berea, OH
2023 Jun 17 3rd 5 Abby Horowitz Pleasanton, CA
2023 Jun 17 2nd 4.5 Prudence DiBenedetto Cincinnati, OH

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2023 Alameda County Fair Nathan’s qualfier

update Contest video by Misty Family Vlogs

Official results update Men’s results have been fixed

1st 32.5 Derek Hendrickson
2nd 18 Abraham Reynaga-Withrow
3rd 13 Kirk Taylor
4th 10 Jon Davis
1st 14 Katie Prettyman
2nd 8.75 Elizabeth Salgado
3rd 5 Abby Horowitz

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2023 ESPN Nathan’s schedule

The ESPN July 4 schedule is now out. The men’s Nathan’s finals will be televised live on ESPN2 at noon Eastern and then rerun five times. The women’s contest is not listed, but it appears it will be relegated to streaming again. At 10am, ESPN will show Wimbledon and ESPN2 will air First Take. The documentary “The Good, The Bad, The Hungry” will also be shown twice on ESPN2.

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James Webb and Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran have received byes to the Nathan's finals.

Dayton Dragons Nathan’s qualifier

Results from the Nathan’s qualifier at tonight’s Daytons Dragons game

1st 40 Bartley Weaver, IV
2nd 12 Mark Enstrom
2nd 12 Jon Reed
4th 8 Joey “Dogs” Durham
1st 10 Kelly Wong
1st 10 Cherish “Five Pounds” Brown

Both Cherish Brown and Kelly Wong will receive a spot in the July 4 contest.

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Berea, OH Nathan’s qualifier

updateMay 28
Video by Sam Messenger
Official results

1st 50 Geoffrey Esper
2nd 27.5 Darrien “Cheesecurd” Thomas
3rd 18 Andrew Krawczyk
4th 16.75 Mike Landrich
5th 15 A Kamenski
6th 11 N Moufid
7th 10 A Djuric
8th 6 Carmen Angelo from WTAM’s The Bloomsdaddy Show
1st 15.5 Larell Marie “The Real Deal” Mele will compete in finals for 13th year in a row, 2nd longest streak after Joey Chestnut
2nd 7 Rene Rovtar
3rd 6.5 Brynn Szeles

Fox 8 is currently running a live video

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