Registration is now open for the Padrino Foods World Tamale Eating Championship Presented By Market Street in Lewisville, TX on September 28.
The California State Fair in Sacramento has dropped its corn dog eating contest which paid out $6100.

Joey Chestnut National Hot Dog Days interviews

For National Hot Dog Day on July 17, Joey Chestnut did interviews for The Daily Meal, Mashed, People and BroBible.

In the Daily Meal interview he discusses the breakdown of his relationship with Major League Eating
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Bammy's Chili Dogs in St. Alban's, WV will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 20 awarding $250/$100/$50 to the top 3 finishers.
Beef O Brady's in St. Petersburg, FL will hold a wing eating contest on July 19 awarding $200 to the winner.
Must Share News reports Chinese mukbang celebrity Pan Xiaoting passed away while livestreaming on July 14. She would attempt to eat up to 10kg (22 pounds) in sessions that could last up to 10 hours. According to the autopsy, mass amounts of undigested food was found in her stomach. (Via HardwareZone forum)
Urban Wings in Atlanta will hold a wing eating contest on July 29 awarding $300/$100/$50 to the top 3.
Joey Chestnut did a video promoting More [plant-based] Meat Monday for Impossible Foods. His endorsement deal with the company resulted in his lockout from the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest.
Joey Chestnut did an interview with The Takeout about his faceoff with Takeru Kobayashi on September 2. The contest will be 10 minutes with unbranded hot dogs that will be kept warm throughout the contest. Dunking in water will be banned and competitors cannot separate the meat and bun. The site, time and any additional competitors were not disclosed.
Submarine House will hold a sandwich eating contest in Kettering, OH on August 10 awarding $1000 to the winner. Entrants will need to qualify by eating a 16 inch submarine in under 16 minutes before July 21.
Matt Thomas reported that Ken Hoffman, a longtime judge at the Nathan's Finals and columnist for the Houston Chronicle and Culture Map, suddenly passed away this weekend. His last article about competitive eating was about Mary Bowers' quest to find her birth parents.
Joey Chestnut is a judge in a cooking challenge in the new Mr. Beast video in which 50 famous YouTubers attempt to win a million dollars for their subscribers. Joey appears starting at 26:00. The other judges for the cooking challenge are Miranda Cosgrove and Speed.

2024 Great American Blueberry Championship

Announced results: 8 minutes
1 Pat Bertoletti 18.475 lb.
2 Geoff Esper 16.044
3 James Webb 15.319
4 Nick Wehry 12.6
5 Gideon Oji
6 Matt Raible
7 Cherish Brown
8 Rene Rovtar

James Webb has started a livestream video.

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USA Today reports that the audience for Nathan's hot dog eating contest on ESPN2 fell to 831,000 after attaining about a million viewers the previous two years. The decline is attributed to the absence of Joey Chestnut.
Takeru Kobayashi appeared in a video promoting "Sausage Party: Foodtopia" on Amazon Prime in which he claimed that he extracted all the hot dogs he consumed during an eating contest after the competiton was over.
The Birdhouse in Robbinsdale, MN will hold a hot dog eating contest Saturday awarding $200 to the winner. The runner-up will receive a $100 gift card.
James Webb, Nick Wehry, Geoff Esper and Pat Bertoletti are expected to compete in Saturday's Great American Blueberry Eating Championship in Grand Rapids, MI.
Jack Legath ate 114 donut holes in 4 minutes to win the first prize of $1,000 in a contest held July 4 at Paristown in Louisville.
Gauchos will hold a hot dog eating contest in Dublin, Ireland on July 14 awarding 400 Euros to the winner.
B-52 Burgers & Brews will hold a hot wing eating contest on July 13 awarding $300 to the winner.
Randy Santel ate 22 hot dogs in 15 minutes to win an eating contest at Dog Days of Summer in Vero Beach, FL on July 4. Katina DeJarnett was runner up with 21 hot dogs.

Nathan’s cheating allegations

update July 15 TMZ has an interview with Geoff Esper about the allegations:

“There has been other cheating instances in the past,” he said. “As far as I know there was never any suspensions or anything like that. So by looking at past practices, I don’t see that’s going to happen, but I think to stop it from happening in the future something should be done.”

“If there’s no incentive not to do it, why wouldn’t someone else do it?”

update July 12 USA Today has an article with statements from Wehry and Major League Eating:

“I asked Sean how many (hot dogs) he got,’’ Wehry, 35, told USA TODAY Sports by text. “Said awesome job but it looked like more. Always recount…so we did. All of us at one point or another have been shorted a plate, double plated etc.’’

The plates, served to competitors during the event, hold five dogs and buns. After the contest, empty plates are used to determine the official tally of hot dogs and buns consumed.

The extra plate boosted Wehry’s total to 51.75 from 46.75, according to the allegations.

Yeager, who competed while standing next to Wehry, told USA TODAY Sports he did not want to comment “until someone can help us get more video (of the incident) to put this thing to bed.’’

Major League Eating (MLE), which runs the Nathan’s contest, said it investigated the matter and was taking no action against Wehry, who received $1,000 for finishing fourth.

“After being made aware of the accusation stemming from last Thursday’s contest, MLE investigated the incident, carefully considering the complaint and reviewing the videos provided to us,’’ MLE said in a statement. “Like many other professional sports leagues, it is our policy to not overturn judges’ decisions after the final results have been recorded.

“Earlier today, Nick Wehry asked MLE to lower his score to 46.75 based on his touching another eater’s plates. MLE has agreed to adjust the official count. Wehry remains the 4th place finisher of the hot dog eating contest on July 4, 2024.”

The Washington Post also has an article

update July 10 The allegations about Nick Wehry made the front page of the New York Post

update The New York Post has an article about the incident
Yesterday afternoon, the following allegations were made in a long comment about the men’s 2024 Nathan’s finals:
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Registration is now open on for the Wendy's Chicken Nugget Eating Championship. The contest will take place before the July 26 Long Island Ducks game in Central Islip, NY.
Joey Chestnut ate 200 boneless wings in 38 minutes today to promote Buffalo Wild Wings all you can eat boneless wings offer.

MLE top 50 updated, Joey Chestnut still #1

The Major League Eating Top 50 has been updated. Joey Chestnut remains #1 despite his estrangement from the organization. Nathan’s winner Pat Bertoletti jumps to #2. The new top 10

  1. Joey Chestnut (previously #1)
  2. Pat Bertoletti (#9)
  3. Geoff Esper (#2)
  4. James Webb (#5)
  5. Miki Sudo (#3)
  6. Nick Wehry (#4)
  7. Gideon Oji (#6)
  8. Derek Hendrickson (#8)
  9. Michelle Lesco (#10)
  10. Darrien Thomas (#12)


  • 13 Sean Yeager
  • 16 Max Stanford (fixed)
  • 38 Radim Dvoracek
  • 45 Joey Przybylowicz
  • 47 Cherish Brown
  • 48 Julie Goldberg


  • 16 Darron Breeden
  • 28 Juan Rodriguez
  • 30 Sarah Rodriguez
  • 46 Brian Dudzinski
  • 48 Kathryn Tesch
  • 50 Doug Ecks

Notable omissions: Takuya Yamomoto, William Lyon, Max Stanford, Yasir Salem, Kylan Lee, Tandra Childress

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