Topanga Social will hold a burger eating contest in Los Angeles on December 16 awarding $1,000. Raina Huang will compete.
Kate Ovens has uploaded her first food challenge video in three years: a fry up breakfast called "The Legend".
Channel News Asia has a long article about how Singaporean food challenger Zermatt Neo made competitive eating his full time job.

2023 St. Elmo’s Shrimp Cocktail contest

Official results

1st 16.7 Geoffrey Esper defends title
2nd 16 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut
3rd 15 James Webb
4th 12.8 Miki Sudo
5th 11.5 Nick Wehry
6th 5 Michael “Big Hoss” Deitz
7th 4.5 Mark Enstrom
8th 2.4 Alex “Moose” Perez

St. Elmo’s is running a live video of the contest

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Fast Company reports that Red Lobster lost $11 million last quarter due in part to underestimating demand for its All You Can Eat shrimp deal. The article cites Bob Shoudt, Raina Huang and ugh_madison ugh_madison AYCE shrimp videos as profit-reducing events.
Joey Chestnut appeared on Fox 59 and WISH TV to promote Saturday's St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship in Indianapolis.
Khaleej Times has a profile of Australian competitive eater James Webb, who recently visited Dubai, UAE.
ABC News has a post about Nela Zisser's recent video in which she ate 12 donuts in two and a half minutes.
Nick Wehry announced he intends to compete in Saturday's St. Elmo's shrimp cocktail eating contest in Indianapolis along with Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, Miki Sudo and Alex "Moose" Perez.
Happy Birthday to Joey Chestnut, who turns 40 today.
Bristol Press reports Eric "Badlands" Booker attempted the 30 inch pizza challenge at Nonna Artemisia’s Pizzeria in Southington, CT. The restaurant will pay $200 if a two person team finishes the meal.
The US Sun has an interview with Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry that includes their advice on Thanksgiving dining.
A Hulu press release announces the January 22 debut of a new documentary series, "Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People", that will focus on growers and eaters of ultra spicy peppers. (via Mike Jack).
The Northern Echo reports Craig Harker, owner of the George Pub and Grill, has placed the Stockton on Tees restaurant famed for its food challenges on the market. Harker is also the founder of the British Eating League.
The Denver Post has an article about Raina Huang's recent trip to Colorado. On one day of her visit, she completed a 7 pound breakfast burrito in the morning and finished a 7 pound pho challenge in the evening.
Awful Announcing has posted a segment from a recent podcast in which Adam Amin discusses calling Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on ESPN.
Raina Huang ate 92 dumplings to win the first prize of $1,000 at today's Topanga Social eating contest in Canoga Park, CA.
Khalil's Kitchen in Brockton, MA will award $250 if its record of 12 minutes for eating 3 chopped cheese sandwiches is broken.
Randy Santel posted a video of his attempt at the tallest burger challenge in Iceland. Katina Eats Kilos and Icelandic strongman competitor "The Mountain" Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson also attempted the challenge.
Geoff Esper offers advice to Shayna and Erika of WCVB for their attempt at the 30 inch pizza challenge at Nick's Place in Burlington, MA. The station also did segments about New England restaurant challenges, New Hampshire challenges and the burger challenge at Eagle's Deli in Brighton, MA. has an article about Derek Hendrickson completing the pancake challenge at Grizzly Manor in Big Bear Lake, CA.
"Airsoft Fatty" faced off against Eric "Badlands" Booker in a chug-off held at Times Square in New York City.
Coney Island USA is holding a charity auction for 4 Friends and Family passes to the 2024 Nathan's finals. Bidding closes in 8 days.
StarNow has posted a casting call for eating contest participants for an Ed Sheeran music video that will be filmed in Sydney this week.
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