Ragin Cajun Cafe in Redondo Beach, CA will hold a crawfish eating contest on February 13 awarding a $300 gift card to the winner.
A 4chan thread asks commenters to post their favorite competitive eater. Responses include Randy Santel, Beard Meats Food and Raina Huang.
Eddie Du posted a video of a 1962 Chinese food eating contest held in England which required the participants to use chopsticks.
The former Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, site of Nathan's Famous hot dog eating qualifiers from 2009 to 2012, is scheduled for demolition on February 17 due to safety concerns. The property was purchased by Icahn Enterprises in 2016. The 2011 competition was the final Nathan's qualifier for Sonya Thomas, after which she received a bye as a former women's champion.
The third event in a Draft Kings Major League Eating Contest trilogy, the Big Game Snackdown, will take place on February 7. The event that was to have been the second Draft Kings competition, a Thanksgiving turkey eating contest, fizzled into oblivion. Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, Matt Stonie, Darron Breeden, Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry are the announced entrants and will face off in a steeplechase contest in which the foods will be eight-layer dip, pepperoni pizza, boneless wings, chili, a sub sandwich, cheese balls, pigs in a blanket and jalepeño poppers. The competition will be broadcast on DraftKings' Youtube channel and Twitch stream.
The New Orleans reddit page has a post about a 1920 oyster eating contest in which sisters Lois and Ruth Waddell combined to eat 204 oysters.

Kate Yup passes 1 million youtube subscribers

The Kate Yup youtube channel (started in March 2018) just passed one million subscribers despite releasing no new videos in over 14 months. If you consider her a European food challenger (she originally gave her location as France or Belgium), she is the first female in that category to reach that milestone.

The channel stars a woman wearing a mask and the top half of her head is never shown. She is recorded behind a table loaded with food (usually seafood) which she eats with her bare hands. There are no other people in Kate Yup’s videos and information is conveyed with on-screen graphics instead of talking. All videos are recorded indoors at an undisclosed location.

In 2019, speculation about Kate Yup’s channel took a negative turn, with theories circulating that she was being forced by kidnappers to make her videos. Kate addressed those allegations in an August 2019 video titled “I Am Alive”, which failed to dispel the rumors.

The most recent video Kate uploaded was on November 10, 2019, in which she continued with a seafood feast despite losing two teeth during her meal. Since that date there have been no videos or other social media posts from her.

I do not currently have any hard evidence about the Kate Yup situation, but I plan to do a series of posts curating the information I do possess to facilitate other people’s investigations.


Fink Beats the Stomach visited Nathan's Famous Coney Island location yesterday. Almost two months after the removal of the Hot Dog Eating Contest Wall of Fame (which started on November 22), there are no signs of construction on a new billboard. Neither Nathan's Famous or Major League Eating have made any statements about the sign removal. The new poll asks what you think their official announcement will eventually be.
Hollywood Mask has an article about the relationship between Randy Santel and Katina DeJarnett (Katina Eats Kilos).
WWE wrestler Braun Strowman has proposed on twitter a food challenge show where he would face off against others in eating oversized meals.
Reemul Balla writes in MyLondon that he was partially deaf for two days after eating a package of spicy ramen. The challenge was inspired by a Matt Stonie video in which he ate 15 packs of Samyang Korean Spicy Noodles.
Food Insider has produced a video listing the most iconic restaurant in each state. Several of the selections have been involved with restaurant challenges and eating contests including St. Elmo's Steak House (Indiana), Stella's (Nebraska), Voodoo Doughnuts (Oregon) and Ben's Chili Bowl (Washington, DC).
GeorgianEra.Wordpress.com has curated several articles from 18th century newspapers describing giant meals. Here is a feast described in a 1732 issue of the Caledonia Mercury:
Joseph Barry mentioned in our last, besides the six pound weight of beef steaks, devoured a quarter loaf, drank two gallons of strong beer, and ate besides a pound of roast pork and two pounds of bread and cheese, between ten in the morning and one in the afternoon.
A 4channel.org post claims that Marlon Brando challenged Paul Newman to an egg eating contest at a Hollywood party in 1968. The competition was inspired by a scene in "Cool Hand Luke" in which Newman's character attempted to eat 50 eggs. After the challenge was declined, Brando ate eggs solo, eventually finishing with 51 eggs. The story was from the book "True Hollywood Tales", published in 1997.
Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry announced that they have moved from Connecticut to Florida, most likely the Tampa Bay area.
AnnaEngineTV has posted a casting call for a paid opportunity for a competitive eater that will apparently take place in Toronto.
The brother of Mike E Sizzle of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast produced a custom Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest themed Funko POP. update Steve Castro has posted how he made the POP, which was created from three store-bought POPs: Ted Mosby ("How I Met Your Mother"), the 1989 Joker (Jack Nicholson) and Ein from Cowboy Bebob.
Gal Akbari (https://www.tiktok.com/@q.gal) video in which she eats a meal consisting of 8 McDonald's burgers, fried and chicken nuggets has been viewed over five million times on tiktok. She billed herself as the female Matt Stonie.
Daily Star has an article about the breakfast sandwich challenge at Big Dave's Cafe in Bromsgrove, England, which has defeated 74 of the 80 diners who have attempted it.
Darron Breeden lists the five hardest restaurant food challenges he has attempted.
Kate Ovens' latest video was inspired by the restaurant scene from the 2004 comedy "White Chicks". Actor Terry Crews, one of the diners in the scene, praised the video. (clip from movie)
Mashed.com has a post consisting mainly of quotes from previous articles titled "The health issues Kobayashi has from competitive eating."
Mashed.com has a post on the Guinness World Records Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle holds.
Joey Chestnut was the answer to a question in tonight's episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? - celebrities
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