Nick Wehry has posted some of the field for Saturday's St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship in Indianapolis, which will include Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, Miki Sudo, Darron Breeden, Nick Wehry and George Chiger.
Men's Health has an article about Randy Santel losing over 100 pounds in 15 weeks.
Mirror has an article about Max Stanford creating a 4.5 kg beef trifle inspired by a Thanksgiving episode of "Friends".
There was a reversal at the turkey and gravy eating contest held during halftime of yesterday's New Orleans Pelicans game.
Joey Chestnut appeared on Fox 59 this morning to discuss his Thanksgiving leftover recipes and promote his line of condiments.
Buzzfeed produced a video about Raina Huang.
Singaporean Zermatt Neo will be featured in an episode of "OTRD X Unfiltered: Just Don’t Tell Mum", a web-only series about people who are reluctant to talk about their jobs with their parents. Other stigmatized professions in the program include pole dancers, debt collectors and "rental dates".
Joey Chestnut faced off against football players from Coastal Carolina in a pizza eating contest after their victory in Conway, SC over Texas State.
The Telegraph and Argus has an article on Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran being the first person to finish the breakfast challenge at Idle Bakery & Cafe in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Val Bromann wrote a blog entry for about her visit to the Big Texan in Amarillo, TX while on a tour of Route 66 this summer. She did not attempt the 72 ounce steak challenge.
The BBC has an article about a Chinese live streamer known as Mr. Kang claiming that he was banned from Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet in Changsha for eating too much. has a profile of Nathan Klein, who has attempted 75 restaurant challenges in Michigan.
News-Journal has an article about Bob Shoudt and Brandon Clark attempting the previously undefeated 8 pound Betcha Cain’t Burger Challenge at the Butcher Shop in Longview, TX.
In a pancake eating contest on tonight's episode of "Riverdale", big eater Jughead was defeated by Archie. The program this season has been rebranded as "Rivervale" to hint that it might be set in an alternate universe.
The Market Activity has an article about Katina Eats Kilos.

2021 Fat Boys Pizza contest

update Nov 14 LSU Tailgating has a video. WRBZ has an article

Official Results 24 inch slices, 10 minutes

1st 4.625 Geoffrey Esper
2nd 4.5 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut
3rd 2.75 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
4th 2 George Chiger
5th 1.75 “Big Eater Mike” Michael Whities
6th 1 Jason Krause
6th 1 Jocelyn Walker
8th 0.75 T-Bob Hebert former LSU center
8th 0.75 Scott Levine
10th 0.67 Rene Rovtar

It appears that Geoff Esper won today’s Fat Boys Pizza contest in Baton Rouge, LA.

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Furious Spoon will hold ramen eating contests at two Chicago locations on November 30 and December 1 awarding $500 gift cards.
Nation's Restaurant News reports that Creating Culinary Communities will partner with Matt Stonie on a virtual restaurant which will not have any physical locations and only offer delivery/takeout. The brand is expected to launch before the end of 2021.
Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, George Chiger, Adrian Morgan and others are expected to compete in Fay Boy's Pizza eating contest in Baton Rouge, LA on Saturday. has a biography of Matt Stonie.
Beard Meats Food has started a podcast called Breaking Bread co-hosted with Josh Gudgeon. The podcast is currently #25 on the British comedy podcasts rankings.
Larry David and comedian Patton Oswald faced off in a hot dog eating contest on tonight's episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBOMax. has an article about Indian food challenge videos. Viwa Food World (4.3M subscribers) Wake N Bite (1.95M) and Chicken Leg Piece (987K) are three of the youtube channels mentioned.
Registration will open on November 9 for the St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship to be held before the Big Ten football championship game in Indianapolis on December 4.
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