reports Joey Chestnut will do a hot fudge cake eating exhibition at Frisch's Big Boy in FairFax, OH as part of the restaurant's 75th anniversary.
Peter's Clam Bar will hold a clam eating contest in Island Park, NY on August 14 awarding thousands in prizes.
The Schuyler Corn & Car Fest will hold a corn eating contest in Utica, NY on August 13 awarding $1000 to the winner.
The top 3 from Saturday's sausage eating contest at Brat Days in Sheboygan, WI: 1) Frank Wach 16 brats 2) Blaize Koon 15 3) Blake Hay 13 (gallery) has an article about Canadian food challenger Mike Jack, who holds several Guinness records for eating spicy foods. He hopes to retake the record for Carolina Reaper peppers soon.
Dan Kennedy reports that he ate 10 donuts in 32 seconds to win the first prize of $3000 in Saturday's eating contest at Polar Donuts in Oklahoma City. Molly Schuyler also appears to have competed. There were 60 entrants.
The Northamptonshire Telegraph reports that Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran finished "The Big One" breakfast challenge at Hungry Hossee in Corby, England in 11 minutes 55 seconds to break a record held by Robert Pinto for 11 years. The meal consists of three bacon rashers, three sausages, three eggs, three square sausage slices, three potato scones, three pieces of fried bread, three portions of mushrooms, three hash browns, three potato waffles, three black pudding slices, three portions of beans, three portions of tomatoes, three 4 ounce beef patties, three pieces of bread and butter and three slices of buttered toast.
NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath hosted tonight's oyster eating contest at Lucky Shucks in Jupiter, FL. Phillip Catasus of Palm Beach Gardens ate 103 oysters in 90 seconds to win the competition.
Joey Chestnut ate 255 mini donuts in 8 minutes to win a contest held in Regina, SK to benefit the Regina Food Bank.

Geoff Esper wins banana pudding contest

Official results from tonight’s banana pudding eating contest at CrossPointe Church in Madison, AL (8 minutes contest)

1st ? Geoffrey Esper undefeated in 2022 except for Nathan’s
2nd 9.75 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti
3rd 7.75 Gideon Oji
4th 7 Andrew Krawczyk
5th 5 Crazy Legs Conti
6th 3.5 Heather Richards
6th 3.5 Jacob Tripp
8th 2.5 David Beavers
9th ? Debby Regan

Comments (8) has a list of 9 eating challenges available at Colorado restaurants.
Lucky Shuck Oyster Bar in Jupiter, FL will hold an oyster eating contest on August 5 awarding $200 cash and a $150 gift card to the winner. Runner up will receive a $150 git card and third place will win a $100 gift card.
TGI Fridays announced a partnership with Matt Stonie's restaurant Stonie Bowls to deliver teriyaki and poke bowls out of its virtual kitchens.
The Green Bay Press Gazzette reports that 78 year old Dennis Leffin will compete in the sausage eating contest at Brat Days in Sheboygan, WI this weekend after a 37 year absence from the competition. He first competed at the event in 1953 at the age of 9 and finished second overall.
Food Challenge News has an interview with Czech food challenger Radim Dvoracek. He is planning a food challenge tour of Poland in August and expects to compete in the pork roll eating contest in Trenton, NJ in September.

Geoff Esper wins Mystic Lake ribs

Official results of today’s rib eating contest at the Great Midewest Ribfest at Mystic Lake in Prior Lake, MN (12 minutes,results in pounds)

1st 5.8 Geoffrey Esper undefeated in 2022 except for Nathan’s
2nd 4.2 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut
2nd 4.2 Nick Wehry
4th 3.2 Ethan Teske
5th 3 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
6th 1.8 Matthew Raible
7th 0.8 Kevin Shumaker

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Jim's Steaks South Street location experienced major damage after a fire broke out today. The Philadelphia restaurant's cheesesteak record, which dates back to at least 1977 when Lynda Kuerth ate 11 sandwiches in 90 minutes, was one of the longer running restaurant challenges. Bob Shoudt was the current record holder with 20.
The Taste of Hamburger Festival in Hamburg, PA will hold a Red Robin burger eating contest on September 3 awarding $1000/$750/$500/$250/$125
Joey Chestnut ate 44 chicken fingers in 5 minutes at Raising Cane's in Las Vegas to set a world record. (video)
Bake Magazine has a report about Joey Chestnut eating 17.5 pounds of cherry pie to set a world record last week at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Summit, an event held at the Washington Nationals ballpark. Ken Hoffman has an article about Three Brothers Bakery in Houston supplying the pies for the attempt.
The Belfast Telegram has a report on Randy Santel and Katina "Eats Kilos" DeJarnett's trip to attempt restaurant challenges in Northern Ireland.
Poncho's Tacos in Wyoming, MI will hold taco eating contests tomorrow awarding $500 to the top male and female.
The Library Pizza Pub in Fort Myers, FL will hold a hot wing eating contest July 29 awarding $300 to the winner.
Dan Kennedy has the top 4 from tonight's corn dog eating contest at the California State Fair: 1 Molly Schuyler 30 (defends title) 2 Dan Kennedy 28 3 Tom Shelton 10 4 Tom Greene 4.
The Saturday Paper has a profile of Australian competitive eater James Webb, third place finisher in Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest.
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