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Three random Fort Collins eating challenges
12 in spicy pizza Ghost Challenge Uncle Vito's Too Fort Collins, CO cannot drink during challenge, must hold pizza down for 12 minutes
hot wings Atomic Wing Challenge Sports Station CO Loveland, CO
5 lb. burrito Mother of All Burritos Cactus Grille Loveland Loveland, CO
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The Greeley, CO Stampede will hold a wing eating contest on July 4 awarding $500 to the winner. has a post about Brian Shaw, 4-time winner of the "World's Strongest Man" contest, attempting the 7 pound "Gut Buster" burrito challenge at Big City Burrito in Fort Collins, CO.
The Wing Shack Wing Bowl at the Greeley (CO) Stampede will award $500 to the winner on July 1.
Cheba Hut, a chain which bills itself as "the nation's only marijuana-themed restaurant" will hold a "Sticky Icky" peanut butter & jelly sub sandwich eating contest at all 16 of its locations (in AZ, CO, OR, IA, NM, CA and WI).
The Coloradoan has an article about 3 teams of 2 attempting to eat a 30 inch pizza at Pizza Casbah in Fort Collins for an upcoming episode of Outrageous Food. According to the article, Outrageous Food will be recording at Digger's Diner in Brush, which has a burger billed as the largest in Colorado.

Colorado jalapeno contest

(Thanks Liz & Anita) The Greeley (CO) Tribune has a report about Saturday’s jalapeno eating contest. The winner, Jerry Esparza, ate 58 peppers in 10 minutes and had to skip the awards ceremony because he was tending to more pressing affairs.