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Tony's Taco Shop in Salem, OR will hold a four pound burrito eating contest on August 5 awarding $100/$75/$50.
Gazette Times has an article about Corvallis, OR eating challenges mentioning that the jackpot for finishing China Blue's Lucky Sevens challenge is now $800.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin finished the Lucky Sevens challenge at China Blue in Corvallis, OR to claim the $1300 jackpot.
The Big Eaters Club reports that the jackpot for finishing the Lucky Sevens challenge at China Blue in Corvallis, OR is now $1300.
Annie Leblanc, a runner on the University of Oregon track team from Montreal, announces she was the first female to finish the giant pancake challenge at Addi's 'S Diner in Springfield, OR.
Stephanie Wu announces she completed the Lucky Sevens Challenge at China Blue in Corvalis, OR to claim the $1,500 jackpot.
Cheba Hut, a chain which bills itself as "the nation's only marijuana-themed restaurant" will hold a "Sticky Icky" peanut butter & jelly sub sandwich eating contest at all 16 of its locations (in AZ, CO, OR, IA, NM, CA and WI).
Tonight's episode of Meat & Potatoes (10 pm eastern) on the Food Network will feature the 10 pound chicken fried steak meal at the Cowtown Diner in Fort Worth, an 8 pound burrito at Amigo's in Kansas City, and a 5 pound burger from Giant Burger in Springfield, Oregon.
Register-Guard and KVAL have articles about Tyler Rhodes' attempt to complete the Giant Burger Challenge (5 lb. burger w 5 lb. fries) at Giant Burger in Springfield, Oregon.
The Democrat Herald reports that Brownsville, Oregon will have a pie eating contest at the "Stand by Me" Cruise-In and Sock Hop on August 15. This year's contest will be for amateurs only but a Major League Eater will be an announcer.

Link Buffet: August 2, 2008

  • Pie eating contest at “Stand by Me” festival in Oregon drops IFOCE affiliation
  • Report on Cincinnati coney eating contest
  • Video of Justin Mih at the Boston Italian sausage contest
  • Report on the Seattle donut eating contest / hip-hop concert
  • Ithaca, NY hot dog contest coverage attacked and defended
  • Fan attends Singapore satay contest and Brazilian soccer exhibition game vs. Singapore national team and draws the following conclusion:

    Neither are the presence of Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut so overwhelming that you know what they are capable of doing until they begin eating. Different people have different talents and focus on different things I guess.

    If there’s one important lesson that I have learnt and reminded of, it is that you just have to be really good at one thing and show it to the world that you are great at it. If you don’t show your stuff, no one knows, no one cares, one is just a face in the crowd.

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More “Stand by Me” pie contest videos

Consumption23 has 7 videos from last Saturday’s blueberry pie eating contest in Oregon at

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Rolling Roadshow report

Tim League, who works for the Rolling Roadshow, has a blog entry about the “Stand by Me” event where he competing in the pie eating contest and ate 3 pounds.


Skinnyboy’s blueberry pie contest videos

Andrew “skinnyboy” Lane has uploaded two videos from last Saturday’s handless pie eating contest to

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Skinnyboy’s “Stand by Me” pie contest report

Andrew “Skinnyboy” Lane has a report from his trip to compete in the handless pie eating contest held in conjunction with the showing of “Stand by Me” in Oregon. A picture of Ryan Nerz’s scoring calculations is included.

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“Stand by Me” pie results from skinnyboy & Liz K


update Corrected results from Pat Bertoletti via Liz K
1. Pat: 9.17
2. Tim Brown: 8.47
3. Mongo Marquez: 6.56
4. Kevin Ross: 5.58
5. Erik and Crazy Legs: 4.88
7-Jason Erb 4.63
8-Cameron McKirdy 3.75
9-Scott Sayer 3.34
10-Shawn Kirby 3.03
11-Skinnyboy 2.92
12-Tim League 2.84

update #2 The IFOCE results are the same as Liz’s results

update #3 Added full results from Jason Erb. The Corvallis Gazette Times has an article which misidentifies Crazy Legs Conti as Erik Denmark.

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Erik Denmark news video clips

Video clips of Erik Denmark appearing on local news programs to promote the Chinook Winds Ribs contest and the “Stand by Me” pie eating contest are available on his blog. Carlene & Rich LeFevre also appear in the Chinook Winds video.


“Stand by Me” pie preview

Register-Guard has a preview of Saturday’s handless pie contest which says that the top seed will be Pat Bertoletti, so Joey Chestnut is not expected to compete. One competitor inquired about using a wide straw.

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IFOCE “Stand By Me” pie contest registrations opens today


On July 28, the nation’s top Major League Eaters will converge on the small hamlet of Brownsville, Oregon to recreate one of the most iconic moments in both film and competitive eating history.

STAND BY ME was filmed in Brownsville and was released in 1986. For the first time, the IFOCE will sanction a hands-free pie eating contest as a tribute to the movie that helped bring competitive eating into the spotlight.

Registration for this contest will open at 12:00pm on Friday, June 15.

I think this is the first handsless contest IFOCE has sanctioned. The only contests listed in July on the IFOCE calendar are in Oregon.

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OregonLive – IFOCE blueberry pie contest July 28

From OregonLive’s article about the “Stand By Me (movie) Celebration and Rolling Roadshow,” to take place on July 28 in Brownsville, Oregon:

Other activities include a sock hop, a “body” scavenger hunt with clues from the movie, photo opportunities at various film locales, and a blueberry pie-eating contest presented by the International Federation of Competitive Eaters.

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