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Stock Daily Dish has a list of food challenges offered by Las Vegas restaurants.
Newsday has a list of 11 eating challenges offered by Long Island restaurants.
Oklahoma Gazette has an article about Oklahoma City restaurant challenges with quotes from Robert McKinney and Randy Santel. Former MLE eater Jason McCormack also makes an appearance as a restaurant owner.
The Dallas Observer has a list of food challenges at Metroplex restaurants.
The Kansas City Star has an article about local burrito eating challenges which mentions Molly Schuyler's record of 1:37 for the 5 pound "747" burrito at Habanero's in Lees Summit, MO.
The Las Vegas Sun has a list of food challenges offered by Sin City restaurants. Miki Sudo is mentioned as one of the challenge finishers.
Gazette Times has an article about Corvallis, OR eating challenges mentioning that the jackpot for finishing China Blue's Lucky Sevens challenge is now $800.
DiscoverSD has an article about Josh Hockett and San Diego eating challenges.
Salem Statesman Journal has a gallery and video of Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker and reporter Tom Mayhall Rastrelli attempting the burger challenge at The Hitchin' Post in Keizer, OR. OregonLive has a list of Portland area eating challenges. update Mar 15 The article is available
The 5 pound stromboli at Papa Piccione's in Kent City, MI was the top entry in the online poll ran by to determine the most extreme food challenge in Michigan. Rockford Corner Bar's chili dog challenge was the runner up.
Yahoo! has compiled a list of the most "over-the-top" burgers in all 50 states. has started a poll to determine the top eating challenge in Michigan.
Thrillist has a list of the spiciest chili pepper eating contests in the world.
Boston Magazine has an article about New England eating challenges which contains Geoff Espers training tips.
The Las Vegas Sun has an article about competitive eating training with quotes from Miki Sudo and Juan Rodriguez. The Las Veags challenge list says that the jackpot for the Pho 87 challenge is now $1,870.
The Bangkok Post has an article about competitive eating in Thailand containing interviews with members of the Thai Pro Eater group.
The Big Eaters Club produced a slideshow of 10 Portland eating challenges for has a list of Abu Dhabi eating challenges including Hwy 55's 55 ounce burger eating challenge. has an article about northwest Pennsylvania eating challenges.
A link to a video of Dave "US Male" Goldstein attempting Cool Dog Cafe's "Homewrecker" challenge appears in Courier Post's list of South Jersey eating challenge. has eating challenge lists for restaurants in Portland and Minneapolis.
SBNation and First We Feast have lists of eating challenges available at stadiums.
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