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HertsLive reports that Max Stanford ate a 2kg kebab box in 6:37 to win a British Eating League event held at Chip-o-dee in Wrexhan, Wales. John "Food and the Beast" Dawes was runner up.
The BBC has an article about Natalie Beddau's death from choking on marshmallows at a charity competition held at the Beddau rugby club in Wales. The objective of the event was apparently to stuff the most marshmallows in a competitor's most instead of a traditional eating contest.
The Sun reports that a 37 year old woman passed away after choking during a marshmallow eating contest held Saturday at the Beddau Rugby Club in Wales, UK. The BBC also has an article about the fatality that does not mention the cause of death.
WalesOnline has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran's attempt at The Hope and Anchor's (The Trap's) breakfast challenge in Flintshire, Wales which had never been completed.

Competitive eating academic paper available

Kay McArdle announces that a paper titled It’s not what you eat but how and that you eat: Social media, counter-discourses and disciplined ingestion among amateur competitive eaters by Emma-Jayne Abbots and Luci Attala of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David is available for $19.95. The first two sentences of the abstract are:

This article interrogates how social media can provide a platform for contesting dominant discourses. It does so through the lens of competitive eating, demonstrating that amateur competitive eaters use social media sites to challenge and subvert mass media representations of their sport while concomitantly upholding normative notions of healthy eating and bodies.

Was anyone interviewed for this article? (I received no information requests.)


Wales Online reports that Sizzle & Grill, a Cardiff restaurant with numerous eating challenges, was cited with 18 food hygiene offences and received a food hygiene rating of 0 (it has been upgraded to 2). The owner, Paul Stevens, also admitted that he received £37,830 worth of illegal housing benefit and income support.  
The Daily Star has an article about the "Man vs Food" menu at the Sizzle and Grill in Cardiff, Wales which contains 40 eating challenges. update The Daily Mail also has an article.
A list of Wales eating contests and challenges has been compiled (currently with 30 challenges) Subcategories: Cardiff | Swansea
The Cardiffian reports that Ieuan Lloyd, a member of a Great Britain swim relay in the London 2012 games, won a pie eating contest held in Cardiff, Wales with a total of 6.5 pies in 10 minutes. (video)
Wales Online has an article about Welsh competitive eating asking the question "Does the rising popularity of competitive eating make us gluttons for punishment?" in which the 2004 Hillsborough Oyster Festival champion, Steve Tiesteel, says he declined a spot in the 2004 Nathan's finals and that Sonya Thomas visited Wales in 2005 and gave him some competitive eating tips.
Ciaran Jones has a report for WalesOnline about his attempt at a meal offered by Ramon's Cafe in Cardiff billed as the "UK's biggest breakfast".

Man dies in unplanned Welsh cake contest

The Daily Mail reports that Adam Deely died after getting five fairy cakes lodged in his throat in a cake eating contest at the at the Monkey Cafe in Swansea, South Wales. The competition was not medically supervised or even planned; it was held after a party concluded and guests decided to clean out uneaten food left over from a buffet spread.

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