European eating challenges and contests category reports that Spanish food challenger Joe Burger Challenge will open a restaurant called Mofflett in Cuenca, Spain on February 25.
Barry Rigby ate a meat and potato pie in 34.5 seconds to regain his title at the World Pie Eating Championship held this morning at Harry's Bar in Wigan, England for his third victory in the competition. The event has probably been the best publicized British eating contest, but has not been held in the 2020s due to covid. (video)
The World Pie Eating Championship, probably the best publicized UK eating contest, to be held Jan 23 at Harry's Bar in Wigan, England. The competition has not been held in the 2020s due to COVID and was postponed from its traditional December date due to transportation strikes.
Token in Dublin will award €300 cash to the person who has the fastest time for eating 1kg of mozzarella bites in January.
The Mahchester Evening News has an article about Katina "Eats Kilos" DeJarnett attempting the chocolate challenge at Slattery's in Whitefield, England.
Smoke Stop BBQ in Ford, Shropshire, one of the top restaurants for eating challenges in the UK, announced it is closing immediately.
Metro UK has a video about Max Stanford eating 57 mince pies in under 10 minutes to set a record.
Beard Meats Food's attempt at the 100 ounce steak challenge at The White Hart in Swaffham has been ranked as the top viral video recorded in Norfolk, England in 2022.
Harry's Bar in Wigan, England announced that it is postponing its World Pie Eating Championship, probably the best publicized British eating contest, due to railway strikes. Organizers hope to hold the event, which has not taken place since 2019, in January.
Leah Shutkever uploaded a video of a burger eating contest versus strongman competitor Eddie Hall held at Archies in Manchester.
Belfast Live has an article about Katina eats Kilos (called "Katrina" throughout the article) and Randy Santel attempting challenges at Safari in Bainbridge, Northern Ireland. reports that Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran is the first person to finish the Tipsy Bao Box challenge at Tipsy Chef in Preston, Lancashire. The challenge consists of a triple smash cheeseburger, a chicken & candied bacon burger, 4 pork belly bao buns, dirty hash browns and fries.
WalesOnline has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran's attempt at The Hope and Anchor's (The Trap's) breakfast challenge in Flintshire, Wales which had never been completed.
Jon Senior's FunkQuest podcast has an interview with British competitive eater John Dawes.
The Irish Daily Mail has an article about the 22 inch Breakfast Roll Challenge at Pip's Cafe & Deli in Dublin recently completed by Katina Eats Kilos and Randy Santel.
Yorkpress has an article about John Dawes of "Food and the Beast" setting a record for the most Greggs sausage rolls eaten in 30 minutes at the Station Hotel in Pickering, North Yorkshire.
The Oldham Times reports Leah Shutkever finished the Super 6 Belly Buster Challenge at the Black Ladd pub in Shaw, England in 9:04 to smash the previous record of 15:30 set by Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran. Randy Santel finished the challenge in 21:01. The giant breakfast consists of 54 items. has a post about Radim Dvoracek's victory in an eating contest held in Vizovice in the Czeck Republic with a total of 205 dumplings. Pat Bertoletti retains the overall contest record at 233 dumplings.
Joel Hansen and Scott Eats are currently on tour in the UK. They recently attempted to set records for eating challenges at The George in Stockton-on-Tees.
Eastern Daily Press has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran finishing the 100 ounce steak at the White Hart in Swaffham, Norfolk in 38 minutes in June. He was the first person to finish the challenge.
The Northamptonshire Telegraph reports that Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran finished "The Big One" breakfast challenge at Hungry Hossee in Corby, England in 11 minutes 55 seconds to break a record held by Robert Pinto for 11 years. The meal consists of three bacon rashers, three sausages, three eggs, three square sausage slices, three potato scones, three pieces of fried bread, three portions of mushrooms, three hash browns, three potato waffles, three black pudding slices, three portions of beans, three portions of tomatoes, three 4 ounce beef patties, three pieces of bread and butter and three slices of buttered toast.
Food Challenge News has an interview with Czech food challenger Radim Dvoracek. He is planning a food challenge tour of Poland in August and expects to compete in the pork roll eating contest in Trenton, NJ in September.
The Belfast Telegram has a report on Randy Santel and Katina "Eats Kilos" DeJarnett's trip to attempt restaurant challenges in Northern Ireland.
The British Eating League will hold an eating contest April 30 awarding 100 pounds to the fastest person to eat 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
Ricarditoofit has uploaded a video of a 42 pound cheesesteak he attempted with a team of five Spaniards and three North Americans at Amato Brothers in Oaklyn, NJ. Other team members included Molly Schuyler, Dan Kennedy, Joel Hansen, Joe Burger Challenge, Dave Cheats and Tano Villar. Joe Burger Challenge's video
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