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Moeno Azuki faced off against Dave Brunelli, Kyle v. Food and a Russian I did not recognize in a livestreamed burger eating contest on a program on the Japanese network TBS. reports (translated) that a woman passed away after choking in a cake eating contest held in Moscow on February 15. (via Nikolay Smirnov) update has a video of the contest and gives the name of the deceased as Alexandra Yudina. update Daily Mail and Mirror have articles.
The twitter for Russia Today posted an excerpt from a Raina Huang video where she attempted an eight pound sushi roll at Octopus Restaurant in Glendale, CA. The tweet currently has 364 comments. reports that a 45 year old man died on March 8 while competing in a pancake eating contest in Vladimir, Russia. (via XSovietNews)

Russian competitive eater/bodybuilder arrested in Thailand

The Daily Mail reports that Russian competitive eater/bodybuilder Sergey Medvedev was arrested in Thailand on February 2. He is the alleged co-founder of the cybercrime organization “Infraud”, which has defrauded $530 million from Americans since 2010 according to federal prosecutors. The arrest followed a two year probe by the US Justice Department and Medvedev is expected to be extradited to the USA in about a month. “The Bear” labeled himself “the first Russian competitive eater” on his Instagram and had a youtube channel devoted to food challenges and strength training. update The FBI claims that Medvedev possessed over $800 million worth of bitcoins at the time of his arrest. (Bangkok Post article about arrest)

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Elena Semikhova has a picture of a burger at a Krasnodar restaurant that is billed as the tallest burger in Russia.
Daily Sabah has a report on a tomato eating contest between Russian and Turkish female farmers to celebrate the resumption of Turkish tomato imports by Russia. Ela Karakaya of Turkey won ate 1.6 kg of tomatoes in 3 minutes to win the contest. The imports were stopped in 2016 to punish Turkey for shooting down a Russian aircraft near the Syria border.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski just released an episode of his world tour video series recorded in Sochi, Russia before the start of the Winter Olympics.  
Ekaterinburg Russia will hold a sausage eating contest on Saturday where competitors will first have to traverse an obstacle course carrying a tray of food.
The Phuket News reports that Russian tourist Svetlana Makovskaya ate 12 pieces of cake to win the Royal Phuket City (Thailand) Hotel’s cake eating contest. Defending champion Kanit Yingpitpor ate 10 pieces.
The AP has a story about a caviar eating contest held in Moscow. The winner ate 500g of caviar (estimated value $5000) in about 90 seconds and won a prize of 10000 rubles (approximately $340).

Russian dies after victory in pancake contest

(from Ken Wong) RussiaToday has sad news from a pancake eating contest:

At a celebration of Maslenitsa or Pancake week ‘the fastest pancake eater contest’ ended in tragedy in the Kaliningrad Region, when the winner of the competition died as he prepared to accept his award.

Boris Isaev, 46, a resident of the city of Chernyakhovsk, climbed onstage to take the prize, but suddenly fell to his knees choking. Foam came out of his mouth and a few moments after he fell breathless. also has an article

This is the fifth death in an Eastern hemisphere eating contest since the start of 2008.

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