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Three random sushi eating challenges
plates Sushi House Record - men Sushilicious Irvine, CA
15 spicy sushi rolls Hiro's Tokyo Steakhouse Hiro's Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar St. Petersburg, FL available only on Tuesdays
spicy sushi roll Extra Spicy Sushi Roll Sonoda's Sushi Denver, CO
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Strongman competitor Robert Oberst ate 15,000 calories of sushi. While dining, he broke the restaurant booth. (video)
Molly Schuyler produced a video of her eating a 15 foot long sushi roll from Steak and Main in North East, MD, which she claims is a record.
The twitter for Russia Today posted an excerpt from a Raina Huang video where she attempted an eight pound sushi roll at Octopus Restaurant in Glendale, CA. The tweet currently has 364 comments.
German bodybuilder Lea ("Lea Loves Lifting") has posted a vlog of her trip to a sushi buffet on December 2 where she ate 38 plates in 45 minutes (starts at around 6:30)
German bodybuilder Lea of the LeaLovesLifting instagram and youtube channel ate 350 pieces of sushi in 60 minutes at an AYCE restaurant today. In December she ate 400 pieces.
Tomorrow's episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central will feature a video of a reversal experienced by a diner attempting a spicy sushi challenge. update The whole entire competitive eating segment can be viewed online. Joey Chestnut appears in the segment.
This weeks episode of Stuffed features the Bikkuri Don sushi bowl challenge at Wakasaya in Los Angeles.
Jessica "Queen of Cuisine" has resumed eating challenges after a year's hiatus and has posted videos of two recent successful challenges: The Real Meal Deal at The Original Pancake House in Roseville, CA and the Super Challenge Roll at Miyozen and Emeryville, CA. update Jan 16 Jessica has also uploaded a video of a team pizza challenge she attempted with Kevin Ross at Graziano's in Corona, CA.
Randy Santel is celebrating his 25th birthday in New York City. He set the house record at Yummy Sushi yesterday and plans to attempt the 87 ounce steak at Lone Star Bar & Grill.
C. J. Moore has a blog entry about competing in a sushi eating contest at Eddoko in Lenexa, KS won by Randy Santel. (contest video).
Johnnie Excel has a new blog entry about winning a turkey taco eating contest held at Mr. Peabody's in Encinitas, CA and finishing the 28 pizza challenge (video) at Red Devil Pizza, intended for a two person team, without assistance.
Johnnie Excel has uploaded a video of him eating the Godzilla Roll at Sushi Delight in Lomita, CA with a time of 7:20, breaking the record of 11 minutes set by Stephanie Torres in October. update Johnnie has posted a blog entry.

“Outrageous Food” December 3, 2010 (Super Spicy Sushi) links

Food Network Episode Guide


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The Sushilicious facebook has finally been updated to announce that Stephanie Torres (on October 27) set the overall house record of 61 plates. The record was broken in October.
Johnnie Excel's facebook announces that Stephanie Torres broke his overall house record of 60 sushi plates by one at Sushilicious in Irvine, CA yesterday. Stephanie tripled the previous women's record of 20 plates. update Pictures have been posted.
The facebook for Sushi Delight in Lomita, California announces that Stephanie Torres set a record of 11 minutes for the Godzilla roll challenge. Stephanie completed the spicy sushi challenge after finishing the Godzilla roll.

Johnnie Excel sets two eating challenge records

The facebook for Johnnie Excel announces that he set two challenge records this weekend. He finished the Iron Man challenge omelet at the Broken Yolk in 13 minutes and ate 60 plates of sushi at Sushilicious.

Stephanie Torres was not allowed to attempt to break the women’s record since only one record attempt per day is allowed at Sushilicious. She will attempt the record on Wednesday and finished a 5 pound burrito in 14 minutes at La Casa Garcia in Anaheim as a replacement challenge.

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The facebook page for Sushilicious in Irvine, CA announces that Jackie Batand recently set the women's house record by eating 20 plates. Stanley Luong holds the men's record of 28 plates. update Oct 18 The time limit is one hour for the challenge update Oct 19 Kirk Barnard now holds the men's record of 38 plates.

Man vs. Food July 7, 2010 (Salt Lake City) episode links

This week’s episode of Man vs. Food has an appropriate location for the eating challenge: Kobe Sushi in Salt Lake City. The sushi is not free if completed; the award is a T-shirt or large ice cream. 😉

Travel Channel episode guide | gallery


Salt Lake Tribune article about Utah eating challenges
List of Salt Lake City eating challenges & contests in the eatfeats database


Man vs. Food August 19 (Charleston) episode links

Travel Channel episode description

The segment recorded at the Charleston minor league baseball stadium will be televised on September 30 on the Baseball Special episode.

List of Charleston eating challenges in the eatfeats database.


Jill Stoler has posted a video recorded before her attempt at the women's record at Yummy Village Sushi. updateA video of the challenge attempt has also been posted

Rick the Mangager article, web page, video & song

(From Sadie Carpenter & Carlos) The Hungry Sisters blog has an article about Rick “The Manager” Russo’s qualification for Wing Bowl 17. Russo served as Dave “The Dumpster” Moyer’s manager in previous Wing Bowls.

Badlands Booker wrote the theme song for Rick the Manager, which can be listened to on A myspace page is also available.

A video of Rick’s qualification stunt of eating 4 feet of sushi served on the bodies of two lingerie wearing females can be viewed on youtube. (This is not the first time sushi consumption off of a female body has been recorded; in The Surreal Life, MC Hammer, Emmanuel Lewis and Corey Feldman refuse to eat sushi served on a naked woman.)

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Veterans Day lunch buffet video

Beautiful Brian has posted a video from his lunch today at the Todai sushi buffet with Crazy Legs Conti, Nate Biller and Leon Feingold.

Zach of Midtown Lunch was also present, and he will have a report on the meal tomorrow.

update Nov 12 – a Midtown Lunch blog entry and gallery have been posted

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Crazy Legs Conti on midtown lunches

Crazy Legs Conti was interviewed by Midtown Lunch to promote his midtown lunch today at a watermelon eating contest at Rockefeller center:

Place you discovered thanks to Midtown Lunch: Back to sushi – I relied on Midtown Lunch to give me the rundown on how fast the conveyer belt moved at Sakae Sushi (not fast enough for me) and the crowd at the Todai buffet. Regarding Todai, pickle eating champ Beautiful Brian Seiken is planning an outing to Todai’s plentiful buffet. You need a sizable guy like Beautiful Brian to anchor himself front and center at the sushi bar, then other NYC gurgiators like Nasty Nate Biller and me can form a wedge and really get behind the sneeze guard to take the buffet down. If the head chef isn’t crying into the steam table in an hour, we haven’t done justice to Midtown Lunch!

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Japanese-Mexicans create giant sushi roll

(From JapanProbe) Mainichi Daily News reports that Mexicans of Japanese descent created a giant sushi roll to commemorate the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants to Mexico in 1897. The roll was 110 meters long to represent the number of years that have passed since that event. The roll included edible cacti.


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