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Three random pancake eating challenges
13 in. pancake 13 Inch Pancake Jan's Kitchen Worcester, MA
5 1 lb. pancakes Pancake Challenge Seiad Valley Store & Cafe Seiad Valley, CA about 20 people in past 2 decades have finished challenge
pancakes Full Pancake Challenge Crazy Otto's Lancaster, CA
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Max Stanford and Leah Shutkever attempted to eat the entire pancake menu in under 10 minutes at Polo 24 Hour Bar in London.
Max Stanford attempted two pancake tower challenges at Polo 24 Hour Bar in London.
Billy Rice finished the Train Wreck Challenge at Depot Grill in Twin Falls, ID in 9:03, breaking a record previously held by Raina Huang.
Stoke Sentinel has an article about Leah Shutkever attempting the "Oatrageous" oatcake challenge at The Oatbakers in Longport, England.
Serbian-Australian Milly Ivanaov has started a youtube channel with her attempt at the 2kg pancake challenge at Milky Beograd in Belgrade.
Geoff Esper posted a video of his attempt to eat 100 standard sized IHOP pancakes. The chain is currently offering an AYCE pancake special.
In his latest video recorded at Dubois Diner in Dubois, PA, Darron Breeden attempted 3 restaurant challenges in one session: 2 wings challenges and pancake challenge.
IHOP locations in the Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City will offer a piiza sized "Pancizza" pancake this weekend only. (via Big Eaters Club)
Leah Shutkever and Nate Figgs produced videos of their attempts at the pancake tower challenge at Polo 24 Hour Bar in London on Saturday.
In the new Girl vs Food video, Leah Shutkever attempts to eat 12 pancakes in under 12 minutes at Crepes and Cones in Croydon (south London).
The Yorkshire Post has an article about KyleVFood attempting the 30 pancake & waffle challenge at the Cabin in Sheffield.
Nicki Chan Lam announces she finshed the Easter pancake challenge at Polo Bar in London, which is topped with a Cadbury egg.
Emma Dalton will appear on the British TV channel ITV at 8pm tonight on the Kyle Files. The topic of the program is Britain's obesity crisis. Emma also has a video of her eating 120 pancakes, which she thinks is a world record and has started an instagram at emmadalton2837. update The Sun and Daily Star have articles.
Sweet Home News has an article about Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker of the Big Eaters Club being the first person to attempt that pancake challenge at Sweet Home Cafe in Sweet Home, OR. (cached version bypasses paywall)
IHOP has started its All You can Eat Pancakes offer, which is available until February 12.
Ramsey Hinton is currently doing a food challenge tour of Chicago. According to the facebook for the Potholder Cafe in Long Beach, he is now the first person to have completed official restaurant challenges in all 50 states.
6'6" bodybuilder Shiwalla Singh finished the Mac Daddy pancake challenge in 18 minutes at Mac 24/7 in Honolulu, one of the faster times. has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran finishing the 20 pancake challenge weighing 7 pounds at My House Diner in Leeds in 18 minutes. Kate Ovens has uploaded a video of her eating 12 pancakes at the Breakfast Club in London.
Leah Shutkever finished the "Pancake Problem" challenge at Huckleberry's American Diner in Flaxton, Yorkshire on Saturday, the 3rd person out of 2000 attempts to complete the challenge. The attempt occured while "Beard Meats Food" and Marc Pitt were recording a television program at the restaurant.
Mobile Marketer has a blog entry about the Instagram #panuary contest that is being held in conjunction with IHOP's All You Can Eat pancakes offer.
IHOP announces the chain will offer all you can eat pancakes until February 14. The #panuary Instagram challenge will return; no mention is made of the comeback of the Pancake Bowl eating contest. (via Stephanie Wu)
Annie Leblanc, a runner on the University of Oregon track team from Montreal, announces she was the first female to finish the giant pancake challenge at Addi's 'S Diner in Springfield, OR.
Diana bills herself as a powerlifter/bodybuilder on her DianasFitDiary instagram, but her top sport might be competitive eating. Last week she posted a picture of a huge stack of pancakes (at an unnamed restaurant) that she ate.
The New York Daily News has a report on Crazy Legs taking advantage of IHOP's all you can eat offer to set the house record of 14 at a Manhattan location. update Jan 31 Molly Schuyler says she ate 95 pancakes
IHOP announces all you can eat pancakes are now available at participating locations until February 8. Pictures tagged with #panuary will be submitted to a virtual "Hall of Fame". The IHOP website has no mention of a 2015 Pancake Bowl eating contest.
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