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Three random Long Beach eating challenges
28 in. Pepperoni pizza LW Pizza Legend LW Pizza Long Beach, CA DEFUNCT - Challenge no longer available
2 lb. burger 32 oz Burger Big John's Cafe Redondo Beach, CA 32 oz burger with custom bun and generous portions of vegetables, total weight 6 lbs.
2 ft. burrito Burrito Challenge El Pollo Lico Wilmington, CA
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Raina Huang will be competing in a shrimp eating contest at San Pedro Fish Market's ShrimpFest in Long Beach on October 22.

2018 San Pedro Fish Market Shrimp

Registration will open tomorrow for the San Pedro Fish Market World Famous Shrimp Eating Championship Presented By The Kings Of Fi$h On The USS Iowa in San Pedro, CA on April 2. Other Los Angeles County contests added to the MLE schedule include the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship on August 18 (registration opens June 18) and the Pacific Park World Taco Eating Championship on October 4 (registration opens August 1).
The Festival of the Kite at the Redondo (CA) Beach Pier will hold a hot dog on a stick eating contest tomorrow awarding $200 to the winner.
Ramsey Hinton is currently doing a food challenge tour of Chicago. According to the facebook for the Potholder Cafe in Long Beach, he is now the first person to have completed official restaurant challenges in all 50 states.
The California Hot Sauce Expo will hold four spicy eating contests in Long Beach this weekend.

Long Beach Hooters qualifier

Craigslist has a request for an EMT to oversee a competitive eating event in Long Beach on June 27, most likely the Hooters wing qualifier.
The 2015 Hooters Wing Eating Championship will take place in Clearwater, FL on July 25 and award $17500. Qualifiers in Long Beach on June 27 and Knoxville on July 12 will award 3 spots in the finals.
The Festival of the Kite at the Redondo Beach Pier will hold a hot dog on a stick eating contest Sunday awarding $200.  
The West Coast BBQ Classic at the Queen Mary in Long Beach will hold watermelon and peach cobbler eating contests Saturday. One of the prizes will be a two night stay aboard the Queen Mary.
Panama Joe's in Long Beach will hold a taco eating contest on April 20 awarding $1000 in cash and prizes.
Johnnie Excel has uploaded a video of him eating the Godzilla Roll at Sushi Delight in Lomita, CA with a time of 7:20, breaking the record of 11 minutes set by Stephanie Torres in October. update Johnnie has posted a blog entry.
Johnnie Excel reports on his December eating contests (Mr. Dash's burgers, America Festival hot dogs, Philly's Best cheesesteaks).
The American Festival in Long Beach will hold a hot dog eating contest this weekend. It is not clear if the competition will take place on Saturday or Sunday.
The Japanese Food Festival in Torrance, California on November 8 will have a wanko soba noodle eating contest having servers that will refill the bowls as soon as they are emptied.
A hot dog on a stick eating contest awarding $200 will be held tomorrow at the Redondo Beach Pier in California.

Link Buffet: July 11, 2008

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Queen Mary sold to new owners

The chili cheese fries eating contest held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA was the most lucrative IFOCE event on the west coast in 2006 and 2007. The good news for the future of that contest is the recent emergence of the contest site from bankruptcy after selling to a group of investors called “Save Our Queen.” The bad news is the new owners might have different priorities for the marketing budget.

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Sonya Thomas article in the KoreAm Journal

(From SonyaTheBlackWidow.com) The KoreAm Journal has a long article about Sonya Thomas with coverage of the Long Beach chili cheese fries contest.

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French Fry contests videos

There is a video from the Queen Mary chili cheese fries contest, along with 4 videos from the haggis undercard on bradisfunky’s youtube page (From ToddTheButlerYeates.blogspot.com)

A well produced 6 minute video from the Bikini Fry contest in Austin, apparently produced by Major League Eating, has been uploaded by brgr53. There are brief interviews of Joey Chestnut, Tim Janus and Chip Simpson.


Kobayashi at Queen Mary & Fitness Expo

Kobayashi has posted two more blog entries about his trip to Los Angeles, one about viewing the Chili Cheese Fries contest on the Queen Mary, the other about attending the Ironman Fitness Expo and supporting the Japanese bodybuilder Yamagisi.


Queen Mary Fries 50 pt event, Wing Bowl pointless

IFOCE has updated its points standings The Queen Mary chili cheese fries contests is a 50 point event and no points were awarded for Wing Bowl 15.

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LA Splash on chili cheese fries contest

(from Munche) LA Splash has an article with pictures about Saturday’s chili cheese fries contest on the Queen Mary. Jed Donahue predicted a 30% increase from 2006 totals.

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