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2011 Apr 173rd31 12 minNational Sweet Corn Eating Championship West Palm Beach, FL
2010 Sep 124th46 min Pickle Eating Contest Pompano Park, FL
2009 Sep 276th60 8 minKrystal Square Off finals Chattanooga, TN

Jacksonville.com has a profile of retired competitive eater Hall HUnt Jr., who did his last MLE contest in 2011.
Hall Hunt announced his retirement from competitive eating in Kerry Speckman's blog in December.
The Concord (Charlotte, NC area) Mills facebook lists Hall Hunt, Andrew Brake and Brian Szontagh as expected entrants in the June 18 Nathan's qualifier. No female competitors are listed.
IFOCE.com has an article about Hall Hunt returning to competition at the Sweet Corn Fiesta.
The Miami New Times has a five-part report on last month's pickle eating contest at the Isle Casino in Pompano Beach focusing on Hall Hunt and Sean Brockert. (via comments) update The Miami New Times also has an article about the sounds of competitive eating listing the eaters' introductory music.
Micah "Wing Kong" Collins reports he is leaving Guantanamo Bay in Cuba with other unnamed MLE eaters. update Eric "Steakbellie" Livingston also traveled to Cuba. update Sept 9 JTFGTMO has a video showing Hall Hunt and Sean Gordon also traveled to Cuba. update Sept 9 #2 Philly.com mentions the trip.
The Japanese website NariNari.com has an article about Hall Hunt's wedding and the cake eating contest he had with his bride.
Jacksonville.com has a column about the wedding of Hall "Hoover" Hunt and Emily Wright. (The wedding photographer had an appropriate name for the marriage of a competitive eater: Jennifer DeVore) update The article has been picked up by the Associated Press.
SportsBetting.com is taking Nathan's bets on Takeru Kobayshi and Hall Hunt. Hall Hunt did not qualify for the finals. update Gambling911 has removed Kobayashi, but retained Hunt.
Samuel Mitchell has videos of Joey Chestnut at Hall Hunt's wedding including a video of a cake eating contest between Joey, Hall and his new bride.
WeddingByJen has a gallery of Hall Hunt's wedding. The groom cake was shaped like a Krystal burger and Joey Chestnut participated in an eating contest.
Dabo has started a forum thread about the wedding of his daughter to Hall Hunt tomorrow. Congratulations to Hall and his bride. Joey Chestnut is expected to attend the wedding.

MLE to sanction Australian Slurpee contest

IFOCE.com reports that MLE will sanction a 7-11 Slurpee contest in Australia. Pat Bertoletti and Hall Hunt will make appearances Down Under to promote the contest. (Bertoletti & Hunt also competed in a contest in the Czech Republic in 2008) via Darren Rovell twitter

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Hall Hunt repeats in Jacksonville qualifer

update #4 Sun-Sentinel has a blog entry

update #3 The KSO blog has a gallery and video and Kerry Speckman has a blog entry:

At first, my 12 point total doesn’t sound all that impressive until you consider I, a mere amateur in my very first eating competition, finished only one point behind The Hangman, who is currently the number two ranked eater on the Competitive Eating Senior Tour.

update #2 Full results are available

update Jacksonville.com has an article and the FirstCoastNews has a video (from the Hangman)

The Krystal Square off has the top 3 from today’s qualifier in Jacksonville

1) Hall Hunt 65 points
2) John Bello 36
3) RJ Frasca 35

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Jimmy John’s makers vs. eaters reports

Decider Chicago has a report on Saturday’s contest between Jimmy John’s sandwich makers and Pat Bertoletti, Hall Hunt, Tim Brown and Steven Dokho. update ChicagoFoodies has an interview with Pat Bertoletti and Hall Hunt.

update #2 Val Bromann has a blog entry and gallery about the contest.


A press release reports that Hall Hunt & Tim Brown completed the 30 inch pizza challenge at Randy's Pizza in Oakdale, MN in 25 minutes and received $500.
Eat Jax has an interview with Hall Hunt.

Hall Hunt wins Colusa, CA tri tip

The blog for Pizza Party Restaurant reports that Hall "Hoover" Hunt won $100 after finishing the Pepperoni^4 Belly Buster pizza. update PurrDayWithKittys also has a blog entry about the challenge
TampaBay.com has an interview with Hall "Hoover" Hunt.

epesantes: Hall Hunt wins Palm Beach corn

update #5Promo contest with Crazy Legs Conti and Pete Davekos on CBS 12 Saturday morning news show

update #4 Erika Pesantes has posted her contest report to sun-sentinel.com

update #3 (from comment) CE News has a report which says Sonya Thomas competed

update #2 from http://twitter.com/epesantes/statuses/1622798669 “winner is Hall “Hoover” Holt of Tampa with 33 ears of corn in 12 minutes.”

George Shea has the rest of the top 3: hall hunt wins with 34 ears of corn even in 12 mins, Joe LaRue in second, Legs in third

There was 33 minutes between the contest end and results announcement on http://twitter.com/epesantes

update The contest is over – http://twitter.com/gcshea & http://twitter.com/epesantes should have results

Some entrants in today’s eating contest at the Sweet Corn Fiesta according to George Shea’s twitter: Competing in corn tomorrow at 3 pm: Legs, Davekos, Hall Hunt, Sonya Thomas, Joe LaRue. Also: Treavor Eaton, Bill Myers, Nate Biller?

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Hall Hunt at Rays Fan Fest & Corndog Party

Hall Hunt attended Saturday’s Tampa Bay Rays Fan Festival where Joey Chestnut signed autographs and has a blog entry with several pictures of that event.

Hall also has a blog entry about “The World’s Biggest Indoor Corndog Party”, an eating contest held at a radio station between competitors from the Universities of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The U of Florida competitor did not show up and Hall was apparently not allowed to substitute.

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Article about Hall Hunt’s Krystal HoF induction

Clay Today has an article about Hall “Hoover” Hunt being inducted into the Jacksonville Krystal Hall of Fame with more information about the boxes that Hall Hunt will appear on:

A total of 15 customers are being recognized and inducted to the Hall of Fame. Three of those are from the Jacksonville area and all of those individuals will have their faces stamped on Krystal boxes that surpass one million units per person present in the states where the fast food restaurant can be found– “from Texas to Virginia and everywhere in between”.

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Link Buffet: December 13, 2008

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Link Buffet: October 9, 2008

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