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Grantland.com competitive eating content

ESPN terminated its Grantland.com sports / pop culture website on Friday. Here are the competitive eating articles it published, read them while they are still in the archive if you are interested

  • June 2011, Patrick Michels on the inaugural Nathan’s women’s finals
  • July 2012, “Cousin” Sal Iacono on his attempt at an eating challenge in 1993
  • July 2013 Carles’ writeup of Honey Boo Boo episode where the star’s sister attempted the Pigzilla barbecue sandwich challenge at Papa Buck’s BBQ in Metter, GA
  • August 2013 Danny Chau asks “Can Matt Stonie Bring About a New Golden Age in Competitive Eating?”
  • August 2014, Danny Chau’s report on competing in the Little Tokyo gyoza contest

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Flashback: 2011 men’s Nathan’s finalists

Results for the 2011 men’s Nathan’s finals are posted below. Five (Joey Chestnut, Tim Janus, Matt Stonie, Erik Denmark, Adrian Morgan) of the 17 competitors (14 Americans / 3 Chinese) remain with MLE. Read the rest of this entry »

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2012 Nathan’s Atlantic City qualifier

update May 22 Larell Marie has a gallery

update May 20 NBC40 has a video

update 3:15 Results part 1 | part 2
1) Tim Janus 45 hot dogs
2) Eric “Badlands” Booker 30, wild card leader
3) Marcos Owens 25, top 2012 debut so far
1W) Larell Marie 18.5, personal best

update 2:49 Katelyn D reports that Tim “Janice” won with 45 hot dogs. Larell Marie appeared to be the only woman, so she is probably the female winner.

update 2:33 Richie Romero is also posting pictures.

update 2:26 The contest has started. Hustle Marsalez has uploaded a picture.

The contest will start at 2 pm. The Morning Edge radio show will be present and hopefully posting twitter updates.

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TheOtherSports.com has an article about the women's division of the Nathan's finals reporting that Laura Leu reversed on the Coney Island boardwalk after the contest.
Matt Stonie has posted his videos of the men's Nathan's finals: Part 1 | Part 2. update July 17 Matt has posted videos of the women's contest: Part 1 | Part 2
Minyanville has a video titled The Economics of Competitive Eating which asks Tim Janus and other competitors at the recent Nathan's weigh-in how rising food prices have affected their training.
The Connection has an interview with Sonya Thomas in which she says the first nickname she considered was "Seabiscuit". update CapFlyer.com reports that Andrews Air Force Base has named Sonya Thomas its "Warrior of the Week."
Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle served as Erik Denmark's judge in the 2011 Nathan's finals. Unlike last year when he judged Juliet Lee, he reported an amount the same as the official result (33.5).
Top Story Weekly has a video of a sketch set at the women's division of the Nathan's finals in which competitors are heckled during pre-contest interviews. (probably not safe for work)
Pat Bertoletti appears on the Sklar brothers (hosts of ESPN Classic's Cheap Seats) recent podcast (Pat's appearance starts around the 5 minute mark) to talk about his runner-up finish in the men's Nathan's finals. (Pat's "Henderson" headband was a tribute to the Sklars.) Pat announces that he and Tim Brown have purchased a food truck and calls Joey Chestnut "washed up" and "burned out" despite losing to Chestnut 9 of the last 11 times he has faced him (see comments).
The Bert Show has podcasts (the bottom two audio clips) of Grace Lee's appearance this morning where she talked about her experience at the Nathan's finals. Grace says she was not aware she received a 20 hot dog deduction until July 5. In the second clip, Larell Marie Mele's comment about Grace is mentioned (without providing the source) and the show tries to call Shea Communications about the decision but cannot reach George or Richard. (The person answering the phone said someone from the IFOCE would call back later.) update Grace has posted a video from New York and The New York Daily News has a short article in which George Shea stands behind the deduction, but says that Grace is welcome in future IFOCE contests. update July 12 Gothamist has a blog entry about the deduction.
The Las Cruces Sun-News has a column praising Stephanie Torres' third place finish at the women's division of the Nathan's finals.

Twitter Trending Topics screen captures during Nathan’s broadcast

Here are some screen captures of the Twitter global trending topics during the broadcast of the Nathan’s finals on July 4.


British newspaper coverage of the Nathan's finals: Guardian blog entry | The Times article (requires subscription) titled "Hard not to scoff at display of mastication dedication" (via Real Clear Sports)
Some more Nathan's galleries: Boston Wolverine | asterix611 | Food Republic | Washington Post | Jamie NYC (behind the scenes)
Grace Lee says she will give her side of the controversy (20 hot dog difference between her claimed total and offical count) about her Nathan's total on the Bert Show on Monday.
The Albuquerque Journal has an article (which appears on the front page of the physical paper) about Stephanie Torres, who is looking forward to the possibility of defeating Sonya Thomas at the 2012 Nathan's contest.
KenExcellence has videos recorded near the stage of the Nathan's finals for almost the whole event. Women's contest: Part 1 | Part 2 | Men's Contest. George Shea calls Stephanie Torres the best female rookie in history and praises Grace Lee's performance several times during the women's contest.
The facebook for the US Embassy in South Korea has a post about Sonya Thomas winning the Nathan's womens contest.
Sonya Thomas' appearance on NBC4 this afternoon can be viewed online on NBC Washington.
The Orange County Register has an article about Damon Wells and Stephanie Torres competing in the Nathan's finals which reports that Stephanie Torres won a CIF-Southern Section Division II championship in cross country in 2003 earning her the title of OC Register Girl Runner of the Year.
Pete Davekos talks about his training techiques in an Electric Pig post.
Atlanta Metromix has a gallery of pictures taken by Grace Lee at the Nathan's finals. (via Firsthomerealty)
Val Bromann, who is leaving for Berlin today on a round the world trip, has a blog entry about the 2011 Nathan's finals (contest gallery | post contest gallery). Laura Profumo, a Deadspin writer from Britain, also has a contest report.
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