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Food Challenge News has a post about Cherish "Five Pounds" Brown's recent food challenge tour in which she attempted the King Kookamonga challenge at Kooky Canuck in Memphis with three other diners. She is also an amateur MMA competitor.
PJ Braun faced off against Jenna Aguirre in a Five Guys burger eating contest. He offered her a $10,000 prize if she was victorious.

Tufts University lacrosse player passes away after hot dog eating contest

WCVB reports that Madie Nicpon, a defender on the Tufts University women’s lacrosse team from Suffern, NY, passed away after choking during a off campus hot dog held Sunday in Somerville, MA. The competition was part of “Play for Pink”, a breast cancer fundraiser. She is the second female student at a New England college to after choking in a charity eating contest in the past 5 years. Caitlin Nelson passed away in 2017 after choking in a pancake eating contest held at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT (WCVB news video | Lohud article)

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A video of golfer Paige Spiranac's attempt to eat as many hot dogs as possible in 10 minutes has gone viral.
Dan "Killer" Kennedy faced off against 6 members of the Philipsburg-Osceola Lady Mounties softball team in a six foot cheesesteak eating contest to raise money for the organization.
SmallDare1986, a 100 pound distance runner, started a reddit.com thread about embarrassing her bodybuilder boyfriend after she finished a 96 ounce steak challenge which currently has 1348 comments. (Daily Star article)
Sarah "Unstoppable Bab" Reinecke announces she won a mashed potato eating contest after running in the Green Lake Gobble road race in Seattle dressed as an inflatable pumpkin.
After her bodybuilding competitive in Spokane this weekend, Sarah "Unstoppable Bab" Reinecke ate a 5.5 lb burger in about 10 minutes.
Sarah Reinecke https://instagram.com/unstoppable_bab, the top female rookie in the 2017 Nathan's finals, has a blog entry about the new generation of competitive eater/athletes.
Figure competitor hj_jonesy ate a 1 metre pizza to win a contest at Criniti's in Woolloomooloo, NSW Australia on Tuesday.
German bodybuilder Lea ("Lea Loves Lifting") has posted a vlog of her trip to a sushi buffet on December 2 where she ate 38 plates in 45 minutes (starts at around 6:30)
Oxford University student GraceFitUK has uploaded a video of her attempt
The qualifier for the Australian team for Battle of the Big Eaters 4 was apparently held in Sydney yesterday. Pro wrestler Shazza McKenzie competed and reports she ate 6 pizzas in 30 minutes.
Korean bodybuilder Yeon-Woo Jhi recorded a video of her cheat meal Sunday.
German bodybuilder Lea of the LeaLovesLifting instagram and youtube channel ate 350 pieces of sushi in 60 minutes at an AYCE restaurant today. In December she ate 400 pieces.
There are now at least three eating challenge / fitness youtube channels by women: Gina Maiorana (twitter | Instagram) | Sophia DeVita (Instagram) | Jen Mann (Instagram). In her latest video, Jen announces she will be competing in the WV pepperoni rolls eating contest in May.
Female wrestler Charlotte has challenged The Rock to a cheat meal eating contest.
Personal trainer Shayna has a gallery from Saturday's pizza eating contest at Taste of Italy in Port St. Lucie, FL. She took second place overall and almost finished a 16 inch pizza in 2 minutes.
AllKPop.com has a post about Yura of the k-pop group Girl's Day finishing a spicy pasta challenge.
A facebook post about female bodybuilder Stacey Steiner and Chris Davis each finishing the 1 meter pizza challenge at Criniti's in Australia currently has 14,144 comments. This might be the longest comment thread in competitive eating history.
Personal trainer Skye Alexis finished a 28 inch pizza challenge at Sam's NY Pizza in Tampa with partner to win a 4 day cruise.
A commenter on bodybuilding.com from Italy, "TearsOfIce", started a thread about her desire to attempt eating challenges. She cites Furious Pete and Molly Schuyler as her inspirations.
Vice.com's Fightland blog has an interview with Alexis Davis, who will fight Rhonday Rousey in UFC 175 in July. According to the article, she is also an accomplished competitive eater who has completed a burger challenge.
Jimmy Dykes, who has served as a reporter in broadcasts of the Nathan's hot dog eating finals on ESPN, has been named head women's basketball coach at the University of Arkansas.
Rebecca Edwards, a member of the women's rugby team at the University of East Anglia, was the first person to finish the KO burger challenge at KO's Sports Diner in Norwich, England.
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