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Three random Fort Smith eating challenges
patties Patty Record Grub's Bar & Grille Fayetteville, AR
1.33 lb. burger Big Bubba Burger Phoenix Drive-in Fort Smith, AR
6 lb. burger MEGA Burger Cafe Delta Soul Fayetteville, AR
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Jimmy Dykes, who has served as a reporter in broadcasts of the Nathan's hot dog eating finals on ESPN, has been named head women's basketball coach at the University of Arkansas.

Unnamed woman completes Ed Walker’s 5 pound burger

In A Hamburger Today’s blog entry about the five pound burger at Ed Walker’s Drive-In Restaurant in Fort Smith, Arkansas, commenter BillyBob has the following update

Our waitress said that just a few days ago a woman came in, ate an appetizer, the 5lb burger, the mandatory side plate,(that stuff in the first 20 minutes!!)… then desert, then started eating some of her kids’ food. I’d have been concerned for the kids, themselves, at that point! She might start eating on them next!

A comment on the Man vs. Food message board also says that one of the two finishers was a thin woman

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A Hamburger Today has a blog entry about the 5 pound burger at Ed Walker's Drive-In Restaurant in Fort Smith, billed as the largest burger in Arkansas.