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The New Orleans reddit page has a post about a 1920 oyster eating contest in which sisters Lois and Ruth Waddell combined to eat 204 oysters.

Kate Yup passes 1 million youtube subscribers

The Kate Yup youtube channel (started in March 2018) just passed one million subscribers despite releasing no new videos in over 14 months. If you consider her a European food challenger (she originally gave her location as France or Belgium), she is the first female in that category to reach that milestone.

The channel stars a woman wearing a mask and the top half of her head is never shown. She is recorded behind a table loaded with food (usually seafood) which she eats with her bare hands. There are no other people in Kate Yup’s videos and information is conveyed with on-screen graphics instead of talking. All videos are recorded indoors at an undisclosed location.

In 2019, speculation about Kate Yup’s channel took a negative turn, with theories circulating that she was being forced by kidnappers to make her videos. Kate addressed those allegations in an August 2019 video titled “I Am Alive”, which failed to dispel the rumors.

The most recent video Kate uploaded was on November 10, 2019, in which she continued with a seafood feast despite losing two teeth during her meal. Since that date there have been no videos or other social media posts from her.

I do not currently have any hard evidence about the Kate Yup situation, but I plan to do a series of posts curating the information I do possess to facilitate other people’s investigations.


Hollywood Mask has an article about the relationship between Randy Santel and Katina DeJarnett (Katina Eats Kilos).
Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry announced that they have moved from Connecticut to Florida, most likely the Tampa Bay area.
Gal Akbari (https://www.tiktok.com/@q.gal) video in which she eats a meal consisting of 8 McDonald's burgers, fried and chicken nuggets has been viewed over five million times on tiktok. She billed herself as the female Matt Stonie.
Kate Ovens' latest video was inspired by the restaurant scene from the 2004 comedy "White Chicks". Actor Terry Crews, one of the diners in the scene, praised the video. (clip from movie)
Buzzfeed Tasty made a giant chicken and fries for Raina Huang.
Molly Schuyler has surpassed 200,000 subscribers for her youtube channel.
Raina Huang has posted a video of her attempt at the 10 pound pizza challenge at Fox's Pizza Den in Clinton, MS she attempted with Michael "Big Eater Mike" Whities.
HuffPost has an article about Nela Zisser setting the Guinness world record for most chicken nuggets eaten in 1 minute.

2020 St. Elmo shrimp cocktail challenge

The 2020 St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Challenge, in which Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo will attempt to eat 100 bowls of spicy shrimp cocktail in under 20 minutes is currently streaming at https://www.facebook.com/stelmosteakhouse/videos/841447110027607/

update The official total was 33 bowls.

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Molly Schuyler produced a video of her eating a 15 foot long sushi roll from Steak and Main in North East, MD, which she claims is a record.
Indy Star reports Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo will attept to eat 100 bowls of St. Elmo Steak House shrimp cocktail in 20 minutes in Indianapolis on December 19 to raise money for Gleaner's Food Bank, Peyton Manning Children's Hospital and Wheeler Mission. The event will replace the eating contest held during the Big Ten football championship Fan Fest. Donors who contribute at least $1,000 will receive autographed items from Joey Chestnut. Contributors of $5,000 or more will receive a private dinner at St. Elmo with him.
Today.it has an article in Italian about Molly Schuyler.
GetReading.co.uk has an article about Sid Barber, known as "Chilli Sid", competing in the 2019 pepper eating contest held in Fort Mill, SC that was the focus of an episode of Netflix' "We are the Champions" series. She has uploaded a full video of that competition.
Raina Huang finished the Kookamonga burger challenge at Kooky Canuck in Memphis in 20:09. This appears to be the new women's record, beating 24:07 by Michelle Lesco. (The challenge finishers list has been removed from Kooky Canuck's website, but can be found on archive.org). As far as I know, Molly Schuyler and Miki Sudo have not attempted the challenge.
Kate Ovens and Michelle Lesco appear in a compilation video from Tosh.0 on Comedy Central titled "Grossest Food Challenges".
Raina Huang will attempt to eat the entire Taco Bus menu, including a 2.5 pound El Jefe burrito, in Clearwater Beach, FL on November 29.
Randy Santel and Katina "Eats Kilos" De Jarnett appeared on Ozarks First this morning (youtube).
Be Amazed produced a video about Leah Shutkever titled "The Untold Truth of Competitive Eating"
The New Zealand Herald reports that Nela Zisser ate 298 grams of chicken nuggets in one minute to break the previous Guinness World Record of 200 grams.
For Guinness World Records Day 2020, Leah Shutkever received two more eating records to bring her total to 20. Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle also received a record for the farthest distance walking barefoot on LEGO® bricks.
Guinness World Records has a post about Leah Shutkever which lists her 18 eating records. She hopes to reach 20 by the end of the year.
Tehachapi News has an article about Raina Huang completing the 7 pound "Big Chief" Indian taco challenge at Red House BBQ in Tehachapi, CA.
Miki Sudo posted a video of her attempt at the 7 pound burger challenge at Kenny's Burger Joint in Frisco, TX. Joey Chestnut also attempted the challenge.
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