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ABC News has a post about Nela Zisser's recent video in which she ate 12 donuts in two and a half minutes.
The US Sun has an interview with Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry that includes their advice on Thanksgiving dining.
The Denver Post has an article about Raina Huang's recent trip to Colorado. On one day of her visit, she completed a 7 pound breakfast burrito in the morning and finished a 7 pound pho challenge in the evening.
Raina Huang ate 92 dumplings to win the first prize of $1,000 at today's Topanga Social eating contest in Canoga Park, CA.
Randy Santel posted a video of his attempt at the tallest burger challenge in Iceland. Katina Eats Kilos and Icelandic strongman competitor "The Mountain" Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson also attempted the challenge.
Topanga Social will hold a dumpling eating contest in Canoga Park, CA on November 18 awarding $1000 to the winner. Raina Huang will host.
The Guardian has an article about the popularity of super spicy chili peppers focusing on the PuckerButt Pepper Company, whose new "Pepper X" claimed the record for the pepper with the highest Scoville rating from the Carolina Reaper. "UK Chilli Queen" Shahina Waseem is also interviewed.
Tiktok user @ugh_madison has gone viral recently for her videos of extended stays at buffet restaurants. A twelve hour visit to Golden Corral has received over 13 million views. (Youtube | Instagram).
Molly Schuyler ate 42 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the 1st prize of $1,000 in Saturday's Glizzy Fest at RAR Brewing in Salisbury, MD. She is the only woman to exceed 40 hot dogs in a 10 minute contest in 2023, having previously eaten 53 and 54 this year.
The Sun has an article asking: "Who is Molly Schuyler and where is she now?"
Raina Huang ate 15 hot dogs in 10 minutes on Saturday to win in Topanga Social's eating contest in Canoga Park, CA. Despite being larger than normal frankfurters, that total would have placed her 4th in the latest Nathans's Famous women's finals. Raina gave $250 from her $1000 prize to both of the second place finishers.
Laker Lutz News has an article about Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry receiving awards from Pasco County, FL.
KC Finn's posted a behind the scenes video of Molly Schuyler and Dan Kennedy attempting their Big A** Burger Challenge in Jackson, TN. (via Little Maxine)
The Jerusalem Post has an article about Leah Shutkever setting the house record for the "Devil's Breakfast" challenge at the Hungry Hossee.
Raina Huang uploaded a video of a dumpling contest in which she faced off against James Webb and Bandana Eats.
Santa Maria Times reports that Raina Huang ate 26 aebleskiver in 5 minutes at Danish Days in Solvang, CA on Sunday. Victor Angel ate 12 to win the official contest. She later ate 11 sausages in 29 minutes to complete the challenge ate Copenhagen Sausage Garden
Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry were officially honored by Pasco County, FL for their competitive eating success.
Sicilian competitive eater Chiara Mangiatutto (Chiara Eats All) has started a youtube channel. She recently ate 8kg of parigina gateau in less than 30 minutes to win a prize of 500 Euros. (Italian article | Instagram).
Raina Huang ate 29 slices in 5 minutes to win tonight's pizza eating contest at Taste of New Haven in Connecticut.

Miki Sudo wins Buffalo Buffet Bowl

The top 4 from today’s Buffet Bowl contest at the Buffalo Wing Festival. The competition is first to finish five pounds of Buffalo food items.

1 Miki Sudo 4:18, first contest victory since 2013
2 Joey Chestnut 5:17
3T Nick Wehry 5:28
3T Gideon Oji 5:28

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Leah Shutkever finished "The Big One" at the Hungry Hossee in Corby in 10:15 to break Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran's record for the 45 item breakfast challenge. The meal is one of the more famous British eating challenges and has been offered for 18 years.
Wisconsin Public Radio has an interview with Katina DeJarnett about returning to the United States after a months-long food challenge tour of the world with Randy Santel.
The Star has an article about Singaporean mukbangers with a section about former competitive eater Sarah Ow. Her move away from competitive eating was spurred by a decline in the number of eating contests.
The Irish Sun has an article about Katina DeJarnett attempting a breakfast challenge in Ireland consisting of a roll containing ten sausages, black pudding, eggs, baked beans, rashers and numerous chips (french fries). Some spectators thought that the addition of the chips invalidated the meal's status as authentic Irish cuisine.
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