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The 2015 edition of TV Tokyo's "Gluttonous Queen" competition will be televised on March 29. Natsuko "Gal" Sone will face Hatsuyo "The Witch" Sugawara and Angela Sato.
TV Tokyo has produced a commercial about Battle of the Big Eaters 2, which will be televised tomorrow.
TV Tokyo has a web page about Battle of the Big Eaters with pictures of the 4 person teams from the USA, Japan, China and Australia that faced off in Los Angeles last month. Molly Schuyler and Natsuko "Gal" Sone receive top billing. The program will be televised on January 1.
Col the Conqueror reports that Pat Bertoletti and Molly Schuyler were members of the USA team for Battle of the Big Eaters 2. update Gal Sone was on the Japanese team.
Japan Today has a short article about Natsuko "Gal" Sone, who says she would like to have two daughters after giving birth to a son in 2012.
TokyoHive reports that Japanese female competitive eater / talento gave birth to a 7 lb. 1 oz. baby boy on November 5.
The Japan Times credits competitive eater Natsuko "Gal" Sone with increasing the popularity of B-kyū gurume (B-grade gourmet) dishes like ramen noodles.
Tokyo Hive reports that Natsuko "Gal" Sone announced she was five months pregnant on her website.
Alistair Overeem, tonight's opponent for Brock Lesnar in UFC 141, lost a sushi eating contest to Japanese female competitive eater Natsuko "Gal" Sone last year (video).
Bobby Valentine was announced as the new manager of the Boston Red Sox today. The former New York Mets manager ate 120 pancakes to win an eating contest when he was in college. As a manager in Japan, he was visited by female competitive eater Natsuko "Gal" Sone at the Chiba Lotte Marines training camp in February 2008. and did a photo shoot with a lot of pancakes.
Tonight's episode of the Japanese program "World Bullet Traveler" features Natsuko "Gal" Sone's trip to Los Angeles. According to the shopping list, she did not purchase any big meals. reports that Natsuko "Gal" Sone made an appearance to promote Pizza Hut of Japan's new pizza made with rice flour (Gallery | Video)
Youtube has a video of a sketch Natsuko "Gal" Sone appeared in where all the actors wore traditional Japanese clothing. has a video of Gal Sone's tour of restaurants throughout Japan on Golden Legend A video of Gal Sone with two rapping "FBI agents" is also available.

Gluttonous Queen 2010 recording

Recording for the 2010 Gluttonous Queen finals has started at the Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu. Starlet Shay is posting twitter updates from the site.

update Maya has a twitpic. Gal Sone does not seem to have competed.


Facebook has information about Natsuko "Gal" Sone's appearance at the Royal Hawaiian Center on February 17 to record a program which appears to be the 2010 edition of "Gluttonous Queen"
AT Marketing reports that Natsuko "Gal" Sone will appear at the Royal Hawaiian Center on February 17 to record a program for TV Tokyo. The recording will be open to the public and start at 3pm.
Youtube has a video of Natsuko "Gal" Sone eating a 5kg meal while dining with sumo wrestlers.

Gal Sone vs. “Hard Gay”

Youtube has another video of Gal Sone competing disguised as an old woman Part 1 | Part 2. One of the members of the three person team she competes against is tarento “Hard Gay” who has the following description in Wikipedia:

While the official name is “Razor Ramon HG,” he is most frequently known as “Hard Gay,” or simply “HG.” Dressing in a tight black PVC gay fetish outfit, he goes around performing acts of charity (yonaoshi, “social improvement”) for unsuspecting bystanders while performing trademark pelvic thrusts and vocalizations, often accompanied by “Livin’ la Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin.

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A video of Natsuko "Gal" Sone competing in an eating contest disguised as an old woman has been reuploaded to youtube: Part 1 | Part 2
Youtube has a video of an eating contest between Natsuko "Gal" Sone and an eleven person team. Part 1 | Part 2
173brid has uploaded 3 videos of programs where Natsuko "Gal" Sone samples items from supermarkets and restaurants.
Ameba.jpg reports that Natsuko "Gal" Sone came in third place in a Japanese poll sponsored by Dove about what celebrity do you most want to see without makeup.
ToshikaZumur11 has uploaded videos from a travel program about Gal Sone's trip to Bali with a friend: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
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