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“King of Gluttony” 2020 video

Youtube currently has the full program of TV Tokyo’s “King of Gluttony” program in which Miki Sudo, Darron Breeden, Max Suzuki, Angela Sato, Hatsuyo Sugawara and others competed. (I will not post any spoilers until later today). Update Results of the final round are in the comments. Takeru Kobayashi and Nobuyuki Shirota appear as commentators, but do not compete.

update Jan 16 Miki Sudo has posted some Instagram galleries: Part 1 | Part 2

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Miki Sudo, Darron Breeden, Max Suzuki, Angela Sato and Takeru Kobayashi appear in a promo video for "King of Gluttony" that will be televised on TV Tokyo on January 12. Kobayashi is not shown eating, so he may not be a competitor. Screen captures:
Cove Leader has a report on Japanese competitive eater Angela Sato completing the Dog Bowl ice cream challenge at Waffle Cone in Copperas Cove, TX. The article mentions she failed to complete the "Big Fat Fatty" sandwich challenge at Fat Sal's Deli in Austin. The meals were recorded for a Japanese program that will be televised on October 8.
Michael Phelps racing a shark is not the only recent human vs. aquatic life matchup. Angela Sato faced off against a seal in an eating contest at North Safari in Hokkaido earlier this month.
The 2015 edition of TV Tokyo's "Gluttonous Queen" competition will be televised on March 29. Natsuko "Gal" Sone will face Hatsuyo "The Witch" Sugawara and Angela Sato.
The Oogui facebook page has a link to a video where Angela Sato and Yuuka Kinoshita alternate eating huge videos that concludes with a joint attempt at a 14.34 kg (31.5 pounds) dish. Yuuka has a youtube channel and twitter and it appears that she will be a member of the Japanese team that will compete at Battle of the Big Eaters in Los Angeles this weekend along with Angela Sato and Tomoko Miyake.
TV Tokyo's "Battle of the Big Eaters" program from last month where a US team of Molly Schuyler, Dave Brunelli, Stephanie Torres and Tom Gilbert faced a Japanese quartet consisting of Angela Sato, Hitomi Sato, Tomoko Miyake and Takuya Yamamoto along with teams from Germany is available on youtube. (playlist | video list) (Via Will Millender)

Ayari & Hitomi Sato interview

Tokyo Nylon Girls has a joint interview with 2009 “Gluttonous King” winner Ayari Sato and Hitomi Sato, who has competed in several “Gluttonous Queen” contests. Hitomi Sato is nicknamed “The Russian” because of the fur hat she sometimes wears during contests. (via Tomoko Miyake’s blog)

If you need a third Sato, here is a 1981 song by Ozzy Osborne.


Ayari Sato links


If you need more information about the 2009 female rookie of the year poll choices, here are some links about “Gluttonous King” winner Ayari Sato:

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Time has an article about the seven patty Windows 7 Whopper available in Japanese Burger Kings mentioning Takeru Kobayashi, Gal Sone and 2009 Gluttonous King winner Ayari Sato.